Horse Derby Odds: How Sure Are You Betting On?

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Betting in sports can be a fun and profitable undertaking. But like most good things in life, there are pitfalls to be aware of. Many positive experiences should be enjoyed as long as you bet in moderation and under control. We know that you’ve heard this before, but it certainly bears repeating: don’t bet money that you can’t afford to lose, either emotionally or financially.

It is not a complicated process to bet on horse racing. Most often, when your bet doesn’t pay off, you place your bet, take your ticket, and tear it up. However, you can make your ticket back to the window and collect your winnings if you’re lucky or skilled.

Understanding Derby Odds

For people who don’t understand how betting on horse racing works and what all the numbers mean, betting on it can be very intimidating. You must learn the basics understanding of horse racing so that it will be easier to bet and eventually quickly identify trends and opportunities.

Before anything else, it is a must to know how betting should be done in your state. There are a lot of ways to bet, and it can be through online bet or at a casino. How to read the prices is the first thing you need to know.

The bets of other people influence the odds. You bet alongside other people in horse racing. Remember, the more people who bet on a horse, and the lower the odds will be. Because odds can fluctuate until the start of the race, any winning bets will be paid on whatever odds have been when betting closes.

Particularly in TVG picks, which will be running on its 145th derby race on May 4, 2019. Horse race fans are eager and excited to strategize their bets through monitoring the derby odds. To help you more on your betting game, here are some factors that may help you.

Taking the Tides of Luck to You

Luck and racing of horses go hand in hand. But horse racing luck isn’t as random as many people might think. Considering some factors most likely increase your chances of winning in horse racing. In fact, knowing the trend and statistics of each horse racer is considered as a luck magnet and a significant element in the equation of the betting game.  Call to mind that the most crucial factor to study is the past performance of a horse.

So here are some few tips to ace the betting game and help you better on your odds:

  • Every racetrack has a race-to-race simulcast commentator on television so you must listen and see if there are useful tips to pick up to bet on.
  • In the jockey standings, the top ten riders win about 90% of the races run during the meeting. Favorite horses win around 33 percent of the time, despite low payoffs.
  • The morning line in the race is not who the racetrack oddsmaker likes. It’s good.

Figuring Out the Payouts

In order to understand how horse race betting payouts work, we first need to understand how it is calculated.

There are two factors determining payouts: stakes and odds. A “stake” is just how much of a horse race bet you are willing to invest. The term “odds” is the potential return that your bet, usually displayed as a fraction or decimal, can give you.

A wagering system called pari-mutuel wagering is where each player bets against other players. First, you need to subtract the “take” (usually between 14 percent – 20 percent depending on the US state) from the total pool to calculate your potential payout. Subtract then the wager that you put on your horse. The rest of the money will be paid out to all the players with winning tickets. The odds are what percentage each horse receives of the total pool.

In particular, there is an approximate equation where you can figure out how much is your payout. If you hit your win bet, divide the odds number by the denominator, multiply that number by the bet amount, and then add the bet amount.


Luck is not only the key to win the betting game; there’s also a strategy and tactics to take your sails on the wind of luck; just take heed on those tips above and you could win, then think about disadvantages, so you abide from it.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of betting options, you can take heart by not having to play them all.

Betting at sports just like horse derby is somewhat a point of thrill for the game to be more worth watching for. It is just for fun; just do it moderately, because doing it religiously could affect your way of life and at the end, it could harm you.

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