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USEF’s Dressage Equipment and Attire Booklet Outlines Tota Comfort System for All Levels

TCS Combined noseband double bridle.

Wellington, FL (June 14, 2017) – The revolutionary Tota Comfort System combined noseband, new drop noseband, and the popular Andros Poll Relief headstall have been included in the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)’s 2017 Dressage Attire and Equipment booklet, confirming its use for competition in the US. Approved for international competition through the Grand Prix by the FEI in January of 2016, the USEF’s evaluation more precisely breaks down the legal uses of the Tota Comfort System combined noseband and new drop noseband in national level competitions in the United States. The patent-pending, standard-shattering bridle design has redefined the traditional tack paradigm by removing torque on the poll, reducing pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and facial nerves, and delivering unmatched comfort for the horse in both competition and training.

The Dressage Attire and Equipment booklet released by the USEF is designed to assist exhibitors as well as USEF Dressage Technical Delegates, Judges and Stewards who officiate dressage classes at any federation licensed competition in the United States. In addition to dressage dress codes, a wealth of bits, and various other bridle designs, the Tota Comfort System combined noseband is depicted as legal for all levels, with the optional use of a throat latch. Full information on the FEI rules for the combined noseband when competing at the international level can be found in the FEI DRE-Rules 2017, page 48.

Further solidifying the Tota Comfort System’s growing legacy in the dressage competition arena in the United States, inclusion in this year’s USEF booklet provides greater clarity for riders as they strive to ensure the proper fit and function of their tack. While its origins and popularity in dressage are a natural extension of the bridle’s design and benefits, jumpers and eventers are also discovering the positive results of using the TCS noseband on their competition mounts.

The Tota Comfort System noseband creates stability in the jaw, reduces poll pressure, and alleviates stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ and facial nerves, delivering improved comfort for the horse and connection for the rider. With the goal of improving lightness and harmony in the contact the inspiration behind its inception, Olympians Ashley Holzer and Sue Blinks sought to eliminate unsteadiness in the mouth caused by traditional bridle designs. The unnecessary pressure applied to the poll, facial nerves, and TMJ left the horse uncomfortable, sometimes resulting in head shaking, open mouths, tension, an unwillingness to step into the hand, or leaning on the bit, detracting from overall performance. Holzer and Blinks brought their idea to Charles Tota of The Dressage Connection, and together the three devised a curved cheek piece and stabilizing chin strap that resolved pressure points and granted the horse comfort and relief in the jaw, TMJ, and poll. Soon after the TCS’s debut at the Grand Prix level with Holzer at the reins resulted in a major percentage point jump in their score, hundreds of riders have chosen to ride in the TCS noseband for the sake of their horse’s comfort whether in the arena or in everyday training.

Available as a complete bridle system or noseband attachment, the Tota Comfort System is offered exclusively through its website and retail partners.

For more information on the Tota Comfort System, visit their website at www.totacomfortsystem.com or via phone at 1-888-SNAFFLE.

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FEI Approves Tota Comfort System for International Competition

Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Alcazar competing in the Grand Prix at the Adequan Global Dressage 1 CDIW in the Tota Comfort System Noseband.

The Beginning of a Revolution

The Tota Comfort System, a patent pending, revolutionary bridle design, has been approved by the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) for use in international competition. The design centers around a variation of the typical noseband and cheek piece structure, creating more stability in the jaw, a reduction of poll pressure, and alleviation of stress on the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and facial nerves. Created and offered exclusively by The Dressage Connection, the combination of anatomical expertise and elite tack design is becoming the new standard for bridle comfort across disciplines.

The catalyst for this revolutionary tack design was Canadian & US Olympians Ashley Holzer and Sue Blinks, who were seeking to improve unsteadiness in the bridle that hampered the connection between horse and rider as well as the horse’s overall performance. The unnecessary pressure applied by traditional bridles to the poll, facial nerves, and TMJ joint was detracting from her horse’s natural abilities, from those competing in the Grand Prix to the FEI Young Horse classes. Holzer and Blinks brought their ideas on improving the traditional bridle structure to Charles Tota of The Dressage Connection, and together the three devised a curved cheek piece and stabilizing chin strap.

Following trial and error tack fittings, Holzer debuted one of her mounts at Grand Prix with the bridle, and saw an immediate increase in her scores. Tota, with Ashley’s experience as inspiration, began trial and error tack fittings to perfect the design. The result is the Tota Comfort System, and with so many of Holzer’s horses competing at the international level, she believed having this bridle approved by the FEI would be a boon not only to their performance in the arena, but to the overall comfort of competing horses. After a few emails, phone calls, and a detailed explanation of the bridle’s design concepts, the FEI fully approved the Tota Comfort System. Visit the FEI’s website at http://fei.org/fei/disc/dressage/useful-docs, to see the Tota Comfort System’s approval note under Technical Documents.

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