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Jason Berry and Quantos Dominate Jumpers Week II of the Atlanta Spring Classics

Week II of the Atlanta Spring Classic drew to a close with Jason Berry continuing his winning ways in the jumper ring. Aboard Quantos, owned by Lee Cesery, Berry topped the field to win the $15,000 Grand Prix, presented by EMO.

It’s been a banner two weeks for Berry and Quantos in Conyers, Georgia. The duo won both weekly Welcome Jumpers, in addition to the Week II Grand Prix.

“Quantos is giving it his all,” Berry commented. “It certainly makes you excited to get up in the morning when you have a horse with a future like he’s going to have.”

Berry, of Verona, Virginia, was the first horse and rider team to attempt the first round of the grand prix track, set in the Olympic Ring at the Georgia International Horse Park. Only three achieved the clear round required to proceed to the jump-off.

First to attempt the shortened, speedy course was Jorja Rose Jones of Byhalia, Mississippi. She piloted Diane Masters’ Light Show to a double clear performance, setting the pace to beat at a quick 42.721 seconds.

Next up was Canton, Georgia’s Chasen Boggio. In the irons of his own Co Pilot, Boggio navigated the shortened course, leaving all the jumps in their cups. Unfortunately, the duo reached the timers just outside of the 47-second time allowed — their time of 47.076 seconds landed them a single time fault.

Berry and Quantos were next up to catch the pace to beat. The pair laid down a flawless clear round, racing to the timers in 41.422 seconds, snatching top hours and the lion’s share of the prize money.

“I wasn’t sure I could catch her,” said Berry of the pace to beat set by Jones. “But Quantos is a good mix. He’s a long-strided horse, so we can leave the stride out, but he’s also got a turn on him. It was a good course, and you needed a horse who could accomplish both — leave out strides and turn quickly.

“There was a fast gallop to an oxer in the jump-off, followed by a sharp right turn,” Berry continued. “Quantos ran well to the oxer and took direction well on the backside, making a sharp right turn. I think that may be where I caught the time.”

Berry said his team couldn’t be happier with the seven-year-old Quantos and he’s pleased with the support from his team, from his owner Lee Cesery to his grooms, Javier Guerra and Luis Vega.

“Everyone has been at the top of their game,” Berry remarked.

Jones ended the class in second place, and Boggio ranked third.

Jones was back in the ring to pick up fourth prize for her ride aboard Chris Richards’ Uno Z. Fifth place was awarded to Aida Sanchez Long, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Darragh Kerins’ Rossco. Berry ranked sixth aboard Andrew Kocher’s Duvelke, while Lexington, Kentucky’s Sarah Meier placed seventh with Punchestown Stable’s F 16.

Boggio was back in the ribbons, ranking eighth with Victoria Press’ Quesada D’Elle. Heather Hooker, of Wellington, Florida, was ninth with Meredith Darst’s Quester de Virton. Tenth place was awarded to Meier, this time with Madison Dehaven’s Chanel. Meredith Bryans, of Newborn, Georgia, with her own Guidam Sid, ranked eleventh, and Roger Seitzmeir, of Thompsons Station, Tennessee, wrapped up the top-twelve with the Jaeckle Centre’s TJC’s Kaizer-A.

Quantos and Jason Berry Reclaim Title in $5,000 Welcome Jumper

Jason Berry kicked off Week II of the Atlanta Spring Classic in the same manner he wrapped up Week I — victorious. This time, it was top prize in the $5,000 Welcome Jumper with Quantos. With Duvelke, Berry took home the second place ribbon as well.

Berry, of Verona, Virginia, piloted Lee Cesery’s Quantos across the opening jumper class. The first contenders to tackle the first round, the duo made short work of the track, leaving all the jumps in their cups and reaching the timers well within the time allowed of 79 seconds. They were the first of four contenders to be invited back into the ring for the jump-off round.

Berry and Quantos set the pace to beat across the shortened course, finishing the competition with a double clear performance, a jump-off time of 40.114 seconds, and the winner’s check in his pocket.

