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Fighting Back against BLM’s Nefarious, Brutal Plan for Wild Horses

TCF Founder and Director Ginger Kathrens recently teamed up with Charlotte Roe, retired diplomat and founder of the Wild Equid League of Colorado, on an Op Ed published in the Washington Examiner. It’s an article that exposes the truth about the BLM’s insidious plan for our last remaining wild horse and burro herds.

As Ginger said in a recent video, it’s time to speak truth to power. It’s time to bring these horrible plans to the awareness of the American people.

Please read and share this important article far and wide, so collectively we can raise our voices against BLM’s unjust actions and protect these iconic, beloved animals for generations to come.

The Cloud Foundation

Becoming Biloxi: The Journey of a Pryor Mountain Colt

While we wish that all our wild horses remained wild and free, that simply isn’t reality right now. In this new video presented by TCF Founder and Director Ginger Kathrens, we’re taken into the world of Biloxi, a Pryor Mountain colt who was removed from his home and his family as a youngster. Watch his heartwarming story unfold from his birth in the wild to his recent happy ending!

Happy Trails…

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Speak Up for Humane Standards during Helicopter Roundups

Whether we like it or not (and we do not!), the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act allows for the use of helicopters to roundup wild horses and burros, due to a provision added in 1976.

More than 3,000 wild horses and burros are slated for helicopter roundup in Nevada in the coming 3-4 months. And if the current trend continues, thousands more will be targeted for roundup by helicopter next year.

Helicopter drives (sometimes called “stampedes”) are traumatic and injurious, and we must call upon BLM to minimize this risk as much as possible.

BLM Nevada is requesting public comment on its use of helicopters in wild horse and burro management.

PLEASE – take a moment to sign our petition outlining the humane standards necessary to minimize the danger to these cherished animals (as much as possible)!

**Don’t delay! Deadline is midnight June 30th, to ensure BLM receives it by the deadline. It only takes a moment to add your name!**

The Cloud Foundation

Take Action for the Nevada Range Wild Horses

Last week we alerted you to the BLM’s plan to capture and remove all of the wild burros and over half of the wild horses in the Nevada Wild Horse Range (NWHR).

They’re doing this despite the fact that it is a specially designated sanctuary like the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.

If you’ve already taken action, thank you!

If you didn’t have time before, please take a minute today to speak up for the wild horses and burros of the Nevada Range. We’ve made it easy to click and send your comments.

Our government must hear from US, the American people. It’s the only way that things have ever changed.

Tell BLM today that you want our wild herds humanely managed on the range where they belong – not rounded up and imprisoned!

**Comments are due June 29th – don’t delay!**

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Days End Farm Horse Rescue: Staying Vigilant

These days, most of us are starting to feel like wearing masks and practicing social distancing are now a part of our daily routines. But for many families, their lives lately have been far from normal. Because of the pandemic, many companies instituted work-from-home policies (our DEFHR office staff included), and sadly, countless people in the U.S. were left unemployed. The financial repercussions from this outbreak have been staggering, and nearly everyone has been affected in some way. But for horse owners and rescue organizations, economic hardships can be especially challenging as they struggle to provide adequate care for the animals in their care.

In our recent article featured on The Plaid Horse website, we shared some of the ways that the fallout from COVID-19 can affect horses — and what you can do to help. One of the most important things is to keep an eye out for animals in trouble.

“There are fewer eyes and ears on things right now,” says DeEtte Hillman, DEFHR’s Equine Programs Director. “Horses, depending on situation and age, can decline rapidly. If you see or witness anything that’s concerning, make the phone call to report it. Don’t wait. Don’t stop watching out for them.”

Though DEFHR is still closed to the public for the time being, we are continuing to work closely with animal control and law enforcement agencies with active equine cases and rescue situations. Now, more than ever, we all need to remain vigilant to help horses in need. Want to learn the best way you can help us right now? Email us at

What to Do if You Suspect Neglect or Abuse

In the State of Maryland, suspected cases of abuse or neglect should be reported to the animal control organization or humane society for the county in which the horse is located. In other states, the procedure may be the same or you may have to contact a local law enforcement agency such as the police or sheriff.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue –

BLM Plans Roundup in Nevada Wild Horse Range

Sadly, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seems hell-bent on destroying our few remaining wild horse and burro herds.

The agency now proposes to round up and remove the majority of wild horses and ALL the wild burros in the Nevada Wild Horse Range (NWHR) on Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada – 1 of only 4 designated sanctuaries for wild equids in the country.

