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Ieromazzo Grabs Gold for Dominican Republic

(FEI/Pablo Albuja)

Dominican Republic’s Giorgia Ieromazzo claimed the FEI Jumping World Challenge Final 2019 title at Club Rancho San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador with a brilliant double-clear performance in last Sunday’s closing competition. The 32-year-old, who represented her country at the Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2007 and again at the Bolivarian Games in 2013, pinned New Zealand’s Christine Cornege into silver while South Africa’s Mathiew Morrison took the bronze.

“I did a clear in the first round and then I was telling myself in the second round, ‘You have to concentrate!’ When I’m in the ring I’m in my zone. I don’t even remember what happens; I just ride!” — Giorgia Ieromazzo (Dominican Republic)

The FEI Jumping World Challenge Final was created in 2001 under the sponsorship of PSI, and was organised together with Dressage for five years at the Kasselman Stables in Hagen, Germany. It then moved to Santiago de Chile in South America in 2008 and 2009 before changing continents again when held at Kyalami Equestrian Park in South Africa in 2014. It visited Central Asia for the first time last year when Israel’s Nadav Sternbach came out on top in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and the 2019 edition at Quito was the 18th in the popular series.

The FEI Solidarity Department oversees the running of this developmental competition which provides less experienced athletes from remote countries with the opportunity to compete internationally. A total of 21 riders from 16 nations flew the flags of Algeria, Bermuda, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Israel, Morocco, Panama, Republic of South Africa, and Zimbabwe in a week of great sport and camaraderie that began with last Wednesday’s Welcome Stakes.

Chile dominated this opening test when Ignacia Munoz galloped into pole position ahead of compatriot Nicolas Fuentes, while Algeria’s Lena Boutekedjiret lined up in third and Costa Rica’s Diego Loria finished fourth. One of the biggest challenges faced by all the competitors is that they must ride borrowed horses, and the Ecuadorian NF secured a choice of 27 mounts, 19 of which were generously provided by the Ecuadorian Police service (Policia Nacional de Ecuador).

Riders were only paired with their horses the previous day when they were allowed a 30-minute warm-up before a 15-minute familiarisation period in the main arena during which they were permitted to jump a few fences. And it seemed that Morocco’s Sami Cherkaoui had found his perfect partner in the eight-year-old Argentinian gelding Quinchan with which he won Thursday’s First Qualifier. It was a convincing victory when they were the only pair to finish the course clear and inside the time, but the 18-year-old rider was eliminated in Saturday’s second qualifier won by Ecuador’s Agustin Baca.

As all the best athletes know, life-lessons are part and parcel of every day in equestrian sport, and Baca also had a major disappointment when his horse had to be withdrawn from Sunday’s medal decider. He was however permitted to compete in the Farewell class in which he finished third with his replacement ride, UIDE Bischochuelo, behind Chile’s Fuentes and Feroz in second, while Morocco’s Cherkaoui and Quinchan put their partnership right back together again to win it with the only clear round.

The top ten went through to the Final proper in which everyone started from scratch and competed in reverse order of merit from their standings after the first two qualifiers. In the first round only Ieromazzo, Morrison, and Lucas Dieudonne from the Democratic Republic of Congo went clear over another testing track set by Ecuadorian course designer Jaime Morillo.

Cornege, Zimbabwe’s Judy Riddle (Tambo Othar), and South Africa’s Victoria Lavelle (Chaman) were close behind with just four apiece. Lavelle added four more second time out but Riddle piled on the pressure when foot-perfect in a time of 82.65. Her advantage was cut short when 36-year-old Cornege and the 10-year-old Palugo were also clear but two seconds quicker, and when Dieudonne was eliminated for taking the wrong course with the lovely skewbald Pontiac, only Morrison and Ieromazzo stood between the Kiwi rider and the coveted gold medal.

It drew ever closer when 17-year-old Morrison and the 10-year-old Waldo left a fence on the floor in 81.94 seconds, but, last into the arena, Ieromazzo had victory in her sights and wasn’t about to let go. Although her horse, Magnus Jarea, was pulling hard and eager to run, she held her nerve to clinch gold with the only double-clear of the competition. With the quickest four faults Cornege slotted into silver while Morrison took the bronze and Riddle just missed out on the podium with her slower time.

The new champion was delighted with the performance of the police horse that carried her to victory, and was full of praise for the event organisers and the venue. Club Rancho San Francisco lies just 15 minutes from the centre of the Ecuadorian capital of Quito and has a majestic view of the active Cotopaxi volcano in the nearby Andes Mountains.

