Iron Spring Farm Says Goodbye to Grand Prix Stallion Hedser 465, Sport

IPhoto: Terri Miller.

Coatesville, PA — Iron Spring Farm said goodbye to the Grand Prix stallion Hedser 465, Sport last month. The 15-yer-old Friesian passed away from colic. Hedser was a barn favorite, full of personality with a deep love for peppermints. Although retired from dressage, Hedser enjoyed his days standing at stud and spending time in the lush pasture at ISF.

Hedser was a true Grand Prix horse, finding ease in the toughest movements, including piaffe, passage and tempi changes. “He loved his job and was a delight to ride,” remembered his owner and rider, Mary Alice Malone. “I knew he was special the moment I sat on him.”

Before being imported to the United States, Hedser was a dressage star in Europe. With Kristel van Duren-Bodewes, Hedser earned several championships. “The first time [I rode him] was a great feeling,” she recalled. “His movements were big, and he had a nice rhythm in the trot. His walk was big, and his canter was really to the top.”

She continued, “Time and time again, I was amazed at his ability and his eagerness to work. The collected trot was very easy for him, and he was born to do the passage. He liked to piaffe.” In July 2010, the pair debuted together in Grand Prix; Hedser was only eight. Eventually, Hedser competed with Laura Zwart in Europe, before being imported to the USA.

Three Generations of Approved Grand Prix Stallions

Hedser’s wonderful disposition and athletic ability can be attributed to his exceptional bloodlines, the result of thoughtful breeding. Hedser was a third generation Approved Stallions showing at Grand Prix. His sire, Adel 357, Sport, competed in Europe with Peter Spahn. Hedser was also the three-quarter-brother to the Grand Prix stallion, Anders 451, who competed at the 2014 World Equestrian Games. Hedser’s mother was the Prestatie mare, Hasjem, by Ouke 313.

Hedser will be missed, but three of his young offspring, Amore ISF, Absolute ISF, and Devita ISF, carry on his legacy. Visit for photos and videos.

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