Fundraiser for Beauty’s Haven Equine Rescue in Morriston, FL

This Valentine’s Day help rescue horses & a chance to win a beautiful oil painting of your horse or dog.

South Florida artist Karla Smith is offering an oil painting to the winner of the Valentine Fundraiser for Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue in Morriston, FL. The drawing will be held on Monday, February 14, 2011 at 6:00 at Beauty’s Haven. For only $10.00 suggested donation you can buy a ticket to help many horses in need and have a chance to win a portrait of your horse or dog. The winner will receive an oil painting portrait done of his or her dog or horse on a 14 x 18 inch wrap around canvas (no frame). The winner will need to supply the artist with photos of the subject, which will safely be returned upon completion of the painting.

This will make a wonderful gift to yourself or friend and will be truly helping out so many horses in need. Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue does an incredible job of taking in horses in desperate need of care, love and medical treatment. The dedication, care and love everyone at Beauty’s Haven gives the horses in need are amazing. They get horses in dire circumstances and very poor health from starvation, no health care, etc. and they do everything they can to change all that. When the horses start improving from medical care, food, shelter, and love, you can see in their eyes how grateful they are. For more information about Beauty’s Haven please go to:

For examples of the artist’s work please go to:

Gigi Stetler Signs with BookMasters Distribution Company

UNSTOPPABLE! by Gigi Stetler is now available through BookMasters. Photo Courtesy of the Client.

Wellington, FL – January 4, 2011 – Gigi Stetler is pleased to announce that she recently signed a deal with BookMasters Distribution Company for her titles “UNSTOPPABLE! Surviving Is Just the Beginning” and “Never Underestimate the Strength of a Woman.” Thanks to BookMasters, these inspiring titles will first be available through wholesalers such as Ingram Book Company.  Marketing materials will eventually be taken to corporate buyers for the main book selling chains such as Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

“I am very excited about the new partnership with BookMasters because they really focus on quality, distribution, getting the book to the right place, and marketing the book to the right people,” commented Stetler. “My book sits in about twelve categories on their website, from self-help to inspirational.”

“UNSTOPPABLE!” is a searing memoir detailing Stetler’s challenging life full of upheavals and emotions. This startling nonfiction expose covers a chilling array of crimes and retribution, from neglect and poverty to violence and victims’ rights. “UNSTOPPABLE!” makes the case for happy endings even under the most violent and disturbing scenarios. Most amazing is Stetler’s refusal to give up, making her a rare happy ending despite a series of challenges that would have stopped most people in their tracks. Regardless of what attacks or assaults you have faced, are facing or will face, and regardless of who directs those attacks at you, yourself, your parents, friends, colleagues, professors, lovers, teachers, competition, your own children, your own past, your own present or your own future: This book is an invitation to make your own, personal commitment to Not Only Survive, But to Thrive!

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Do Horses Really Mirror People?

Claire Dorotik M.A.

In the world of equine facilitated psychotherapy, the fascination of working with an extremely large and often frightening animal, especially in a way that offers insight, and possibly healing, has held an exclusive allure for those who have come to know of this powerful therapy. Not unlike the almost magnetic draw that a great racehorse can bring to even those not familiar with horses, the art of healing through horses offers an often imperceptible gift, housed in a mysterious package. And while people lucky enough to have experienced the strange feeling of wellness, calm, and centeredness that a horse can bring have struggled for words to describe this feeling, practitioners of equine therapy have put many labels on just what it is horses can do for people. Certainly these terms have allowed some insight for people for whom horses are foreign; however, they have also struggled to accurately describe just what happens between a human and a horse. Possibly the most rudimentary of these descriptions of horse healing is that horses actually mirror people. Almost a given in the world of equine facilitated psychotherapy, the concept that horses mirror people has become so popular that it is now quite difficult to find any description of horse healing that doesn’t include this term. Yet, is there any documented research behind this idea? And if not, where did the idea really generate?

