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State-of-the-Art Jacksonville Equestrian Center Wraps Up Action-Packed Spring Season

Elizabeth Campbell with Royal Diamant, winners of the Premier Equestrian Sportsmanship Award at the May Day Qualifier One Dressage Show at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center (Photo courtesy of Jacksonville Equestrian Center)

Jacksonville, FL (June 18, 2015) – The Jacksonville Equestrian Center wrapped up a sparkling spring season at their state-of-the-art equestrian center, proving once again that the equestrian center is the “crown jewel” of the park. From team roping to dog agility competitions to dressage horse shows, excitement was in the air as the center held an array of events that drew competitors and spectators from around the country.

During their action-packed season, the 80-acre Jacksonville Equestrian Center hosted The National Team Roping League’s “Rope for the Truck Event.” Ropers showed off their team skills as they worked in tandem to rope steer while also hoping to take home the coveted prize – a brand new truck.

Puppy love was in the air in April during the 2015 CPE National Agility Event, hosted by Pasco Paws Dog Training, also held at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. Fans of agility were treated to over 450 dogs jumping, weaving, running through tunnels and climbing A-frames as they took part in agility classes. Thanks to the equestrian center’s 78 RV spaces, dogs and their owners were able to arrive in style, stay on-site and enjoy the many amenities offered by the center.

Kelli Hayes, of Pasco Paws Dog Training and the Trial Chairman for the CPE National Agility Event, commented on her first impressions of the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. “We looked at numerous sites in the Southeast United States to hold our event. Our initial planning was about two years prior to the event, and many sites we spoke with were not willing to make a reservation that far out,” Kelli said. “We needed to secure a site before we could move forward in our planning. The Jacksonville Equestrian Center was extremely helpful during that time with booking our reservation and working on the fine details of our contract. That initial customer service made a huge impression on us! And that wonderful customer service was present prior to, during, and after our event.

In May, two back-to-back USDF Region 3 Dressage qualifiers competitions were held at the equestrian center, the May Day Qualifier 1 and 2 hosted by South East Horse Shows. Elegant dressage horses competed at the event while earning scores to compete in the Region 3 Championships coming up in October. Carlie Evans, show manager for the South East Horse Shows, says the location of the Jacksonville Equestrian Center is a big draw. “The center has a superior indoor hall, excellent stabling, wonderful staff and great local hotels,” she said. “It’s really easy to get to from 1-10 and 1-95 and the layout of the facility is very convenient for exhibitors.”

“Our 150’ x 300’ indoor Championship Arena boasts excellent footing and seats over 3,700 people,” said Penny Gorton, head of the Jacksonville Equestrian Center Business Development and member of the Northeast Florida Equestrian Society, the non-profit organization dedicated to the success and improvement of the facility. “Additional seating on the floor can increase the seating to 5,000,” Gorton added. “While our facility is wonderful for hosting equestrian events, from show jumping and barrel racing to rodeos and equestrian expos, we are also a great community facility. It’s exciting to have a venue that can support our community and hold everything from charity events to monster truck shows to RV shows. We have an 80,000 square foot indoor concourse and vendor space, which really means the center has unlimited potential.”

This summer activities will slow down while the arena surfaces in the competition areas, both indoors and out are redone. “Our goal to is to be the premier facility in the south eastern United States, so we are constantly making improvements and planning the next phase of this truly amazing complex,” Gorton explained.

Fund raising efforts include a Buy-A-Brick fundraising campaign. “It’s great to see people buying bricks in honor of their loved ones, both two and four-legged,” Gorton said. “The bricks not only become a permanent part of the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, they are an everlasting tribute as well.”

Activities are planned for the local community over the summer months while the arena footing project is underway. In September, The Jacksonville Equestrian Center will be back hosting major events including the prestigious Southeast Medal Championships. The Jacksonville Equestrian Center is located at 13611 Normandy Blvd, in Jacksonville, Florida. The multi-faceted event center hosts equestrian, sporting, recreational and community events. For information about attending or scheduling events, visit www.jaxequestriancenter.com or call Penny Gorton at 904-573-3649.

For more information, contact:
Jacksonville Equestrian Center
Penny Gorton 904-573-364
13611 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221

Meg O’Mara Finesses the Course to Secure the ASPCA Maclay Regionals at Southeast Medal Finals

Meg O'Mara and Vancouver

Jacksonville, FL – September 23, 2012 – The highly-anticipated third and final day of the first Southeast Medal Finals featured the ASPCA Maclay Region Three Finals. A group of 37 skilled riders determined to master Alan Rheinheimer’s course competed for today’s top prize.

Traveling away from the in gate, the course opened with a bold oxer to oxer line. The track turned to the left and over a vertical on the far short end of the arena. From here the riders were asked to rollback to fence #4, a vertical on the diagonal, followed by two options for fence #5 and fence #6. With a turn to the right to fence #7, an oxer, the acuteness of which was determined by the options chosen, the route continued with a bending line to an oxer/vertical two stride. Then, a turn to the right took the riders over a vertical on the far short end, followed by an rollback to fence #10 and a bending line to a combination − a pair of natural verticals, then another bending line to the left to a single oxer headed toward the in gate. A turn to the right and through the center of the arena on the diagonal took the track to the final fence of the course, an oxer.

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Margaret Collins Earns the Junior Southeast Medal Finals with Flying Changes

Margaret Collins and Samy

Jacksonville, FL – September 22, 2012 – In its second day, the first Southeast Medal Finals received accolades from sponsors, competitors, trainers, family and spectators. It was a day to remember for great fun and top competition.

