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Equine Web Services and Internet Advertising, equestrian marketing services including print design, targeted newsletter advertising, embedded paid marketing links in posts that you provide, and more. NEW! Mobile App design!

Advertise on We have a static dedicated banner display, so your banner will be seen on more than 8,000 pages.We have 3 dedicated slots available on first come basis or by special request. We can add custom banner ad slots on the side by special request (ask for a quote and size). We will be implementing a rotating banner ad system in the near future.

Banner sizes are leaderboard – 728x90px, large box – 300x250px, tower – 160x600px. Prices are $150/mo for 6 or more months or $175 for 1 month.

We always make the effort to be as honest as we can about the performance of and the potential effectiveness of as a niche advertising vehicle. Our philosophy is “what can we do for you, our customer, to help you to succeed?” Traffic Analysis was launched in 2000 and is experiencing continual growth year to year. In 2007, the site relaunched with new architecture from the ground up and in 2013 another site design has been launched:

  • New design that provided a more visual experience featuring larger pictures and easier to browse content
  • New full featured mass email software
  • Blogger packages for your own site

Since the 2007 relaunch, traffic has exploded with the average number of visitors up 42%, unique IPs up 37% and the number of pages viewed up by 68%. In the first week of the new 2013 design we have already achieved over 33,500 views and over 2,100 unique visitors even during the redesign phase. We average 45,000+ views a month.’s strategy is to improve user experience to improve effectiveness for advertisers. HorsesintheSouth is home to thousands of informative news aggregated articles/posts and other content of interest that are freely available to its visitors.

Please contact us at for our current Media Guide, Advertising Specials and Marketing Packages.

Use Display/Branding Ads to Leverage Online Shopping – Despite the economy, the holiday season stimulated a great deal of online shopping and research among consumers, whether they ended up purchasing online or in stores (or at all!). This activity of searching and researching online produces special opportunities for marketers to reach consumers with ads — just as they are in-market. What’s more, during really tight times, consumers tend to eliminate impulse purchases and instead restrict themselves to considered purchases. This plays strongly to the Internet, which lends itself toward well-thought-out, highly researched decisional buying. We are here for you. We can set your advertisement up so that you will gain the exposure that you need to exceed, and still keep within your budget.

Let us design a niche banner for you. Being a familiar name takes you miles closer to closing a sale. People like to buy from companies they’ve heard of. It turns out that this is an overlooked benefit of banner ads. Banner ads are fairly worthless in terms of generating clickthroughs… you have to trick too much and manipulate too much to get clicks worth much of anything. But, if you build ads with no intent of clicks, no hope for clicks… then you can focus on ads that drill your name or picture or phrase into a consumer’s head. 1000 impressions and you’re almost famous. A household name. Not for everyone, but for people who matter.

Let us design your banner for you, if you don’t have a banner. The banner design cost averages around $110-$130, but you get to KEEP the banner to use anywhere else you want.

Ask for our current Specials we are offering as these will change from time to time.

We can send out newsletters for a client to our subscribers to specifically target your product/service.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for the coupon code or subscribe to our blog’s Feedburner RSS feed so that you get notified when we send out information about a sale/special.

HorsesintheSouth has its own Cafepress store where you can purchase items with our colorful logo on them. Click here to go to our store.

Ask Not What They Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for Them

Creating a website that generates new sales and new leads is all about your customers. What matters is what happens when they step inside your online shop. Do they buy or not? You can create a website that ensures they do buy, and often!

Make sure your website grabs their attention, encourages them to take action, speaks their language, gets personal, keeps it simple, adds value, stays relevant, projects credibility and treats them right.

The above is an excerpt from a website, Marketing Breakthroughs that I think is very appropriate. I have added this because we are going back into the processes of designing websites for our equestrian clients so that we can assist you in getting your website seen in today’s tough economy.

We offer websites designed using WordPress as a CMS and a blog package. It is much easier on all of us to implement and you can update it yourself. has become a main choice of many large website designs since there is such a large user community to provide you with theme designs ans support, plus many books are written on how to use it. It does require some technical knowledge to set it up and some to maintain it, but in the long run, we feel it is the best way to go for new website designs. Contact us for our pricing, although that can vary depending on what theme we use and how complex the website needs to be, so we still will need to discuss details with you about your requirements.

This is a new service we are offering to our equine customers! Get in on the Web 2.0 phenomenon with your very own custom-designed hosted blog that includes many powerful plugins, including those for social networking like for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, et al. This is the wave of the future and the search engines, especially Google and Bing, love a blog.

Plus, with the blog’s built-in RSS feed your subscriber will be notified when you, as a publisher of your blog, adds new posts to your blog’s content. This is really cool!

What is so great about having your own blog? YOU can add/change your very own posts (text) and images. Is your website designer too expensive or too busy to update your website and you have new pictures of your horses for sale that need to be online like now? Well, this is the way to do it. Do you have a sale that you need to tell people about? A new service? Or just to write something about yourself or make some comments that you want other people to read.

The combination of your own customized blog along with your Twitter, Facebook or other social networking accounts is the fastest way to get your information out to the ‘intertubes’. We will even help you set up your Twitter account and follow equine people and a Facebook account and find friends. By publishing our posts Bookmark and Share to our Facebook accounts (combined over 11,000 friends and fans) and our Twitter accounts, we get hundreds of views a day on these posts and literally thousands of inbound links. This is a great way to drive traffic to your blog site!

Contact us for cost. Cost depends on how fancy you want to get. There are many WordPress plugins that offer a lot of functionality. Contact for information about our pricing and details.

For additional target marketing services, contact us at to request more information on our web services to help you to Establish Your Presence™ on the Internet with our ‘Southern Source for Everything Horse’™.  We can get your business to where you want it to be with “killer” marketing tips and repeat customers! We create original, high-quality designed web sites, ensuring that your business will be represented in the most professional appearance and design. Our prices are competitive, especially for the quality of work that you receive.

Let help you take your business online. We will provide you with a professional, functional and attractive website/blog. Send an email to to request more information on our web services. Ask us about the huge inventory of domain names that we have, too!

We accept checks, Visa & MasterCard via Paypal at and you may pay using a credit card (this works all over the world, too!). You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay using Paypal. We also use Google Checkout services.

Make your checks out to:

Synergy, Et Cetera Web Design
4410 Bondarenko Rd.
Keystone Heights, FL 32656

Synergy, Et Cetera Web Design (DBA) You may contact us by phone at 678-401-4608 (sales & marketing).

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