“It’s been amazing – the place, the horses, the organisation, the competitions, the people – we’ve all had a blast and this was a great experience!” Ieromazzo said.

Results here.

By Louise Parkes

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Roxanne Trunnell Tops USEF Para Dressage National Championship with Dolton

Roxanne Trunnell and Dolton ©Susan J. Stickle Photography.

Mill Spring, NC – September 15, 2019 – Tryon Fall Dressage 2 CDI 3* and CPEDI 3* presented by Adequan® concluded Sunday at Tryon International Equestrian Center, wrapping up three days of international and national Dressage competition at the venue that simultaneously hosted the Adequan®/USEF Para Dressage National Championship. In CDI 3* competition, Karen Lipp (USA) rode to a win in Saturday’s FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDI 3* with Whitney, while Katherine Bateson Chandler (USA) and Alcazar claimed their second FEI CDI 3* win Sunday with a 70.341% in the FEI Grand Prix Special CDI 3*. Roxanne Trunnell and Dolton secured the Adequan®/USEF Para Dressage National Championship title with a final cumulative score of 75.247%, and David Botana was named National Reserve Champion following his efforts riding Lord Locksley to a cumulative score of 74.318%.

“It feels really good [to win a National Championship], Trunnell shared. “I haven’t been with Dolton for very long. [Our] partnership is really forming.” Trunnell also relayed that one of the highlights of her tests with Dolton was “just how consistent he was. Always marching!”

Trunnell scored a 79.333% in the FEI CPEDI 3* Freestyle Grade I, earning the highest score of the weekend with the 2012 Hanoverian gelding (Danone I x Unknown) owned by Flintwood Farm LLC. “Our Freestyle music is from ‘Forrest Gump’ – it’s adorable!”

While Trunnell is hoping to be named to Team USA for the Tokyo Paralympics, she reflected that accuracy is a big focus, and that gaining experience at TIEC is a great environment to prepare for atmosphere and stiff competition going forward. “[Going forward we’ll do] just a lot of training, and working on accuracy with geometry. I think the bigger venue and more competition is more realistic of what we’ll get [in Tokyo], so it helps us mentally.”

Botana shared that his weekend with the 2001 Trakehner stallion (Unkenruf x Lida x Enrico Caruso) owned by Margaret L. Stevens, Lord Locksley, had been an “amazing” culmination of hard work over the summer: “We’ve worked all summer and learned a lot. We practiced the halt, bending, and improving precision, plus overall harmony. I think it all really came together this weekend. I think we were able to pull off some really improved balance in our turns, and stayed constant throughout the weekend with high scores. It’s been amazing; everything kind of came together, from working with my trainer and meeting to go over our test before each ride, and taking the judges’ comments and what I felt during each ride to transition on to the next test. [That 75] was amazing. We had a perfect ride, and it all came together.”

Botana and the big grey stallion have made strides towards harmony and Lord Locksley knows his job well despite a serious career change, Botana explained. “It’s a big transition from being a Grand Prix International stallion to being in Para Dressage Grade I, and he’s taken beautifully to it. It took us a while to get into a groove,” Botana recalled, “but now we’re in a perfect balance. He knows that as soon as I put my foot in the stirrup, we’re going to walk, and that’s it. There can be a million things going on, and he won’t bat an eye. But the second I get off and step a foot away, he’ll be back to his regular big stallion self!”

Katherine Bateson Chandler Wins FEI Grand Prix Special CDI 3*

Bateson Chandler and the 2005 Dutch Warmblood gelding (Cantango x Polina x Ferro) owned by Jane Forbes Clark repeated their Friday win in the FEI Grand Prix CDI 3* with the top score in Sunday’s FEI Grand Prix Special CDI 3*, but Alcazar was “a bit more with me today,” she explained. “I’m a little happier with this ride, because he’s another two days down the road of being in the heat, and sort of it’s been a little tough for him. He came off a lot of atmosphere in Europe, so now he’s a little like, ‘what happened to everybody?’ This has been an amazing show and he felt a bit more with me today.”

The pair has had a busy summer and Alcazar is ready for a break, Bateson Chandler relayed, but spent their last competition before a holiday making the most of their stay. “It’s an amazing venue. This is truly a world-class venue with beautiful stabling, which always really matters to us. We’ve got fans in the stalls, which really helps with the heat.”