“The jump-off round was great for my horse,” said Berry. “There was a lot of space to gallop and he covers the ground so easily.

“Quantos was imported last fall,” said Berry. Since then, he said they’ve been bringing the seven-year-old along slowly and are pleased with his progress.

“He’s been wonderful. He can be an amateur’s horse, but still has the scope for a grand prix. He’s young and green but you can always leave that stride out — he’s got tons of step and tons of scope.”

Berry and Quantos also claimed top prize in Week I’s Welcome Jumper, along with winning the $15,000 Grand Prix aboard Fazous. Berry said it’s his second time riding at the Atlanta Spring Classic, but said it’s been a good few weeks made better by show management.

“They are professionals,” Berry remarked of the show management. “The staff is doing a great job of making the most of the footing —they are putting the time and effort into maintaining it.”

Berry was runner-up with Andrew Kocher’s Duvelke. The duo achieved the only other double clear performance, but a relatively pokey jump-off time of 47.312 kept them in second position.

Sarah Meier of Lexington, Kentucky rounded off the top-three for her performance with Madison Dehaven’s Chanel. The pair blew the time to beat out of the water, reaching the timers in 38.315 seconds, but a falling rail midway through the jump-off landed the pair the third place ribbon. Meier also ranked fourth for her performance with Punchestown Stables’ F 16.

Thompson Station, Tennessee’s Roger Seitzmeir ranked fifth with the Jaeckle Centre’s TJC’s Kaizer-A, while Berry rounded out the top-six with Fazous.

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Business Is Booming for Jason Berry Week I of the Atlanta Spring Classics

Jason Berry of Verona, Virginia was on fire Week I of the Atlanta Spring Classics. He ended the week with a win in the $15,000 Grand Prix, presented by EMO.

Thirteen horse and rider teams tackled the course designed by Allen Rheinheimer of Zionsville, Indiana in the Olympic Arena at the Georgia International Horse Park.

The first round was set with a time allowed of 81 seconds and 43 seconds for the second round. Seven advanced to a second round opportunity.

Chasen Boggio of Canton, Georgia and his own Co Pilot were the first horse and rider team to turn in double clear rounds in times of 71.642 seconds and 32.241 seconds, setting the new time to beat.

Heather Hook of Wellington, Florida and Meredith Darst’s Quester de Virton followed with the next set of double clear rounds, but their time of 33.934 wouldn’t beat Boggio and Co Pilot.

Berry and Andrew Kocher’s Duvelke followed with the next set of double clears and their time of 30.362 seconds would temporarily take the lead. Duvelke and Berry have been partners for only a couple of weeks according to Berry.

Aida Sanchez Long of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Darragh Kerin’s Rossco followed with the next set of clear rounds but their time of 32.210 seconds couldn’t beat Berry and Duvelke’s time.

Boggio and Victoria Press’ Quesada D’elle followed with the next clear rounds and with a clear second round in a time of 29.567 seconds, temporarily took the lead.

“He [Rheinheimer] had set a vertical to six strides to a triple bar then five strides to an in and out and some folks had problems with that. He definitely didn’t hand us that line,” said Berry.

Berry followed with Fazous and challenged that time with their own double clear rounds and with a time of 29.055 seconds, took the lead and set the new time to beat. “I just had to go faster. I had the lead then Chase [Boggio] took it back so I just went a little faster with Fazous,” he said.

Jorge Ludwig of Newbury Park, California and his own Cricket sat in the enviable last to go position. Although the pair advanced to a second round, four jump faults in a time of 29.701 seconds would see them finish in seventh place and leave the win to Berry and Fazous.

Second place honors went to Boggio and Quesada D’Elle and Berry picked up a third with Andrew Kocher’s Duvelke.

