Abdel Saïd, the Egyptian Rocket

© Marco Villanti for HUBSIDE JUMPING.

First to set off in a jump-off which counted fourteen qualified among the fastest riders and horses in the world, the Egyptian Abdel Saïd, associated with the French mare Arpège du RU, won with an express chronometer in the major event of the CSI 4* of the HUBSIDE JUMPING in Grimaud. He is ahead of the Northerner Nicolas Delmotte, second with Urvoso du Roch, and the Dutchman Jur Vrieling, on Fiumicino van de Kalevallei.

“Arpège du RU is a naturally very fast mare, which really makes life in a show easier. I had a plan for this jump-off event, which was to try everything. Sometimes you come to a jump-off and say, ‘I’m going to save the horse for the future.’ But in our case, I had foreseen that this event would be the biggest that Arpège would run this weekend and therefore, we had to give everything. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Yes, it worked perfectly. I really love this mare; she is very smart and loves to win. I have been riding her for two years, and together I have to say that we have already had some very good results. This year, it has been difficult for us to go to competitions, as for everyone; I was lucky to be taken on this fantastic contest that is the HUBSIDE JUMPING this weekend, so it was important to sign great performances. So far, I must admit that it is going very well.”

Full results here.

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