Karen Lipp and Whitney Win the Grand Prix Freestyle CDI 3*

Karen Lipp and Whitney travelled down centerline to win the blue rosette in Saturday’s Grand Prix Freestyle CDI 3* with a score of 61.185%. Lipp shared that she has been working with Whitney, a 2005 Hanoverian mare (White Star x Hauptstutbuch Grace) owned by Kathleen Oldford, since she was four years old and has brought her through all of the young horse programs: “We did the four, five, and six-year-old programs. Her owner rode her a little bit and then decided to sell her, and then she didn’t like that idea, so she said, ‘You keep her and ride her.’ I’ve been showing her in the Grand Prix now for about two and a half years.

“I didn’t really have a quality horse to show in CDI for a year, so it’s been nice to have Whitney go the CDI ring because it was a long break for me out of the ring, and it’s a lot different than riding in normal shows.”

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USEF Para Dressage National Championship Results in Win for Team USA

Rebecca Hart and El Corona Texel ©Susan J. Stickle Photography.

Mill Spring, NC – September 14, 2019 – Day Two of the Adequan®/USEF Para Dressage National Championship saw a win for Team USA at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) at Tryon Resort, consisting of Roxanne Trunnell, Kate Shoemaker, Rebecca Hart, and Sydney Collier combining efforts for a total score of 439.585. In second, Team Canada, including Lauren Barwick, Lee Garrod, Jody Schloss, and Winona Hartvikson, finished on a score of 416.079. David Botana and Lord Locksley currently lead in the Individual competition, with Trunnell just behind heading into the final day of competition.

Hart and “Tex” claimed a win in the CPEDI 3* Individual Grade III on a score of 73.775%, but Hart revealed that the weekend was about much more than the current competition for her just a year following her double-medal achievements at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) hosted at the venue last September.

“This arena has so many emotions for me. I’ve had some monumental moments – the epitome of my riding career here. I rolled in to the venue on Monday and all the emotions came back,” she recalled. “And I was having the memory of meeting up with my parents – because my parents don’t get to come to shows that often, and my dad was here – and I was telling myself, ‘don’t get weepy, you just got in the driveway!’

“But revisiting the place where I saw my dad, and where I was waiting in the chute for the final rides when we realized I had gotten the bronze and the first medal ever for US Para Equestrian in a WEG, was just fantastic,” Hart continued. “To have Tex here again with me, and to have him perform so well for me again in this arena… Tryon has such a special place in my heart.”

Hart is now focused on 2020, and admitted, “We’re Dressage riders – we always want more and want to get that extra little tenth of a point that we can get anywhere! Heading into next year we’ve got a lot of little things to work on.”

But it was a significant change in routine that has helped deepen Hart and her mount’s connection, she detailed: “We had actually changed up our routine coming into this event, which was a little intimidating, because changing anything before a big championship can go one of two ways, but it has really worked for us. I now do all the warm-up myself with Tex, which has made for a much more symbiotic relationship with my horse.”

Hart elaborated, “Before, I had my trainer doing the warm-up, because I don’t post, so I liked to give him a bit of a warm-up with an able-bodied rider to get his back moving, but I always felt like there was a bit of translation period from the two rides, and I would basically have to re-warm him up all over again. And then, any issue they had would translate into my ride as well, so me handling him from the start myself makes it my own ride, and it gives us a lot more confidence in the ring.”

Trunnell and Dolton, the 2012 Hanoverian gelding (Danone I x Unknown) owned by Flintwood Farm LLC, claimed second behind Botana in the CPEDI 3* Individual Grade I test Saturday, scoring a 73.571%. “It was a wonderful weekend,” Trunnell said after the Team USA win. “We really have been working on solidifying them [our tests]. It feels like they’re really coming together. I love how he just kept marching.  We’re hoping to make it to Tokyo, so that’s what we’ll be working on.”

Collier and All In One grabbed third place in the CPEDI 3* Individual Grade I Competition to help earn the win for Team USA, and shared that she was impressed with her mount’s reliability in their first CPEDI competition together: “For this weekend, we wanted to come out, be consistent, and I personally wanted to work on my geometry. With him being as great of a horse as he is, I have to step up to his amount of talent! Being a visually-impaired rider, geometry can be one of the most difficult things to nail, so I’ve really been working at home on perfecting my step counts, because that’s how I do my geometry.”

