Chester Weber and Charles Owen Team Up to Put Helmet Safety in the Spotlight

Chester Weber wears a helmet cam on his Charles Owen helmet. Weber uses the helmet cam as a training tool and is a strong proponent of wearing a helmet for safety. (Photo courtesy of

Ocala, FL (April 27, 2010) – Helmets are the center stage topic in equestrian safety right now, and USEF Safety Committee member Chester Weber has turned his Charles Owen helmet into a box office hit! Safety really is a movie, thanks to a camera installed on Weber’s Charles Owen helmet.

Combined Driver Weber, the eight-time USEF National Four-In-Hand Champion, uses his helmet camera as a training tool. “The helmet cam is a way to record the driver’s-eye view of a four-in-hand team. I use it as a training tool at home,” Weber said. “The helmet cam makes safety fun and acts as a training tool that can enhance future performances.”

When it comes to safety, Weber has always put his money where his mouth is. He and his team are long-time users of Charles Owen helmets, which provide safety and offer unparalleled comfort. “The importance of wearing helmets is in the spotlight right now, and as a driver I certainly recommend wearing helmets, especially in the marathon,” Weber said.

The concept of the helmet cam was developed in conjunction with Roy Burek of Charles Owen. “The camera is fixed to my helmet with Velcro, and although I only use it as a training tool I can see how it could become a valuable educational training device as well,” Weber said. “I am able to watch the video later and review and use it as a training tool.”

Training is in Weber’s blood, and currently the reining USEF champion has his sights set on the 2010 World Equestrian Games in the fall. A veteran of two previous World Equestrian Games, Weber is spending the summer preparing for WEG. “Our goals are to try to win two medals at WEG and in order to realize those goals we will have to continue to step our game up,” Weber said. “We have added two new horses in the stable, two new staff members and several sponsoring partners that all show encouraging potential to make us stronger as a team than we have ever been.”

Charles Owen is one of those partners, and Weber and his navigators wear Charles Owen helmets while at home and during competition. “Anything we can do to spotlight the importance of a wearing a helmet is a plus,” Weber said.

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