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Horse Racing Companies Joining Forces to Bring More Fans to the Sport

In order for any industry to grow, new customers must be found and nowhere is that more important than the sport of horse racing.  In an effort to make that happen, Horse Races Now and Gettingoutofthegate.com are joining forces.

Gettingoutofthegate.com is a website designed to help everyone, from the beginner to the expert become better educated about the sport of horse racing.  Getting Out of the Gate “cleanly” or “evenly” is the goal of every jockey in a horse race.  The aim is to give their horse the best chance to win the race by putting them in a good position early.  That is the same goal of this website: to put you in the best position to understand and enjoy this very exciting game.

Founder Neal Benoit has been an avid fan and horseplayer for more than 35 years.  While not a professional gambler by trade he finished in the top ten of a national handicapping contest in April of 2013. “The idea that I can share my knowledge with new and experienced horse racing fans is great and to expand the interest in the sport via famed trainer Kenny McPeek and his cool horse racing app, Horse Races Now, is very exciting,” Benoit states. Together they have implemented a mobile friendly version of his educational and entertaining materials.  The synergistic result of these two enterprises working together will be to bring fans closer to the sport of horse racing AND help them to understand it once they are there. For additional information on Gettingoutofthegate.com, please visit the website.

Horse Races Now is a mobile app, which allows horse racing enthusiasts to have a deeper connection to the industry. Users can check Entries, Results, Today’s Changes, Horse Racing News and watch Live Racing and Race Replays all while being able to keep track of their favorite Horses, Trainers, Jockeys and Racetracks. Horse Races Now will also send alerts to users each time one of their Favorites is entered in a race or has a workout.

“We are excited to be bringing the educational content from Getting Out of the Gate to our users in order help build their foundation of understanding the sport of Thoroughbred racing,” said Jessica Peterson, Marketing Director of Horse Races Now. “Neil has done a terrific job putting his website together so new and old fans alike have easy access to increasing their knowledge of the sport. We hope the new channel becomes a go-to source for horse racing fans.”

The app is available to download free on the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Text ‘HORSE’ to 84700 for direct download. Please visit HorseRacesNow.com for additional information or call 859-254-9969.

Jessica Peterson, Marketing Director
Horse Races Now, LLC
Office: (859) 254-9969
Mobile: (309) 230-1511
Text “Horse” to 84700 to download now!