Collier continued of the 2009 Hanoverian gelding (Abanos x Dauphin) owned by Going For Gold LLC, “Being here in the big ring with different lighting and situations, I was very impressed with how ‘Alle’ stepped up his game. He was like, I’ve got your back! Really, we had no idea what to anticipate going into our first CPEDI.”

Working towards Tokyo 2020 and hoping to be named to next year’s team, Collier emphasized that competing at TIEC has been a valuable learning experience for such a new combination. “[Going forward] I just want to work on fine-tuning the little things we’ve observed here. It’s been an amazing learning experience for us, and for only having him since mid-June, I think there is so much room to improve on so many things, which is just – I keep using the word exciting, but I don’t think it really sums up the feeling that I feel about our partnership. We connected so quickly, and I can’t wait for the future with him,” Collier concluded.

Shoemaker and Solitaer 40 presented solo once again in the CPEDI 3* Grade IV Individual competition, scoring a 73.049% and putting in what she felt were “personal bests” for her team this weekend regardless of scores: “I think this was really the best work we’ve gotten in the arena – we’ve been together for five years now, and every show has been a step in the right direction: we get it at home, then we get it in the warm-up, then we get it around the arena, and then we get it in [the arena], so I felt like we had some really amazing moments in the arena this week. So, that’s what I’m really excited about, and regardless of the scores, they were personal bests.”

“I just want to keep adding more cadence, self-carriage and balance into the work, so we can show the expressiveness that he has,” Shoemaker said of the 2007 Hanoverian gelding (Sandro hit x Dynastie x De niro). “There’s so much in there, and he’s just waiting for me to tap into it.”

The Adequan®/USEF Para Dressage National Championship will be streamed live on USEF Network throughout the weekend. Click here to watch.

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Pieter Devos Wins First Jump-Off of the Week at Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show CSI 5*

Pieter Devos and Espoir ©Filippo Gabutti.

First jump-off class of the CSI 5* Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show, the Prix Premiumares, goes to Belgium’s Pieter Devos and his gelding Espoir. On the technical course designed by the Italian Uliano Vezzani, nine pairs out of forty-six starters signed a perfect first round. First clear round, first double clear round of the class, the British Alexandra Thornton on Charielle will quickly be caught up by Devos; neither Eric van der Vleuten (Djoost Again), nor the American Kent Farrington (Austria 2), nor the French Kevin Staut (Viking d’la Rousserie) will manage to dethrone Devos, despite their double clear-rounds.

“I am very happy. My horse jumped perfectly today. I had a very good feeling and a victory is always good! Espoir is naturally very fast and I think I gained almost three seconds over Alexandra Thornton’s time at the end of the course. At first, and as I could see that there were faults on this jump-off, I decided to secure the score, and then I gradually accelerated. I was afraid of Kent, who really finished a few hundredths behind me, but in the end, he keeps behind (laughs). Obviously, this victory gives confidence for tomorrow’s Grand Prix, even if I will ride another horse and it will be even bigger in terms of sport,” explained the winner, while the Brabançonne had just resounded.

Results here:

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Horse & Country TV to Air Thrilling Highlights from Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials

Pippa Funnell (GBR) and MGH Grafton Street.

Lincolnshire, UK – Sept. 13, 2019 – As one of the world’s greatest 5* equestrian events, the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials draws the world’s leading event riders and enormous crowds of spectators to Burghley House in Stamford, Lincolnshire for the annual four-day event. Claiming the coveted trophy for the second time in history was Britain’s Pippa Funnell and MGH Grafton Street, emerging victorious by a mere 0.1 of a penalty. While the live action took place from Sept. 5 to 8, Horse & Country TV (H&C TV)’s highlight show featuring Funnell’s winning ride as well as the other top performances, including exciting finishes from the American contingency, will air on Sunday, Sept. 15, at 8 p.m. EST.

Join H&C TV and watch the thrilling events transpire as British riders swept the competition in front of their home crowd. Never lacking excitement, the 2019 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials feature a down-to-the-wire final show jumping phase with a field of talented athletes and horses in hot pursuit of the winning title.

Sixteen years after her first win in the 2003 Burghley Horse Trials abroad Primmore’s Pride, Funnell made her return to the top, this time aboard Jonathan and Jane Clark’s MGH Grafton Street. Funnell and the 11-year-old gelding received an impressive dressage score of 22.8 to lead the standings going into the final show jumping phase. Although the pair lowered a rail at fence eight, their determination to remain in the lead was rewarded when they clinched the overall win with an impressive score of 30.8.

