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News from the 5th Annual StemTech Convention

Merritt Island, FL (August 11, 2011) – It was a very informative annual convention in sunny Irvine, California this past weekend.  Because of the importance, I will start off with the best news of the entire convention!

REGULATORY SUCCESS!  It finally happened … the FDA came knocking on StemTech’s doors this year via the Electronic Retailer’s Association, and we passed with flying colors!  StemTech’s Products, including our favorite – STEMEQUINE – actually do what they say they do by stimulating the release of the minimum of 3 to 4 million additional adult stem cells from the bone marrow that go out and repair the body.

StemTech products are processed by Vita-Tech, the nutritional manufacturing company founded and pharmaceutically licensed since 1954.  Vita-Tech is known for providing a level of quality and attention to detail that exceeds the requirements of many regulatory agencies, including the FDA.  Every ingredient and step of the production process is validated and verified in Vita-Tech’s on-site laboratories, with historical samples and complete documentation archived for each batch.  Having been to the plant myself, I am very impressed with their extensive operation.  The hairnets we were required to wear while touring the plant were very flattering!

As horse owners, we take care of our horses, making sure they are well-groomed, well-feed and have a nice pasture and stall to call home.  What about you?  Being out in the hot sun all day, driving throughout the state or flying to get from one place to another can cause your skin to bear the brunt of all those free radicals and elements out there.  Now’s the time to take care of you!

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Helping to Cope with the Equine Herpes Virus-1, Naturally

According to the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) infection in horses can cause not only the neurologic disease (Equine Herpes Virus Myeloencephalopathy, or EHM for short) that is in the news now, but also respiratory disease, abortion in mares and neonatal foal death.  Viruses spread through the air, contaminated equipment, clothing (including boots) and hands.

A virus, according to Wikipedia, is a biological agent that reproduces inside the cells of living hosts.  Once the host cell is infected by a virus, it is forced to produce many thousands of identical copies of the original virus at an astounding rate.  Because viruses do not have cells that divide, the new viruses accumulate in the infected host cell.  Viruses are found wherever there is life and have most likely existed since living cells first evolved.

Viral infections are usually eliminated by the body’s immune system which protects against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells.   Detection of viruses is complicated as the pathogens can evolve rapidly, adapting easily to avoid the defenses of the immune system.  When the immune system is not functioning properly, recurring and life-threatening infections can result.  How can horse owners help protect their horses and build up their immune system?

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Your Health 321, LLC and Healthy Stride Join Together to Create Whole Horse Health from the Bottom Up Clinic

Ocala, FL (April 26, 2011) – Horses and owners will get the benefits of two leading-edge companies in their quest for optimum health and ability by using all natural methods that complement each other.

Your Health 321, LLC teaches and provides all natural health concepts for horses and their owners to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle.  Your Health 321, LLC accomplishes this by providing quality innovative products, services and education to maintain their goal in helping the body heal itself, naturally.

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Your Health 321, LLC Sponsors International Dressage Rider Dr. Cesar Parra

International rider and trainer Dr. Cesar Parra and Furst Fabio. Parra is being sponsored by Your Health 321, LLC. (Photo courtesy of Sharon Packer)

Whitehouse Station, NY – Your Health 321, LLC, independent distributors for a company specializing in adult stem cell nutrition, providing optimal health and superior performance for horses, is pleased to announce they are a sponsor of Dr. Cesar Parra, international dressage rider, trainer and instructor.  Parra was one of Colombia’s top international riders before becoming a US citizen in 2008.

Parra’s recent win on Dr. Lori Washton’s 13-year-old KWPN gelding Olympia at the Prix St. Georges with a score of 71.789 and the Intermediaire-I with a score of 71.000 percent has put Olympia’s ranking at number one for the FEI small tour.  Parra and his team are very excited to have been invited to attend Gladstone Championship in August, with hopes of qualifying to represent the US at the Pan American Games held in Mexico next year.  On another note, Grandioso scored in the 70% in the Intermediaire II and Whoopie Gold won her 2nd level test 1 with a big score of 76% with Nadine Buberl riding.

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