The 1st-Ever Equine Business Success Summit

The 1st-Ever Equine Business Success Summit, running October 10-14, is a brand new way to learn business strategies, tips and tactics – and I’m thrilled to have the honor of presenting in it! I’m talking about “How Recognition and Familiarity Instill Trust” on Monday October 10th at 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, or 8pm Eastern. This is completely FREE to listen in on – and the organizers are even posting the calls online for 48 hours afterwards!

If you’re serious about your equine-oriented business, there is NO EXCUSE for not attending!

Here are some of the personalities you’ll meet and topics addressed on the event:

§  Patricia Reszetylo, EquineTeleseminar, on Teleseminar Marketing

§  Geoff Tucker, DVM, The Equine Practice, Inc, on “How Recognition and Familiarity Instill Trust”

§  Kymber Miller, BiSaddular, on “Retail Marketing with Social Media”

§  Colette Sossaman, Riding Lessons to Go, on “Training with Modern Technology”

§  Mandee Widrick, Horse Family Magazine & ChargedUp Media, on “Using Social Media as a Powerful Marketing Tool”

§  Heather Troglaeur, MareStare, “Foaling Online – The Benefits of WebCams”

§  Janet Roper, Talk2theAnimals, on “Talk2TheAnimals and BlogTalkRadio”

§  Cheryl Harless, The Equine Admin, on “Charging Appropriately and Getting the Help You Need”

§  Carolynne Smith, Pixel Graphics, on “The Importance of Branding and Good Web Design”

§  Randi Thompson, How to Market Your Horse Business, on “How to Attract the Right Customers with Online Marketing and Social Media”

Registration is free, and required to get call-in and replay info. Sign up now – there’s a special gift waiting for you.

See all you business types there – Doc T

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