“It’s been such an amazing journey and hopefully it will continue, but it’s the horses that have kept me going,” said Funnell. “He’s not the best show jumper but I’ve always been convinced he had a big win in him – what an incredible two weeks with this and the Europeans.”

Hot on the heels of Funnell was Piggy French and Vanir Kamira, who won the 2019 Badminton Horse Trials in May, and Oliver Townend on Ballaghmor Class, who won the 2017 Burghley Horse Trials.

Eleven horse-and-athlete combinations represented the United States throughout the competition with Lauren Kieffer and Ariel Grald earning top 10 finishes. Don’t miss out on the exhilarating highlights of this premier equestrian event, airing on Horse & Country TV on Sunday, Sept. 15, at 8 p.m. EST.

H&C TV broadcasts in Europe, Australia, and in the United States on cable, satellite, and broadband television, including Roku, and online at

Hardin Towell and Carlo Win $10k Douglas Elliman 1.40m Jumper CSI4* at American Gold Cup

North Salem, N.Y. – Sept. 11, 2019 – The 2019 American Gold Cup, presented by CaptiveOne Advisors, LLC, made its triumphant return at Old Salem Farm to commence the event’s 49th installment Wednesday, with FEI competition attracting some of the world’s best horse-and-athlete teams to the pristine grass Grand Prix Ring. Beginning the week on a high note, Hardin Towell (USA) and Carlo topped the leaderboard in the $10,000 Douglas Elliman 1.40m Jumper CSI4*, while Cormac Hanley (IRL) piloted Cortani FBH to the blue ribbon in the $8,000 Porsche Danbury & Audi Danbury 1.40m Jumper. In the $2,000 Eastern Hay 1.30m Jumper, Captain Future Z carried Erynn Ballard (CAN) to victory ahead of a lofty field.

The feature event of the first day of competition, the $10,000 Douglas Elliman 1.40m Jumper CSI4*, brought a large pack of 70 exhibitors to center stage for a chance at some early prize money. As the first to contest designer Alan Wade’s (IRL) 13-effort track in the speed class, pathfinders Hanley and Heathman Farm LLC’s Alma Z set a quick precedent with a blazing trip in 60.83 seconds, leaving all the rails in their cups to jump to the early lead. Throughout the class, subsequent challengers chased down Hanley and the 12-year-old Oldenburg mare, but it would take nearly 50 trips for new leaders to emerge. Slicing across the grass more efficiently than the rest, Towell and Ann Thompson’s Carlo eclipsed Hanley and his ride thanks to their successful navigation of the pattern in 59.19 seconds to secure the lead spot in the lap of honor. Hanley and Alma Z retained second position, while Sweden’s Mariano Maggi and Uma O’Neill’s Quintago VA clinched third place penalty-free in 61.12 seconds.

Towell and Carlo have been gaining momentum recently in the show ring, most recently coming off of a first-place finish in the $35,700 Welcome Stake CSI2* at Great Lakes Equestrian Festival in July. In 2018, they claimed victory in the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show $50,000 Grand Prix and added to their achievements that same month in Lexington, Kentucky, where the pair won the $60,000 Kentucky National Betsy Grand Prix.

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Canada Second in BMO Nations’ Cup at Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’

Mario Deslauriers and Amsterdam 27. Photo by Starting Gate Communications.

Calgary, Alberta – The Canadian Show Jumping Team finished second in the $530,000 BMO Nations’ Cup held Saturday, September 7, at the CSIO5* Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ tournament in Calgary, AB.

Erynn Ballard of Tottenham, ON, Kara Chad of Calgary, AB, Mario Deslauriers of New York, NY, and Eric Lamaze of Wellington, FL took on nine other countries in the richest show jumping team competition held in North America.  For the second year in a row, Canada finished in the runner-up position with a total of 14 faults.

Belgium, the newly crowned European Champions, won in convincing fashion with a total of four faults.  With victory sewn up after its first three riders posted clear performances in the second round there was no need for anchor rider Yves Vanderhasselt to return for a second time.  Ireland took third with 19 faults, Sweden was fourth with 20 faults, Mexico fifth with 25 faults, and France was sixth with 53 faults.  Only the top six teams returned for the second round with defending champions Germany failing to make the cut.  The United States, the reigning World Champions, also failed to advance, while the Netherlands and Italy were also left on the sidelines.

