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“Raven King” by Ashley Collins.

Wellington, FL – March 20, 2013 – Participants and visitors are treated to a vast array of international art at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC). From the powerful horse sculptures at the spectator entrance to galleries around the International Arena, enthusiasts can find everything from emerging artists to masters and also meet artists available for commissions.


Started by Lisa Burgess 15 years ago, New River Fine Art broke the mold of the traditional gallery. Burgess wanted to bring a broad spectrum of art to her customers instead of focusing on one style or specific period. Sourcing work from around the globe allows her to work with many types of collectors. “When I started, people said this type of gallery would never work. But I felt that focusing on quality art from many periods would offer broader appeal. My own collecting tastes range from Impressionism to fine Contemporary art, so I thought other collectors would be drawn to a gallery that offered fine art in a variety of styles and mediums,” she states.

New River Fine Art has brought their work to the gallery in the International Club Foyer at the Palm Beach International Center where you will find everything from emerging artists to Picasso, Chagall, and Dali. The gallery is open to the public in the Club and rotates paintings, sculptures and glass works.

Visitors have been impressed by Virginia Fifield’s charcoals of horses or Ramon Vilanova’s landscapes making a rare appearance before going onto a museum exhibition. Wall Streeters may also recognize the iconic Charging Bull from sculptor Arturo DiModica.

In addition to visual enjoyment, art can also be a valuable investment. Burgess comments, “As with any type of investing, you must work with people who are experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy and have a good reputation built over years in business.” Burgess and her team work diligently to authenticate each work and have consulted on numerous high end acquisitions.

“Prices of work typically exhibited in the gallery range from $2,500 up to $500,000,” Burgess explains. “We will privately source work of a more significant nature on an individual basis. We represent our clients when dealing with private collections and at auction.”

New River Fine Art is also available for interior design consultation, providing artwork for homes, offices, yachts, and corporate collections. They recently curated the art for the W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale including underwater installations.

With an international clientele, New River Fine Art strives to provide the utmost in customer service. Burgess comments, “We frequently ship artwork and send our consultants around the world to work with clients at their convenience, no matter if they be in Singapore or Chicago.”

For more information, contact or 954-524-2100.


Since her earliest formal training as a young child in Montreal, internationally acclaimed artist Josée Nadeau has relentless followed a passion for art, drawing inspiration from landscapes, lifestyles and cultural icons all over the world. Her works are on display at The Gallery at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

Artist Josée Nadeau with legendary song writer and performer Gloria Gaynor at The Gallery
Artist Josée Nadeau with legendary song writer and performer Gloria Gaynor at The Gallery

Nadeau had the pleasure of being a guest in the private studio in Claude Monet’s gardens in Giverny, invited by the renowned curator Gerald Van der Kemp and his wife Florence. Nadeau’s ten year stay honed her artistic and cultural skills as the guest of the curator, visited by legendary artists and leaders of state. Nadeau’s works now hang in galleries and homes of the most noted collectors such as Frances Fisher, Pierce Brosnan, and Oprah Winfrey.

Her audience has the pleasure of sharing her world travels and adventures through her paintings. While Nadeau’s eyes are always working, so are her other senses. Her paintings are not only a visual feast but an opportunity to evoke all the senses whether it is the sound of the coffee cup in the café, the smell of fresh cut flowers, or the wind in a horse’s mane or the strength of its neck. Nadeau comments, “With anything I paint it’s about capturing the spirit.” That spirit is what takes the “still” out of the still life. She has been invited again to the Hamptons where her paintings will hang in the Ralph Lauren stores.

Josée also paints live on stage in art performances with groups like The Salt Lake Symphony Orchestra as well as artists such as Harry Belafonte and Dionne Warwick.

On any given show day you can find Josée painting in her venue The Gallery which offers nearly 360 degree views of the International Arena. A recent visit by Gloria Gaynor to help raise money for the animal charity Danny and Ron’s Rescue led Josée to a sneak preview of her soon to be released new single.

Josée Nadeau is available for commissions to paint what is near and dear to you, be it your horse, home, family, or garden, as a lasting visual memory.

For more information, visit


Shelli Breidenbach’s unforgettable photographs grace the cover of both the 2013 FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival Prize List and the Official Souvenir Program. These images are available as collectible posters and T-shirts found at the WEF Boutiques. You can also see her larger than life images on display at The Wellington Club during the season.

The horses chosen for this unique process of “digital dye” printed on “flag fabric” are some of the sport’s biggest stars. This was a huge privilege for Shelli to work with each of these amazing athletes, developing a relationship in order to get the best results. These magnificent nine foot by four foot works of art are visible from the International Club and even from the “golf cart view” from the Eugene R. Mische Grand Hunter Ring.

Breidenbach’s latest photographs are featured in a beautiful layout in the U.S. launch of the international equestrian luxury magazine Equestrio recently published.

Working with horses as subjects, Breidenbach expects the unexpected. She explains, “I decided on the nude series and took off halters and bridles. It’s a much more elegant photograph when the horses are not wearing anything but it’s a lot riskier. We shoot in paddocks so if they run away they can’t go far. My heart has stopped on more than one occasion,” she adds with a smile, “but thankfully they always come back.” Photography is a full body sport for Shelli, who you will find at all angles to get the most creative shot.

As a long-time equestrian, Shelli has developed a strong bond with horses, “It’s more about the relationship you develop with them than being in the ring,” she says. Indeed Breidenbach has a bit of the horse whisperer about her. “I talk to them all the time like they’re children. It’s somehow reassuring to them,” she laughs, “or maybe to me.”

Just like top models her equine subjects are pros. Even the legendary Sapphire paid no attention to a flapping backdrop and struck a perfect pose in twenty minutes. “These are highly trained horses so they’re accustomed to strange light and backgrounds,” Breidenbach explains. “We build a set on location. It’s about $150,000 worth of equipment — hand painted backdrops, huge stands, and multiple assistants. It’s like a fashion shoot.”

Breidenbach’s large digital equine images were so striking that they caught the eye of the Ralph Lauren brand and her works have been represented in their D&D show room in Manhattan. “One of the best compliments I ever got,” says Shelli, “was when one of the salespeople in the showroom said their architect and designer clients fell in love with the images, commenting you don’t have to be a horse person to love these photographs.”

Fans of Shelli Breidenbach’s work will be thrilled to know her newest adventure is a textile line – all equestrian themed and based on her photographs. She comments, “We really need an updated and clean version of equestrian style products. There’s room if you do it in a nice, modern way. Hopefully we will have it ready for the spring of 2013.”

Shelli is also available to do portraits of your horse – a truly unforgettable image.

For more information, please visit


The accomplished 23-year-old Adrian Landon has taken the art scene by storm with his stunning equine sculptures, taking base metal and turning it into artistic gold. His sculptures are at the entrance to the PBIEC and also the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. Over the past three years Landon has created grand and accomplished sculptures. His life-size horses seem to breathe with life despite their iron clad bodies. For information on purchase, please contact Isabelle Delgrange,


Blumberg1508A masterful piece of illusion, Reflections, has visitors stopping to decipher and admire the sculpture of a horse looking at its own reflection. Located near the fountain at the main spectator entrance of the PBIEC, the sculpture by Douwe Blumberg seems to float above the ground. The limited edition is available in different sizes. For more information, visit

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