Arenus and the National Reining Horse Association Congratulate Shawn Flarida on Winning Rider of the Year Title

Arenus is pleased to announce that WEG Gold Medalist Shawn Flarida has won the Rider of the Year title. Sponsored by Arenus, in conjunction with the National Reining Horse Association, Flarida won the title aboard RC Fancy Step. (Photo courtesy of

St. Louis, MO (February 2, 2011) – Reining champion Shawn Flarida has added another win to his long and impressive resume, riding away with the 2010 National Reining Horse Rider of the Year title. Sponsored by Arenus, a premier provider of innovative health and nutritional products for pets and horses, in conjunction with the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA), Flarida won the Rider of the Year title with RC Fancy Step, owned by the Plummer Family of SDP Buffalo Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We are really proud of Shawn for winning the title and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person or to a rider who is more committed to the sport of reining,” said Brady Karren, Arenus Equine Sales Specialist/Nutritionist. “Shawn has been supporting Arenus for a long time and serves as an Arenus Ambassador because he believes in our products. Arenus wants to congratulate all the Rider of the Year winners. Everyone put in a great amount of effort and dedication and Arenus is once again pleased to sponsor the Rider of the Year award.”

Flarida took home a saddle, a belt buckle and a one-year supply of Arenus products for winning the Rider of the Year title. Marcey Vermeer and Gunners Special Nite placed second in the standings for Rider of the Year, Andy Fishburne and Mr. Jerry Lee Surpriz won third and Heather Johnson and Doubleknotyourreeboks placed fourth. In the Non-Pro division, Rick Christen and Skeets Little Annie placed first, Kim Dooley and Country Custom second, Melissa Wigen and Double Decked Chex third and Callie Abing and Smart Nu Spook fourth.

“The Rider of the Year program was once again very successful and Arenus wants to thank everyone who helped make it so,” Karren said. “Shawn uses the Arenus product ASSURE, a digestive product, and I know Shawn will want to look at other Arenus items with his free one-year supply of products. Shawn’s winning partner, RC Fancy Step, used ASSURE during the 2010 World Equestrian Games when Shawn and Fancy Step helped the US Reining Team win a gold medal.”

ASSURE is an innovative digestive supplement that, when fed daily, helps to support overall hindgut health through Arenus’s exclusive GST technology of direct-fed microbials. ASSURE Guard is an innovative digestive supplement designed to help horses maintain normal digestive function with lifestyle stresses like competition, training and feed changes. “In addition to ASSURE, many reining riders use STEADFAST Equine, a joint health product specifically designed for horses with a high-demand lifestyle, which supports total structural joint integrity,” Karren said.

Arenus also features the product families EQUILITE herbal blends, SORE NO-MORE topicals, and two products containing DHA/Omega-3- fatty acids. ALEIRA contains DHA with a proprietary blend of mushrooms to support respiratory health and RELEIRA contains omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients to support normal reproductive function.

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