Today’s highlight was the evening class of 31 juniors competing over a technical and challenging course in the Southeast Medal Finals Class. The course began on the far end of the stadium with a single oxer on the short end and continued to the right a four-stride line on the diagonal. Turning to the left the track created an “S” over fence four, a vertical by the in gate, curving around to fence five, an oxer headed in the opposite direction to a turn to the right, a two-stride pair of natural verticals. The riders then had a gallop to the right to an oxer and a bending line to another two-stride, this time, an oxer to a vertical. At this point in the course, the riders had the option of several different approaches to fence nine. Some took the short route with inside turns and some went for a long gallop around the jumps. Either way, it was a tricky fence to find the right distance and many riders lost points there. After fence nine, the course’s path wound back around to the left to the final line, an oxer to vertical.

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The Day Belongs to Geoffrey Hesslink at the First Southeast Medal Finals

Geoffrey Hesslink and Afrojack

Jacksonville, FL – September 21, 2012 – The long-awaited first-ever Southeast Medal Finals got underway today with much fanfare. Organizers Bob Bell from Classic Company and James Lala from James Lala’s Wellington Quarantine have attended to every aspect of the show to make it special and memorable.

A field of 27 talented young riders competed to kick off the show bright and early at 8:00 a.m. in the USEF Pessoa Hunt Seat Medal. The first course of the show was a challenging mix of lines and turns. Starting with a very forward outside line in six strides, the track turned to the left to a single brick oxer near the in gate to a roll back to another brick single oxer. Then, the course took a long gallop and a right turn to a two-stride combination of natural wood verticals to a left turn to another natural vertical followed by a right-hand turn to a white oxer at the far end of the ring and a bending line to the last combination, an oxer to a vertical.

“This new venue is superb,” said Course Designer, Alan Rheinheimer. “It’s huge; there’s a lot of opportunity to set the riders up for the Maclay Regionals. All the courses I’ll give them a little in each course of what I might ask of them on Sunday. The judges and I talked it over and discussed what we’d like to see. It was a good test for them.

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MEDIA ALERT! First Southeast Medal Finals to Begin Friday September 21

Jacksonville, FL – September 20, 2012 – The long-awaited, first-ever Southeast Medal Finals will get underway at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center on Friday, September 21 and will run through Sunday, September 23, 2012.

Any members of the media attending and/or requiring assistance to cover the event, please contact Carrie Wirth, from Phelps Media Group at 612-209-0310.

The show is patterned after the successful and long-standing New England Medal Finals, giving riders in Zone 4 and Region 3 a chance to compete for top honors in an array of classes. The Indoor show will feature hunter, jumper and equitation classes, with highlight classes including the ASPCA Maclay Region 3 Regionals.

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Join the List of Sponsors for the Southeast Medal Finals at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center

Wellington, FL – April 17, 2012 – The First Annual Southeast Medal Finals will take place on September 21-23 2012 at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. Sponsors are lining up to support this great new show. Highlights include the Southeast Junior and Adult 3′ Medal Finals, ASPCA Maclay Regionals and much more.

Current sponsors include Phelps Media Group International, Horse Shows Online, Classic Company, Geddaway Farm, Equestrian Travel, Jerry Parks Insurance Group – representing Great American Insurance Group – Land Rover Jacksonville and more.

Phelps Media Group International has committed to sponsor the First Annual Southeast Medal Finals. According to President, Mason Phelps Jr., “Some years back, I founded and created the New England Horsemen’s Association Hunt Seat Medal, and served as president of the New England Horseman’s Council. Now that I’m a Floridian, I feel it is important to support the Southeast Medal Finals.”

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Horse Tales Literacy Project

Horse Tales Literacy Project (formerly The Black Stallion Literacy Foundation) helps children discover the joys of reading and the excitement of learning through the wonders of live horses and the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley, as well as other classic horse literature.

Our goals are to spark the imagination of first grade students so they will want to learn to read, and to motivate fourth and fifth graders so they will experience the joy of reading.

This event at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center will focus on fourth and fifth graders. The fourth-fifth grade program continues the legacy of reading by providing all the children with their own copy of The Black Stallion, a universally recognized children’s classic. Children are also introduced to the critically acclaimed 1979 movie of the same name. The program concludes with an interactive experience with live horses!

Event Date
Thursday, November 17, 2011
10:30 a.m.
Jacksonville Equestrian Center

More Info

American Trakehner Assoc. Convention at Jacksonville Equestrian Center (Nov. 11-13)

I am a volunteer with the American Trakehner Association and a Florida Trakehner breeder.  I am writing to ensure you are aware that the American Trakehner Association convention is being held this year at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center on Nov. 11-13, and to invite any/all of your members to come participate in the events!

We are aware of the many assets the JEC brings to north Florida and are actively involved in encouraging the ATA to designate Jacksonville as one of four permanent, rotating sites for our annual conventions.  An involved and interested public would go a long way towards making that point!

You may be already know that the ATA keeps a closed stud book as it slowly rebuilds this oldest of the warmblood breeds from near extinction after WWII, when there were as few as 10 breeding mares left from the great Trakehner stud mare herds.  For this reason, our inspections are very important and one of the highlights of our conventions.  We will have a stallion and a mare inspection at this convention, as well as voluntary marks on foals being presented.

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