Sanchez Long and Rossco earned a fourth place and Boggio returned for a fifth place ribbon with Co Pilot. Hooker and Quester De Virton rode home with a sixth place. Ludwig and Cricket earned a seventh place and Ludwig also picked up the eighth place ribbon in the irons of his own The Graduate.  Heather Steinman of Canton, Georgia and Maarten Huygens’ Justin earned ninth place honors for their four fault first round in a time of 69.406 seconds and tenth was awarded to Jorja Rose Jones of Byhalia, Mississippi and Diane Masters’ Light Show for their four fault first round in a time of 70.880 seconds. Eleventh was awarded to Charlotte De Smedt and her own Chido and Berry wrapped up the class with a twelfth place ribbon in the irons of Lee Cesery’s Quantos.

Berry Takes Top Three Ribbons in the $7,500 Welcome

Berry kicked off his winning week when he snatched up the top three placings of the Welcome Jumper Classic during Week I of the Atlanta Spring Classics. There were eight entries in the competition, with five pairs returning to the ring for the jump-off.

Berry, of Verona, Virginia, claimed the championship with Lee Cesery’s Quantos. Together they bested the other contenders, flawlessly completing the first round well within the time allowed of 81 seconds. Their jump off round was equally as seamless, with the duo finishing the shortened course in a clean and quick 36.857 seconds — one of two double clear efforts in the event.

The other double clear performance was also care of Berry, this time in the irons of Oak Ledge Farm’s Fazous. The pair left all the jumps up, but finished in 37.672 seconds — just a fraction of a second behind the winners.

Berry rounded off the top three placings for his ride aboard Andrew Kocher’s Duvelke. A clean first round gave the pair a shot at the jump-off, but a fallen rail at the last fence and a time of 37.268 seconds landed them the yellow ribbon.

Jorge Ludwig, riding his own Athenea, finished the class in fourth place. Ludwig, of Newbury Park, California, guided Athenea to an eight-fault jump off round, reaching the finish line in a speedy 34.824 seconds. The fifth place ribbon was awarded to Canton, Georgia’s Heather Steinman, who was completing with Maarten Huygens’ Justin. The pairing completed the second round in 42.159 seconds, accruing 12 faults.

Ludwig was back in the ring to pick up sixth prize for his ride with his own Cricket. Seventh place was awarded to Aida Sanchez Long, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, who was in the saddle of Darragh Kerins’ Rossco. Ludwig rounded out the placings, ranking eighth with his own The Graduate.

Berry commented, “The horses went really well and the horse show was really good. The show management did a lot with the footing from schooling day throughout the week and it’s just getting better every day. Next week will be even better. Any shows that Classic Company manages, they just do better every time. There is always a major improvement, every year. Like the permanent restrooms in Gulfport were awesome this year. Some of the improvements are simple, but for other show managers, it’s like you have to pull teeth to get them to make any improvements,” he added. “Next week will be my Week 10 on the road, but I’ll be showing here in Conyers,” he said.

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Philippaerts Jumps to Victory in $35,000 Horseware Ireland Jumper Stake CSI 3*

Nicola Philippaerts and Inouk P. Photo Credit ©Sportfot.

Mill Spring, NC – October 27, 2017 – The $35,000 1.45m Horseware® Ireland Jumper Stake CSI 3* saw Nicola Philippaerts (BEL) and Inouk P prevail over a field of 38 entries on Friday afternoon at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), stopping the short-course timers at 36.934 seconds to claim top honors. Second place went to Sydney Shulman (USA) aboard Wamira, a 2003 Dutch Warmblood mare (Oklund x Kamira) owned by Jill Shulman, posting a jump-off time of 37.234, while Shawn Casady (USA) and Wyndmont Inc.’s Zephyr, a 2004 Dutch Warmblood gelding (Landor S x Tobelia) secured third after their 37.48 second short course time.

Philippaerts and the 2008 Belgian Warmblood mare (Thunder Van De Zuuthoeve x Donna) owned by Ludo Philippaerts, are a relatively new pairing, he explained. “I actually haven’t had her that long. This is only the fourth show I’m riding her in now. We’ve actually had her for a long time, but it was always an owner that was riding her. I think she looked very good today and hopefully she can still do a few good things in the tour I’m having in the States,” he commented.

