Record Voting in Wellington and Ousting of Mayor Bowen Clearly Shows That Wellington Residents Do Not Support Large Commercial Project in the Preserve

Wellington, FL – March 15, 2012 – They came. They voted. And Wellington residents soundly voiced their opposition against the Equestrian Village Development in the Wellington Preserve. By ousting the Wellington Mayor, the record number of voters came to ballot boxes to show their displeasure in Wellington’s leadership.

“Tuesday’s vote was a clear indication that Wellington residents were tired of their elected officials’ lack of interest in preserving what makes Wellington unique,” said Wellington Equestrian Preservation Alliance Executive Director Mat Forrest.

While the developer of this condo/hotel development wants the media to think that this vote was because of one family, the overwhelming turnout says different.

In fact, The Palm Beach Post wrote on March 13th in the story titled: “Democrat canvassing board says Margolis inching ahead in Wellington:

  • Equestrian Village rallies voters to the polls.
  • If a random sample from polls today has value, the big story in Wellington is the proposed Equestrian Village – and few like it.
  • Of five people or groups of people interviewed as they left the voting precincts at Wellington Village Park, four indicated not only that they opposed the massive development, but that that had been their prime motivation for voting today.”

“We hope Wellington’s new leaders understand the sheer impact of this development and that it is simply not compatible with the Equestrian Preserve,” added Forrest. “They might like the idea but this is not the location for it. They should vote no when it eventually comes up for adoption.”

The Wellington Equestrian Preservation Alliance is group of concerned citizens fighting to enhance Wellington Florida’s trademark Equestrian business and protect the local equestrian economy from over-development, rampant real estate speculation and shortsighted economic planning.

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