As Canada’s lead-off rider, Deslauriers had the opening element of the BMO triple combination down with Amsterdam 27, a nine-year-old Holsteiner gelding (Catoki x Acord II) owned by Luja LLC and Wishing Well Farm LLC.  The fence would prove to be the ‘bogey’ element of the day, falling more often than any other element on course designer Leopoldo Palacios’s tough track.  The pair returned to jump clear the second time out, keeping Canada in the hunt for a potential third title in the event that has been held annually since 1977.

Chad debuted a new mount, Quidamo F, a nine-year-old Swiss Warmblood gelding sired by Quality 9 and owned by Stone Ridge Farms LLC, in Nations’ Cup competition in front of her hometown crowd.  The 23-year-old had a rail at the double combination at fence five but quickly recovered to successfully jump the open water and continue home with the rest of the rails in place, albeit with one time fault for exceeding the 73-second time allowed.

Fresh off their double clear performance in the team competition at the recent Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, Ballard and Fellini S were next in the order for Canada.  After having rails at 11 ‘a’ and at the final fence, Ballard and the nine-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (Vermont x Rash R), owned by Ilan Ferder, jumped clear the second time out, only getting caught by the clock for one time fault.

Lamaze, the 2008 Olympic Champion, anchored the team with a clear in the first round and four faults in the second when the Canadian plank fence fell.  Having ridden Chacco Kid to victory earlier in the day in the $133,700 Suncor Energy Winning Round, Lamaze saddled Coco Bongo, a 14-year-old Rheinlander gelding (Caretino x Calido) owned by Artisan Farms and Torrey Pines Stable, for the BMO Nations’ Cup.

Dropping Ballard’s score in the opening round and Chad’s in the second, Canada incurred a final score of 14 faults to finish runner-up for the second year in a row.

“It was a great team effort from all our riders; they all contributed,” said Mark Laskin, chef d’equipe of the Canadian Show Jumping Team.  “Everyone really pulled together.  There is no shame in being second to the European Champions.

“I’m very excited about our prospects,” continued Laskin of Langley, BC.  “We had three nine-year-old horses jumping today in big league competition.  Spruce Meadows is very impressive.  The questions just kept compounding, and all of our horses improved in the second round and found the answers.  I’m thrilled, and it bodes well for the future of our team.”

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Another Emotional Victory for Eric Lamaze at Spruce Meadows

Eric Lamaze and Chacco Kid.  Photo by Starting Gate Communications.

Calgary, Alberta – Canada’s Eric Lamaze scored his second major victory at the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ tournament, winning the $133,700 Suncor Energy Winning Round on Saturday, September 7, in Calgary, AB.

Hot off their victory in the $133,700 1.60m CANA Cup on Thursday, September 5, Lamaze and Chacco Kid, a 13-year-old Oldenburg gelding (Chacco-Blue x Come On) owned by the Chacco Kid Group, returned to the international ring to repeat their winning ways.  The $133,700 Suncor Energy Winning Round is held in a format that sees the top 10 ranked riders following the opening round return for an all-deciding second round where the fastest clear wins.  Lamaze had the advantage of going last in the order and knew exactly what he had to do to win.

The 2008 Olympic Champion left nothing to chance, putting on a breath-taking display of world-class show jumping for the huge crowd as he tackled the testing 1.50m track set by two-time Olympic course designer Leopoldo Palacios of Venezuela.  As he sailed over the final fence and through the timers, the clock flashed 44.73 seconds, eclipsing the time of 46.62 seconds that had been set by Italy’s Lorenzo de Luca riding Limestone Grey.  For the second time, victory belonged to Lamaze and Chacco Kid at the CSIO5* Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ tournament.

The victory was an emotional one for Lamaze, who publicly revealed in June that he has been battling a brain tumour.  After praising his “clever” mount Chacco Kid, Lamaze dedicated his victory to a long-time friend who was also a winner in the International Ring during her competitive riding career.

“My good friend, Kim Kirton, is here,” said Lamaze, 51, as he was being presented with the Suncor Energy trophy.  “She doesn’t travel too much but when she does, good things seem to happen.  Kimmy, this one is for you!”

Lamaze now turns his attention to competing with Coco Bongo as a member of the Canadian team in the $530,00 BMO Nations’ Cup, also on Saturday, September 7.  He will close out the weekend by riding his 2016 Olympic bronze medal partner, Fine Lady 5, in Sunday’s $3 million CP International, presented by Rolex.  Lamaze has won the event twice before, in 2007 and 2011, both times riding the legendary Hickstead.