The course, set by Anthony D’Ambrosio (USA), was a good one to test the 38 entries, said Philippaerts. “I think the six walked a little longer to the double for the first round, and so I did seven, but for the rest it walked how it was standing. It was a good course.” Sixteen pairs returned to test the short course and nine finished the day double clear.

“I think Inouk P jumped really well in the first round, better than yesterday,” Philippaerts elaborated. “There were quite a lot clear, and I had to go a bit in the beginning [of the jump-off], so I tried to go as fast as I could. In the end, she was fast enough. I was lucky that a few had one rail down in the jump-off, because they were quicker, but she jumped well and I’m happy for today.”

Philippaerts will not be riding Inouk P in the highlight class, but will instead call upon 2006 Zangersheide gelding (Accardi x Corrado I) Aikido Z, owned by Stal Bijloos Bvb. “He was third in the big class last week on Sunday, and I’ve actually been saving him a little bit so he can jump tomorrow in the Grand Prix.”

Despite his busy schedule including competitions around the world, Philippaerts explained that he made sure to spend some extra time in Tryon this year. “This is my last week in Tryon, and then next I go to Kentucky, and then after that Toronto, and then I fly back home for Stuttgart. I came here for the first time last year, but I only did the five-star, so it was good in the plan to come for three weeks this year,” he concluded.

Jason Berry and Belle Glos Conquer $25,000 Hunter Showcase

Later in the day, Jason Berry of Verona, VA and Belle Glos, owned by Emo Stables, championed the $25,000 Hunter Showcase, topping 25 riders with a total score of 175. Berry also captured the second place position after both rounds earning a 174 aboard Lee Cesery’s Credence. Caroline Weeden of Lake Forest, IL rounded out the top three aboard Glory Days Farm, LLC’s Just Because, completing their day with a score of 167.5.

Berry piloted both mounts over the courses, designed by Andy Christiansen of Wellington, FL, and ultimately put in the best rounds of the afternoon. “I thought that both of my horses were great today,” commented Berry. “The mare that won, Belle Glos, she’s a phenomenal mare. The second place horse Credence is a six-year-old and this is the first time he’s ever done anything like this!”

“The course rode perfectly. This is the best grass I’ve ever ridden on,” said Berry. “The footing here is perfect. My horses didn’t need any studs and it was great for them.”

Berry competes at TIEC whenever he can. He concluded, “This place is phenomenal. We come here at least twice every year. It’s really a hard show to beat.”

For more information on TIEC, please visit www.tryon.com.

Jason Berry and Belle Glos Win Virginia Horse Center Hunter Classic

Jason Berry and Belle Glos.

Lexington, VA – May 15, 2017 – The second week of the Lexington Spring Festival, the Lexington Spring Encore, concluded Sunday, May 7. Jason Berry piloted EMO Stables’ Belle Glos to win the Virginia Horse Center Hunter Classic, receiving a total score of 177 to earn the blue.

“She’s a phenomenal ride,” Berry said of the mare. “There’s not much to do because she knows all the tricks. She’s a good-hearted mare and she tries hard. She’s definitely one you can count on.”

The pair navigated the course set in the Wiley ring to a first round score of 86 and a second round score of 91. Berry said, “It was a really nice course to ride – a lot of open canters, there was an eight and a ten stride line, and there was even a two stride in there. The footing in the Wiley ring at the Horse Center is really good; you have the option of setting whatever and it would be accomplishable. It was a super course to ride.”
Berry has been competing at the Virginia Horse Center for years, and is pleased with all of the updates that have taken place at the facility. He commented, “They’ve been working with Allen Reinheimer on the footing and that’s been super. I think this year was the best year. Every year the footing has gotten better and better.”

Top honors in the $30,000 George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Grand Prix went to Gavin Moylan riding his own Coldplay. Moylan and Coldplay navigated a difficult course designed by Alan Wade to best the field of 17 riders.

Moylan and Coldplay were only one of two pairs to return to the jump-off, among them Katie Swindler riding Alice. Moylan and Coldplay were too fast the catch and ultimately took home the blue, while Swindler and Alice finished in second. Rounding out the top three was Andrea Torres Guerreiro riding Emilia.