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Racing Champions Announcements are January 12 in Oklahoma City

The American Quarter Horse Journal – Who will be the 2010 World Champion Racing American Quarter Horse?

Watch the 2010 AQHA Racing Champions announcements live from Heritage Place in Oklahoma City on January 12 to find out. The program begins at 6 p.m. CST, and will be available worldwide and free of charge at This year’s program will be hosted by Tom Dawson and co-hosted by Remington Park’s Dale Day.

This year’s presentation features three permanent additions to the program: recognition of the new AQHA Dams of Distinction, Supreme Race Horses and open Supreme Champions. In 2010, there were two Dams of Distinction, three Supreme Racehorses and one Supreme Champion.

AQHA will also honor Stolis Winner, who displaced Refrigerator as American Quarter Horse racing’s all-time leading money-earner. Stolis Winner is owned by AQHA Past President Jerry Windham of College Station, Texas.

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Tony Coppola Wins Entrepreneur Award for 2010 from Wellington the Magazine

Tony Coppola. Photo Credit: Wellington the Magazine

Wellington, FL – January 3, 2011 – Tackeria Owner, local celebrity, and voice of Polo, Tony Coppola, has been awarded Wellington the Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2010.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Coppola’s love of Polo brought him to South Florida in 1969. Early on, he spent winters in Florida playing the sport he loved, but eventually opened the Tackeria in a bus in Lake Worth at the Gulfstream Polo Club. He has since moved the store twice and has settled in the best location possible on South Shore Boulevard in the heart of Wellington’s equestrian community.

In addition to owning the Tackeria, Coppola also serves as the announcer each Sunday for Polo at the International Polo Club during the season. He was the announcer for the First Annual International Gay Polo Tournament held in 2010, and will again serve as this year’s announcer. The 2nd Annual International Gay Polo Tournament will be held April 2, 2011 at Grand Champions Polo Club. Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, Compass and Gay Polo all supported Coppola’s nomination.

Congratulations to you, Tony!

Media Contact: Mason Phelps
Phelps Media Group, Inc. International
phone 561.753.3389  fax 561.753.3386

Nan Sexton and Xairel do Bosque Win the High Score Lusitano Award

Nan Sexton and her gorgeous Lusitano stallion, Xairel do Bosque, rode away the winner of the High Point Lusitano Award at the Wellington Classic Dressage Holiday Challenge Toys for Tots Benefit Show. Sexton is joined by her trainer Carmen Franco. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

Wellington, FL (January 3, 2010) – Nan Sexton and her Lusitano stallion, Xairel do Bosque, rang in the holidays in style by winning the High Score Lusitano Award at the Wellington Classic Holiday Challenge Toys for Tots Benefit Show. Sponsored by the Lusitano Collection, hosts of the 2011 Lusitano Collection International Horse Auction, the High Score Lusitano Award was awarded to the highest scoring Lusitano in first level through fourth level at the show.

Sexton, who rides out of Southgate Farm and trains with Carmen Franco, was thrilled with Xairel do Bosque’s win. “This was his second horse show and he hasn’t been out of the blue ribbons yet,” Sexton said, adding that she bought the seven-year-old stallion in Brazil. “I was really happy that as a young stallion he managed to handle himself with grace and he didn’t let anything disturb his focus while at the show.”

Sexton competed Xairel do Bosque in second level and said she is hoping to move him up to third level soon. “I have had some smart warmbloods in the past, but I think the Lusitanos are probably more eager to please and less headstrong than warmbloods,” she said.  Sexton has purchased three Interagro Lusitanos: Acolito Interagro, Ubrique Interagro, and Versejador Interagro, and says she is looking forward to the 2011 Lusitano Collection International Horse Auction.  While Xairel do Bosque was not bred at Interagro Farms in Brazil, he is related to Sexton’s stallion Acolito Interagro.  Acolito is sired by Farao (JHC), who is Xairel’s grandsire.  Farao (JHC) is also the grandsire of Relampago do Retiro, one of the Lusitanos to compete at the World Equestrian Games in 2010.