This 10-year destruction-plan spells out the capture of 500-600 horses and burros, destruction of natural wild behaviors and the use of dangerous surgical fertility control. To add insult to injury, the local BLM has failed year after year to develop sufficient, year-round water sources for the horses and burros living on this rugged desert range.

Please, take just a moment to raise your voice. Tell the BLM they MUST listen to Americans who want their wild herds humanely managed and protected on the range where they belong!

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America’s Horses Will Benefit from the COVID-19 Matching Campaign Underway

Horses across the country need us now more than ever and many are in dire need of a lifeline. Thanks to a generous challenge gift from an anonymous donor, every $1 you donate between now and June 30 becomes $2 — up to a maximum of $25,000 — to help feed and care for the horses of EQUUS Foundation Guardian charities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For horses to remain an important part of American life and have a viable future, we need to ensure that donor dollars are being spent on programs with the greatest impact – programs that not only increase adoptions of at-risk horses and provide a safe haven for aged horses, but also increase opportunities for all people to engage and partner with horses in new innovative ways.

Many more horses now are at risk of losing their homes – and their lives – due to this global crisis. The EQUUS Foundation helps America’s at-risk horses and we are asking for your help so that, together, we can offer a safety net for horses that now have no place to go.

With so many people facing hardships, our fear is that many more of our four-legged equine friends may be subjected to abuse and neglect and the number of horses heading to the slaughter pipeline will increase.

At the heart of the EQUUS Foundation’s mission is the EQUUS Foundation Guardians program. EQUUS Foundation Guardian charities undergo a rigorous vetting process annually to demonstrate that they are committed to the highest standards for horse care and are transparent and accountable by making their horse care practices and operations available to public scrutiny. Only EQUUS Foundation Guardian charities are eligible to receive financial support from the EQUUS Foundation.

Our rescues are reporting an increase in requests from owners who can no longer care for their horses — and our charities providing therapeutic services are finding it difficult to foresee when they will needing their full herds for a long time.

There’s no better way to give with confidence than to give to EQUUS Foundation Guardian charities — and there’s no better time to give than RIGHT NOW because every dollar you give will double between now and June 30th.

Will you lend a hand to America’s horses and help us reach our goal by June 30? Please make your gift here!

Contact the EQUUS Foundation, Inc., at 168 Long Lots Road, Westport, CT 06880, Tele: (203) 259-1550, E-Mail:, Website:

Ginger Speaks Out about BLM’s Wild Horse Disaster Plan

Our nation is in upheaval.

People suffer, communities grieve, and many of us are isolated and alone.

We want to take a moment and recognize that pain. There is no quick fix, but we are always stronger when we take time to connect and walk through these things together.

We know that the hearts of wild horse lovers are heavy right now too.

The BLM’s intent to capture and imprison more than 200,000 of America’s wild horses and burros in the next decade feels like a purposeful plan for the extinction of these magnificent animals.

We wouldn’t blame you for feeling hopeless and helpless.

But now is not the time to be timid.

Now is the time to dig in, reach deep, and raise our voices – before it is too late.

You may never have signed a petition or taken action before, and that’s OK!

All that matters is that you’re willing to take action NOW.

Ginger has made a short, informative video to explain the urgency of this action. Please take just a few minutes to watch it, and then – if you haven’t done so already – click here to protect America’s wild horses and burros.

Let your representatives in government hear your voice, loud and clear. And please, share the alert far and wide.

Thank you all so much for your support,

Ginger, Jesse, Dana, and Deniz
The Cloud Foundation
107 South 7th St
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Happy Birthday to a Legend

On May 29th, 1995, a pale palomino colt tottered out of the woods right in front of filmmaker Ginger Kathrens’ camera. The rest is history.

Ginger followed the colt, whom she named Cloud, through the seasons of his life. Cloud became a force to be reckoned with in his wild Pryor Mountain home. He was a fighter, and fiercely protective of his family. At the Cloud Foundation, we proudly carry on his legacy.

Watch Ginger’s short video tribute to Cloud the Legend on what would be his 25th birthday.

The Cloud Foundation
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Congress: Don’t Kill the “Wild” in Our Wild Horses

More than ever, our wild horses need you now! BLM’s $1 Billion Wild Horse Disaster Plan pushes for massive roundups and the destruction of wild horse social behaviors through surgical sterilization.

The BLM plans to resume roundups on July 1st and intends to capture 6,000 horses before October. If this happens, more than 11,000 wild horses and burros will have lost their freedom this year.

This is a HUGE step backwards.

We must convince Congress to protect wild behaviors, allow for the voluntary retirement of grazing permits in wild horse habitat, and mandate proactive humane PZP fertility control.

Congress needs to hear from you today to stop this BLM Disaster Plan.

The Cloud Foundation
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