Moylan said, “I just wanted to go quick enough and put some pressure on Katie, but I generally wanted to go clean. My horse handled it great! Standing around watching the rest of the class, I almost had the impression I was going to win without having to go in the jump off. When Katie went clean the first round I had to kind of get my mind back together a little bit and make sure I was prepared to go and do it.”

Moylan is no stranger to the Virginia Horse Center, and has been competing for the past ten years. Moylan said, “I just loved it this last two weeks; everything about the show is great. They’ve worked on the footing a lot, the jumps were nice, the course designer was fabulous, the management team is great. I just had a really wonderful experience there. The Grand Prix win was the cherry on top!”

For information on the upcoming events of the Lexington Spring Encore, please visit www.horsecenter.org.

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Roanoke Valley Horse Show Finds Success in Move to Virginia Horse Center

Brooke Kemper and Classified. Photos by: Andrew Ellis.

Lexington, Va. – June 28, 2016 – An impressive crowd of over 1,000 spectators turned out Saturday night to see Virginian Brooke Kemper and her own Classified, a 12-year-old Holsteiner Thoroughbred gelding, take home the win in the $25,000 Grand Prix of Roanoke. The evening class was the highlight of the show that this year found a new home at the Virginia Horse Center.

Kemper bested a field of 11 in the Grand Prix, emerging victorious after a four-horse jump off. Maryann Charles and FVF Sailor Man, a 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by Fox View Farm, were last to go in the jump off and brought home second place. The third place spot went to Tyler Smith and his own Soho D’ermisserie, a 10-year-old Selle Francais gelding.

Kemper was happy with her ride and praised the Mark Donovan designed course.  “The first course really rode a lot like it walked,” Kemper said. “It was pretty straightforward so that was nice. The time allowed was generous so we got to take our time and stick to the plan and that worked out well. I came back second in the jump off and had a fast horse behind me so I had to try to be as quick as I could and still leave all the jumps up.”

Saturday night also saw Saddlebred championships in the Coliseum. Smith Lilly took home first place in the Five-Gaited stake class aboard Blackout, owned by Ceil and Kenny Wheeler. On Friday night it was Catherine Wheeler who took home the top prize in the Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor Championship with He’s Born to Royalty. Aimee Harrell and her own Shokoe Slip were the champions in the Show Pleasure Driving.

The Roanoke Valley Horse Show is a nonprofit organization and event, and the funds raised from the annual horse show are donated to health and human service organizations in the region. Though the horse show moved outside of the area, the event will continue to benefit the Roanoke Valley and to uphold the show’s longstanding traditions of southern hospitality.

Jason Berry and Attila with owners Betty and Ernest Oare
Jason Berry and Attila with owners Betty and Ernest Oare

In the $5,000 Chatham Hall USHJA National Hunter Derby it was Jason Berry and Attila, an 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by Ernest and Betty Oare, who brought home the top prize. Berry was thrilled with his ride and was full of praise for Attila. “I came back third or fourth,” Berry said. “I knew I had to be as handy as I could be. We made every inside turn and galloped everywhere we could. He was phenomenal. He had a 90 plus four bonus points. He rides great, he’s game for anything, he’ll turn, he’ll jump big – he’s a great horse.”

Second place went to Jill Wilson and Oddsare, a 9-year-old Holsteiner gelding owned by Twin Oaks Farm LLC. Rounding out the top three was Chaz Harpman aboard MTM Bazinga an 8-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by Nina Butler.

The show’s new location was by all accounts a success, and some rainy weather during the week was well handled by the facility. “The Virginia Horse Center could accommodate the bad weather we had all week,” said Kemper. “They were able to move everything indoors because of the rain, and when we did move back outside, the footing was great and it was safe.”