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EAF Day at FarmVet This Tuesday!

Because of your help, we raised over $11,564.00 in 2010!

Shop with FarmVet this coming Tuesday and we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Equestrian Aid Foundation. The EAF is dedicated to helping riders faced with a life threatening illness, catastrophic accidents or injuries by providing direct financial support for their medical or other basic needs. To learn more about the EAF, please go online to their website at

You can shop this Tuesday by going online at or call us at 888.837.3626.

Thank you so much for supporting such a great cause!, Inc.
1254 Old Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN 37069

Phone: (888) 837-3626
Fax: (615) 370-8502

Dana Fiore Wins Wellington Institute “Rider Wellness Award” at Wellington Classic Holiday Challenge Toys for Tots Benefit Show

Dressage rider Dana Fiore stands with her gelding Redford at the Wellington Classic Holiday Challenge Toys for Tots Benefit Show. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)

Wellington, FL (January 1, 2010) – Dana Fiore’s youthful exuberance, along with some stellar rides in the Prix St. Georges and Intermediaries I classes aboard her gelding Redford, helped her clinch the “Rider Wellness Award” at the Wellington Classic Holiday Challenge Toys for Tots Benefit Show. Sponsored by The Wellington Institute, the award is given to one rider at the show based on energy level, zest for life, weight control, muscle and body mass, stress management and anxiety control.

Fiore was thrilled with the gift certificate and products she won from The Wellington Institute and said the secret to her healthy lifestyle is staying active and riding. Fiore also stays fit by working on her palm tree farm in Boynton Beach, Florida.

“We want to congratulate Dana on an excellent season. Dana is also the perfect example of fitness and wellness,” said Juan Gonzalez, Director of Marketing for The Wellington Institute, adding that The Wellington Institute benefits riders by taking a look at their hormonal system to study their aging process.

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Jump for Home Safe Event on February 5

Georgina Bloomberg, Honorary Event Chairwoman

Event Co-Chairs
Cherie Copenhaver ~ J Bar Ranch ~ Charles Moorcroft
Stepping Stone Farm ~ Sweet Oak Farm

Event Committee
Ann Marie Barry, Amy Carpenter, Sue Diener, Caron Dockerty, Gwen Dvorkin, Jessica Eisenfelder, Megan Eisenfelder, Brittany Hammel, Jacqui Hammel, Lynn Holcomb, Janet Lano, Jackie Lano, Ada Molina, Lisa Mills, Alice Nelson, Hannah Patten, Gloria Pierson, Brooke Qualk, Karen Roderman, Kayla Roderman, Maggie Stolzberg, Rob Vargas

Equestrian and philanthropist Georgina Bloomberg, along with Event Co-Chairs, cordially invite you to be part of Jump for Home Safe – a new and exciting equestrian event supporting Home Safe. The event takes place Saturday evening, February 5, at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

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Wyoming Horse Slaughter Plant Plan Grows More Nebulous

January 3, 2011 – Chicago (EWA) – In an interview on January 1st with the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, horse slaughter promoter Sue Wallis announced yet another change in plans for her proposed Wyoming horse slaughter plant. The plant will not use facilities in Cheyenne. It also won’t sell horsemeat for human consumption, it won’t be designed by Temple Grandin, and won’t open this year as previously announced.

Wallis had initially announced that she planned to open a horse slaughter plant to provide horse meat to Wyoming state prisoners and school children. When that plan was criticized it began to change.

On April 28th of last year, Wallis had announced in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that she was negotiating to take over the Cheyenne Stockyards as an “intake facility” for a mobile slaughter operation. She claimed the plant would be designed by renowned slaughter plant designer Temple Grandin even though Grandin normally designs complex fixed facilities that specialize in reducing stress and fear in animals before they are slaughtered. The apparent discrepancy was not explained.

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