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Diamonds in the Rough Neigh Days (Updated)

We at Diamonds in the Rough equine rescue are putting together our 2nd annual Neigh Days on April 21, 2012. We are looking for cash sponsors and product donations for our raffles and silent auctions. We also would like to invite you to be a vendor at our event. If you could please find it in your hearts to help out our rescue horses, contact us at 804-815-4286 or email LauraD.DITR@gmail.com or mail to 5654 Kings Ridge Rd. Gloucester, VA 23061. Please read below our sponsor levels and about our 501(3)(C) rescue group. Thank you!

Neigh Days Spring of 2012

To be just a vendor – $300 if you are selling products, $100 for information only booths. Free to rescue groups. (We do ask that those rescue groups that are having booths please promote our event to help generate a large crowd.)

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Background Info on Diamonds in the Rough Horse Rescue

By Diane Walsh

I volunteer at a non-profit 501C horse rescue/rehab/retirement facility down here in St. Augustine, FL.  We are the only such organization in our region and are currently home to 13 horses at different levels of rehabilitation. We are also home to a very famous mare, Awaiting Justice, who is the great grand-daughter of the Triple Crown Winner, Secretariat!  Why is she so famous? As a filly, she was owned by Garrett Redmond of Kentucky, who legally sought the right to name her Sally Hemmings after Thomas Jefferson’s famous slave and reputed lover. Redmond made international headlines when he sued The Jockey Club for that right but lost the suit. Awaiting Justice went on to race at Churchill Downs, but was eventually sold by Mr. Redmond, sold again and then again until she ended up at a horse boarding facility in St. Augustine area. A boarder at the facility did not want to go to the trouble of shipping her (Awaiting Justice) back home, so the mare was sold to the students for about $1.00, left at the boarding facility.

Last year, Marie Matte, the founder of Diamonds in the Rough, received an urgent call from the mother of one of the students who had purchased the mare that she (the mare) was in an advanced state of starvation at the nearby boarding facility. Marie brought the mare back to the farm and provided her with the necessary medical attention, food, shelter and love she so richly deserved. Today, Serafina, as we’ve renamed her, is a happy, healthy and vibrant personality here at the farm. Another member of our farm is a descendant of War Admiral and Man o’ War! Celebrity lineage doesn’t get better than this in the world of horse rescue!

Diane Walsh

Advertising/Admin Assist

The Record

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St. Augustine, FL 32086