USEF CEO Assembles Blue Ribbon Panel to Map Future Strategies for High Performance Programs

Lexington, KY – United States Equestrian Federation Chief Executive Officer John Long has announced the development of a Blue Ribbon Panel that will assemble to evaluate the performances of the USEF’s High Performance teams within the global landscape of Olympic level competition. The Panel will consist of representatives from each of the Olympic disciplines, leadership from the USEF High Performance Program, the USET Foundation, and a member of the United States Olympic Committee NGB Council.

Long formed the Panel in an effort to review every aspect of the U.S. Olympic teams, including development and training programs, selection procedures, incenting greater owner participation, and all factors contributing to better positioning the United States in a changing global sport landscape. Long views the outcome of the recent U.S. Olympic effort as “a wake-up call,” and an opportunity to grow from the experience in London.

The assessment of the Panel will result in a series of recommendations that will be presented to the Federation’s IHP Working Group and the USEF Board of Directors. The suggestions will also be presented at the USEF Annual Meeting in January 2013 and to the USOC Sports Partnership Division in February 2013. Panelists include:

  • Robert Costello – Chairman, High Performance Eventing Committee
  • Ron Galimore – Chief Operating Officer, USA Gymnastics
  • Anne Gribbons – Technical Advisor, U.S. Dressage Team 2010-2012
  • Anne Kursinski – Chairman, High Performance Jumping Committee; Board of Trustees, USET Foundation
  • Dr. Armand Leone, Jr. – Vice President High Performance, USEF Board of Directors; Chairman, USET Foundation
  • David O’Connor – President, USEF Board of Directors; Chef d’Equipe/Technical Advisor, U.S. Eventing 2013-2016
  • Robert Ridland – Chef d’Equipe/Technical Advisor, U.S. Show Jumping 2013-2016
  • Howard Simpson – Executive Committee, USEF Board of Directors
  • Chrystine Tauber – Secretary and President-Elect, USEF Board of Directors
  • George Williams – Chairman, High Performance Dressage Committee; President, United States Dressage Federation

“This Blue Ribbon Panel will take apart everything that we did leading up to London 2012,” said USEF CEO John Long. “This is an opportunity to evaluate every single thing that we do to put our teams together with a fresh perspective. While funding will certainly be a consideration, I’m hoping the Panel will look elsewhere for solutions charting our return to the Medal stand. From my perspective, we must rekindle our focus and passion for being the best and I’m looking forward to the Panel’s recommendations along these lines.”

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