Berry echoed these sentiments, saying, “I loved the old show grounds just because it was in Roanoke. But we had terrible thunderstorms one day, so it was definitely nice to be at the Virginia Horse Center where they had indoor rings we could move everything to and still get all our classes in. At any other horse show we would have had to cancel. And even after torrential downpours, the footing in the outdoor rings was excellent.”

The exhibitor and spectator turnout exceeded expectations for this first year at the Virginia Horse Center. Kemper was enthusiastic about the new location of the show and the opportunity to interact with riders from other breeds and disciplines. “I’ve been to the Roanoke Valley Horse Show many times,” Kemper said. “I’m glad to see that they found a new home at the Virginia Horse Center – it was great. It’s a lot of fun to go; we don’t get to do many shows with other disciplines, so it’s a lot of fun to see the other breeds there and see them participating and get a little more interaction in the horse world.”

The Roanoke Valley Horse Show is an all-breed horse show offering Arabian, Hackney, hunter, jumper, racking, roadster, Saddlebred and western divisions. To learn more about the Roanoke Valley Horse Show, visit www.roanokevalleyhorseshow.com.

For more information about the Virginia Horse Center, visit www.horsecenter.org.

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Manuel Torres and Jason Berry Capture Wins at Lexington Spring Encore

Manuel Torres and Christofolini H. Photos by: Teresa Ramsay Photography.

Lexington, Va. – May 12, 2016 – The Lexington Spring Encore at the Virginia Horse Center always draws the country’s leading competitors for its premiere hunter/jumper event. This weekend, Colombia’s Manuel Torres and Christofolini H took home the top spot in the $30,000 George L. Ohrstrom Grand Prix on Saturday, besting a field of sixteen.

The win came after a second place finish in the Open Jumper Welcome Stake held earlier in the week for Torres and the 9-year-old Rheinlander gelding. The Welcome Stake gave a nice preview for riders of the speed of the course. “We had the Welcome Stake in the beginning of the week,” said Torres. “That ended up being a really fast jump-off, so I had to be prepared for a fast jump-off in the Grand Prix.”

Torres, a five time Olympian, rode to the top of a tightly contested class with speedy clear round. An early spot in the class did not deter Torres. “Christofolini H loves speed so even though I was very early in the class it ended up working out fine for me,” said Torres. Rounding out the top three were last week’s winner, Mary Lisa Leffler, this time aboard Carlot, for second place, while Brooke Kemper and Classified placed third with just one rail down in the jump-off.

Torres praised the facility and the course designer. “For us, it is one of our favorite shows of the year. We love the crowd, the facilities, and the stabling – the horses are very relaxed here,” he noted. “We come every year and we really like it. They always pick really good course designers to come and do these two weeks of competition, so it is very exciting for us to come here.”

Christofolini H is a relatively new ride for Torres. “I began to jump the grand prix in Ocala in the beginning of the year, so it’s a new mount for me.” He says. “I’m just getting used to him. He’s a very talented horse. Hopefully I keep getting to know him better and have a good season.”

Jason Berry was on top of his game this weekend, claiming three of the top four spots in the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby. He picked up the victory aboard Cobalt Blue R with a score of 185.0. Elizabeth Bailey and Acido 7 scored the second place spot with a score of 173.5, while Berry also placed third and fourth on IAmWhatIAm and Attila, respectively.

Jason Berry and Cobalt Blue R
Jason Berry and Cobalt Blue R

Berry imported Cobalt Blue R, an 8-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by Oak Ledge Farm, last year. Everything came together for them in the derby class. “For the handy tonight he was just on it.” Berry said, “From the time I picked up the canter it was like they put the jumps where I needed them to be. He was super easy to ride for that.”

A Virginia native, Berry was enthusiastic about his win at the Virginia Horse Center. “It’s definitely our home show,” he expressed. “It’s great to win a class here; it’s great to have this facility in your backyard. They have a great indoor Coliseum where they had the class tonight. To have the weather that we’ve had, pouring down rain for the last few days, the option of having a good class no matter what the weather is the best thing about the Virginia Horse Center!”

For more results from the Lexington Spring Encore, visit www.horseshowsonline.com. To learn more about additional upcoming events at the Virginia Horse Center, visit www.horsecenter.org.

