Please Help Us Create the World We Want for Our Wild Horses and Burros

We know you love America’s mustangs and burros as much as we do, and you want them safe and protected on the land that is rightfully theirs. The Cloud Foundation exists to make that happen. We’re working to create a world where every foal born in the wild gets to live its entire life in precious freedom.

We’re a tiny organization with a huge heart – and just like Cloud, we are fighters! We will keep fighting until our mission and vision are a reality. That’s our promise to you and to them.

Please help us, if you can, continue our essential work:

  • to save the 1700+ Caliente Complex horses who stand to lose their freedom forever.
  • to prevent the zeroing out of thousands of horses in the Great Divide Basin, Salt Wells, White Mountain, and Adobe Town HMAs of Wyoming.
  • to stop BLM from experimenting on wild mares, ripping their ovaries out as a method of “fertility control.”
  • to document and protect Cloud’s family and the entire Pryor Mountain herd.
  • to create a PZP darting program in the Steward Creek HMA of Wyoming and beyond. The more herds managed by humane means, the closer we are to ending the horrific roundup-and-warehousing of our mustangs and burros.

Please donate if you can today, and help us create the world we want for our wild ones. We can’t do this without your help, and every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in this fight.

The Cloud Foundation

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