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KAM Animals Services is creating a unique 2011 calendar for this upcoming holiday season.  Using the skill of its illustrator, KAM is creating a fun calendar for all kinds of equine businesses and services.  Each page will include a cute cartoon of the month based around a particular type of equine business or service.

Since there are only 12 months in a year, this means that will be the limit to how many companies can have a graphic designed especially for them.  Your creative cartoon would tie your business into one or more months.

Calendars can also be personalized with a business name visible on every month and you can choose a month to not only add a coupon but notification tips can be placed throughout the calendar.

“What makes this calendar different than others are the wonderful creative horse illustrations that will make anyone smile.  The focus could be for a tack shop, saddlemaker, feed company, clothier, boot company or anyone else in the horse business,” said Gabriele Sutton, owner of KAM Animal Services.

“To reduce the cost, we decided to print these calendars up in a large quantity.  Since we can’t use all of the calendars we decided to offer the ability to others to reap the benefits of purchasing a calendar at a very low price either for resale, to give as gifts or use for promotional purposes.”

Individual calendars are also available for those who just want to have one of these 2011 calendar keepsakes with gentle reminders throughout the year of how to keep your horse healthy and happy.

For more information, contact KAM Animal Services (gabrielesutton@aol.com, 519-463-9640), home of “Cookies with a Clue,” the cookie that’s really a supplement with all the ingredients your horse needs to stay happy and healthy.  Check them out at www.kamanimalservices.com or to see some of their cartoon characters visit their weekly tip page at www.kamanimalservices.com.  Production of the calendars begins in September.

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