Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center Acknowledged on CBS12 for the Success of Recovering Olympic Dressage Rider Courtney King Dye

Courtney King Dye during one of her sessions at VTRC, being taped for CBS 12. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Client.

Loxahatchee, FL – March 10, 2011 – Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center has played a part in the recovery of Olympic Dressage rider, Courtney King Dye. Last March a tragic accident left King Dye with a brain injury unable to remember, walk, or speak. After months of therapy and with the help of the program and horses at Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center, King Dye is on the road to success. Vinceremos, however, is only one part of the incredible team that has helped with her recovery as Arlene White and Stacey Brown have also played tremendous roles in this remarkable story.

CBS12 acknowledged Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center on February 25, 2011 for their part in the success of King Dye’s recovery. The segment featured Vinceremos’ work with King Dye including statements from King Dye about her recovery. Since she was able to start therapy King Dye has devoted hours a day to her recovery. She is determined to return as a champion and her goal is to once again compete. She is counting on the animal she loves to help her make a full recovery. Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center has been helping her achieve these results and hopes to see her achieve these goals. King Dye uses all her strength for hippotherapy at Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center.

Hippotherapy means treatment with the help of horses. It improves neurological function and sensory processing which increases postural strength, range of motion, endurance, ability to concentrate and follow directions, and motivates improved speech and behavior. Vinceremos has worked with King Dye on various exercises that are gradually improving her brain function, muscles and nervous system. Riding is beneficial because the movement between the horse and rider offers added benefits and stimulates the body helping with recovery.

“That energy moving through the horse moves through the person and the rider is allowed to feel normal movement for the first time,” said Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center’s Executive Director Ruth Menor.

Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center has specially trained horses and staff that help with all sorts of disabilities. Vinceremos provides service to more than 450 persons per year with varying emotional and physical disabilities, including at-risk teens. Therapeutic riding offers a unique opportunity for those with limitations to be empowered with a sense of pride, accomplishment and independence. Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center serves to enhance the lives of special needs individuals in Palm Beach County.

Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding center is a nonprofit organization based in Loxahatchee, FL, that provides recreational and therapeutic riding instruction to people of all ages with varying developmental, physical, and psychological disabilities. The organization, founded in 1982, has received a “Premier Accreditation” rating from the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA).

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