Lamaze is the all-time money winner at Spruce Meadows, having amassed more than $6 million in career winnings at the iconic Canadian show jumping venue.

For more information on Eric Lamaze and his Torrey Pines Stable, visit

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Don’t Miss 2019 Rolex Grand Prix at Spruce Meadows LIVE on Horse & Country TV

London, U.K. – Sept. 6, 2019 – Horse & Country TV (H&C TV) is thrilled to bring live coverage of the Rolex Grand Prix at Spruce Meadows, which is a part of the 2019 Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, to show jumping fans in the U.S. The highly anticipated Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ CSIO5* is one of the most prestigious show jumping competitions in the world, running from Sept. 4 to 8.

Set in Calgary, Canada, the five-day tournament draws the biggest names in the sport to vie for the lion’s share of CA$4.1 million in prize money. H&C TV will broadcast the Rolex Grand Prix live on Sunday, Sept. 8 at 1:45 p.m. EST, capturing all of the excitement of the world-class event as it unfolds. Be sure to join H&C TV by clicking here to be a part of the action.

Attracting the world’s most talented athletes to its various venues across the world, the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping is the most challenging title to claim in show jumping sport, requiring three consecutive wins in the Rolex Grand Prix events between the four major tournaments at CHIO Aachen, Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’, CHI Geneva, and the Dutch Masters. A €1 million bonus, in addition to the prize money at each show, makes the title one of the most sought after in the sport. To date, only one athlete has won the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, Great Britain’s Scott Brash. Brash became the first and only athlete to win the title in 2015 after taking wins in Aachen, Spruce Meadows, and Geneva.

All eyes will be set on the United States’ Kent Farrington as he won the Rolex Grand Prix of CHIO Aachen in July, making him the live contender and giving him the potential to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping should he add this leg to his tally of wins. Up against the world’s best riders, Farrington will have to lay it all on the line to give himself a shot at becoming the second rider in history to claim the coveted title.

Don’t miss out on the ride of a lifetime as Farrington goes head-to-head with show jumping’s elite, including world No. 1 Steve Guerdat (SUI) and fellow U.S. athletes, Laura Kraut, Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, and Nicole Shahinian-Simpson.

H&C TV broadcasts in Europe, Australia, and in the United States on cable, satellite, and broadband television, including Roku, and online at

From Baborówko Horse Sale Show to Stables All over Europe

Baborówko, 5 September 2019 — Growing interest in the sport horses auction in Baborówko shows that horses bred and trained in Poland are appreciated by athletes from foreign countries, and the event has written itself into the growing demands of the market.

Every year, more and more horses are being submitted to the auction Baborówko Horse Sale Show, and each year the horses are even better. That’s why the selection by the organisers has to be more rigorous, in order for only the best horses predisposed for eventing and showjumping to be presented in the catalogue. All horses accepted for the next stage will be subjected to a bundle of examinations performed by veterinarians from Equi Vet Serwis Dr Maciej Przewoźny. The examinations include x-ray photos, endoscopy, and detailed clinical inspections, and the buyers can get acquainted with them before the auction.

Last year at Baborówko Horse Sale Show, horses were bought by riders such as Olympic champion Andreas Dibowski, titled rider Elmar Lesch, and a couple of excellent eventers from Finland – Sanna Siltakorpi and Elmo Jankari.

“I compete in Baborówko two times a year – at Equestrian Festival Baborówko and Baborówko Horse Sale Show. Last year from Baborówko Horse Sale Show I brought home a young horse that I had an opportunity to see and try at the show. The youngster is really promising. I will certainly check out the catalogue this year,” says Andreas Dibowski.

During three editions of the event, horses from the auction have found new owners in Germany, Finland, Russia, and Austria. A fusion of an international eventing show and sport horses auction into one event allows the sellers – breeders, riders, and owners – to meet with the buyers at one place and time.

19 horses predisposed for eventing and showjumping have been selected for the Baborówko Horse Sale Show 2019 catalogue. Baborówko Horse Sale Show 2019 will take place during the last weekend of September, from the 27th until the 29th. The bidding will take place on Saturday, the 28th. During the show and auction, interested parties will be able to schedule a test ride, get acquainted with the veterinary test results, consult them with veterinarians, and get to know the informational brochures.

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