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Tip of the Week – How to Make a Horse Sweat

Initially when you talk about how to make a horse sweat it sounds much like leading a horse to water.  So I’ll make it clear: this simple protocol may or may not work for your horse but it has proven to work for many others. In the least, I hope it will provide direction in case you find your horse slipping into symptoms of anhidrosis.

This tip is not completely about anhidrosis because that is a tip in its own right.

However, if your horse exhibits continued instances of non-sweating a diagnosis of anhidrosis may be around the corner.  As with any abnormal body response early detection and treatment is key.

Anhidrosis is also known as the “non-sweating disease.”  In the early stages you may see horses panting heavily, even beyond cessation of work.  Visually there will be very little, patchy or no sweat as well as an elevated pulse and increased body temperature. If you witness these symptoms immediate veterinarian care is recommended.  Sweating is how the body cools itself.  Thus the initial protocol is to provide means of cooling the horse with a cool mist of water or sponging, fans, shade and exposure to a breeze/wind.

For preventative care balanced minerals, vitamins and electrolytes need to be incorporated into the diet.

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