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Jason Berry Is on a Winning Streak Week I at the Atlanta Spring Classic

Jason Berry pilots Falcor to the win in the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby.

Week I of the Atlanta Spring Classic is underway and Jason Berry of Staunton, Virginia is already on a winning streak after clinching the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, presented by Legend, and the $5,000 Horseflight Open Welcome!

Berry bested a field of thirteen horse and rider teams in Thursday’s $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, presented by Legend, in the irons of Willoughby Stables’ Falcor. The pair earned a first round score of 90 and second round score of 89 for a total of 179.

Berry’s second mount in the class, Oak Ledge Farm’s Cobalt Blue R, followed Falcor after earning a Classic round score of 86 and a Handy score of 90 for a total score of 176.

Julie Curtin of Woodstock, Georgia followed Barry into third place with Susan Scherer’s Vanquish after earning a first round score of 82 and a second round score of 92 for an overall score of 174.

Cape Capital, owned by Susan Friedland and ridden by Lauren Kissel of Canton, Georgia, earned fourth place after posting a Classic round score of 88 and a Handy score of 85 for a total of 173.

Fifth place was awarded to On the Rocks, owned and ridden by Morgan Connoly of Buford, Georgia, who earned a first round score of 81 and a second round score of 87 for a total score of 168.

Sixth place was awarded to Suntrust, owned by Sandra Ward and ridden by Jacqueline Ward, after the pair posted a Classic round 78 and a Handy round of 84 for a total score of 162.

Curtin returned for the seventh place ribbon, this time in the irons of Charlotte Warren’s Enticement, after posting a first round score of 83 and Handy round of 74 for a total of 157.

Eighth place went to Megan Kerpsack of Austin, Texas and her own Finnie after earning a first and second round score of 76 for a total of 152.

Karen Kegan’s Casino Royal, ridden by Karen Kogon of Decatur, Georgia, won ninth place, and After Party, owned and ridden by Caitlin Davies of Milton, Georgia, earned tenth place. Pansy Winters’ Wheels of Fortune, ridden by Cindy Ball of Covington, Georgia, placed eleventh, and Kerpsack returned for twelfth place with her own Finale.

Berry and Varios on their way to the win in the $5,000 Horseflight Open Welcome
Berry and Varios on their way to the win in the $5,000 Horseflight Open Welcome

After collecting his blue ribbon in the Hunter Arena, Berry moved to the Olympic Grand Prix Stadium and the $5,000 Horseflight Open Welcome.

Paul Jewell of Lambertville, New Jersey set the course with a first round time allowed of 84 seconds. Berry and Willoughby Stables’ Varios and Amanda Forte of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, riding Cerulean Stables’ HHS Louis, were the only two horse and rider teams to turn in clear first rounds.

Forte and HHS Louis went clear in their second round effort, beating the time allowed of 45 seconds with their own 38.536 seconds. Berry and Varios followed Forte’s second round and beat her time with their own 36.122 seconds, taking the win!

Kris Killam of Naples, Florida and Helene Jones’ Skyfall were the fastest of the four fault rounds and posted a time of 76.611 seconds, earning a third place ribbon.

Corini, owned by Darragh Kerrins and ridden by Paul Macrae of Alpharetta, Georgia, placed fourth after posting a four fault first round in a time of 77.529 seconds.

Killam returned for fifth place, this time in the irons of Mandy Killam’s Black Diamond, after turning in a four fault first round in a time of 77.910 seconds.

ML Hartwick, owned by Nelson Long and ridden by Aida Sanchez Long of Ooltewah, Tennessee, turned in a four fault first round in a time of 80.634 seconds and placed sixth. Sanchez Long returned for a seventh place ribbon with Katie Barnette’s Catalyst after posting a four fault first round in a time of 80.934 seconds. Sherry Hill of Cordele, Georgia wrapped the class up with the eighth place ribbon on her own Mimmo TZ with a four fault first round in at time of 82.206 seconds.

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