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2nd Day Of Cross Country at Strzegom – Hot, Humid and High-Class

Three words that quite summarize the day. Whilst the rest of Europe is experiencing thunder, lightning and massive rainfalls, Strzegom keeps experiencing exotic weather. Truly it feels like we have been relocated to Italy or Greece with temperatures well above 30 degrees and striking sunshine. Surely the slightly cooling wind at the XC was very appreciated at Saturday’s event. Lots of ice cream also helped.

On a more serious note, the hot and humid weather have had its toe on both horses and riders. Loads and loads of water and ice have been consumed to keep everybody cool whilst competing at absolute top level. The forecast for Sunday is still a bit tricky so we keep our fingers crossed that the thunder stays out of Strzegom for a bit longer.

It was an early rise Saturday with horse inspection in the CCI 1* and launching the XC in CCI 2*, CCI3* and CICO3* NC. All set to make an interesting day! Approximately 126 riders and horses took on the XC course in the respective classes.

Ludwig Svennerstål was first to ride the XC course, competing in the CICO3*. His 1st horse King Bob proved being in excellent mood putting him in the lead in the XC and his second ride, Aspe, secured a 7th place. Not surprising, Michael Jung also had a very good day, doing two stabile clear rounds which put him in 2nd place with fischerTakinou and 5th with fischerRocana FST after the XC.

We had the good fortune to team up with both Ludwig and Michael to get their input on the XC course. A demanding course with lots of questions and corners as well as a water complex that truly put the riders and horses to the test. We look forward to follow both individual riders as well as the Nation Cup teams in Sunday’s show jumping. Starting or the final day we have Great Britain in the lead after a fantastic day, Italy second showing great form and Belgium snitching the third place just ahead of Germany.
For complete results in the Nations Cup and CICO3* check the result board online.

In the CCI 2* and CCI 3* we had lots of excitement as the scores from the XC gave lots of changes overall due to the demanding course. The top three positions in CCI 2* changed overall whilst the three riders in CCI 3* came in quite close to the overnight result. Amazing to see these horses and riders delivering spectacular rides to the pleasure of our spectators. A few thousand spectators who decided to come and watch the competitions live and cheer the horses and riders on. For those of you who could not be here we have several interviews with the top riders giving their thoughts on Saturday’s XC. Some of our more multitasking spectators brought the additional iPad to be able to follow the European’s soccer matches as well.

Finishing off the day has been the CCI 1* with show jumping in the main arena. After the horse inspection these riders had to wait until 06.00 pm to get started. 33 riders and horses made it to the starting line and we had the opportunity to watch very determined riders bringing their A-game at the beautiful main arena. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the winner Lara De Liedekerke-Meier and her fantastic horse Jive about Wonderland.

Strzegom Horse Trials

The Heat Is On – Tropical Weather and Olympic Seats at Stake

A touch of Rio 2016 could almost be felt in the air Friday as we launched the CICO3* – NC Dressage this morning and set off the first riders in the 4 classes on the demanding and technical XC course.

In the Nations Cup 3* Dressage has been on the schedule all day at the main Arena and it truly has been great day. Having the Olympic Games just around the corner we have had the opportunity to see top riders from for example Germany, Italy and Sweden with their potential Olympic horses put to the test.

For some riders the SHT2016 is the final test before the selection of national teams will be made. Having a possible ticket to Rio 2016 in sight surely put the temperature up for Friday’s Dressage and we enjoyed great rides and great horses in the arena. The main Arena was a hot spot in itself with some 30 degrees and sun blazing on spectators, Ground Jury, volunteers, horses and riders.

Coming out on top after Friday’s dressage was the impressive Michael Jung, securing a 2nd place with his horse FischerRocana and 1st place with FischerTakinou, the latter one most likely going to Rio.

In 3rd place Ludwig Svennerstål and King Bob, a duo who made their best dressage results up to date, something that might put them in the hot spot for Rio.

Please check the results online for the full results for Friday’s event at our website.

And of course, what we all have been waiting for – the first horse and riders were launched at the XC course.

It has been a massive day, launching as many as 4 classes onto the XC course with a staggering amount of 208 horses and riders on the starting line. The XC courses overall have the trade mark of Marcin Konarski in being technical and demanding with many questions for the riders to present to their horses.

The new water fence proved to be challenge to several riders and not surprisingly the main location for many of the spectators. The course even though rather flat will test the stamina of both horses and riders as tropical weather continues.

We thought it interesting to get the riders view of the XC course so during the last days we have had the pleasure to interview some of our top riders in the field.

Michal Jung, Linda Algotsson, Ludwig Svennerstål, Pavel Warszawski, Jacek Gałczyński and Johan Lundin have given their take on some of the major challenges on the course – find their interviews on YouTube/SHT2016 or on the web site.

On the web you will also find maps pictures of all XC courses and live information in our social media channels.

Finally, A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the winners:

And KARIN DONCERS (BEL) – the winner of CIC2* Horse Jalapeno

Strzegom Horse Trials

Smashing Day in Sunny Strzegom

What a fantastic day it’s been. The riders and horses have been as striking as the sun today, resulting in a rewarding day with lots of great sport. Lots of water for both humans and horses keeps everybody on top – and an occasional carrot perhaps to the horses!

The Strzegom team is putting its last touch on the XC course to make sure everything is perfect for Friday’s first class. The XC has been open to walk since Wednesday and surely it has some challenges cut out for our horses and riders. The XC course is now available on our website with full overview of the courses and pictures of all the fences. http://www.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/pl/cross-country-trasa-crossu.html

You can also find a short interview with Ground Jury Member Angela Tucker and hear her thoughts on this year’s 3* course. On our website you will find more interviews with our riders. Andreas Dibowski, Linda Algotsson, Michael Jung, Niklas Linbäck, Jacek Gałczyński are some of the riders who have joined us for short brief on their hopes and expectations of this year’s edition of Strzegom Horse Trials. Visit our website or go to You Tube SHT2016 to find out more: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sht2016.

Thursday has been all about Dressage and Show jumping, which has kept all arenas busy with lots of action.

The beautiful main arena started off hosting the Dressage for CI 2*. To say the least, with some 76 competitors, we had a very powerful starting field to guarantee a most interesting competition.

We have also had the pleasure to follow the CI 1* in both Dressage and Show Jumping, the CI 1* J show jumping and starting the rest of our classes. With 349 horses and 215 riders form 20 different nations, we have a lot of great entertainment ahead of us.

For the full list of results and the full list of classes, visit our web: http://results.strzegomhorsetrials.pl.

To make sure our visitors have a great experience, we have made sure we have a family friendly food court next to the main arena with lots of different choices. And what would an event be without the possibilities for shopping, so please visit our fair next to the food court.

Thursday night will be all about getting ready for the first fun day of XC and we hope you will join us here in Strzegom or that you can follow us via the Strzegom TV or FEI TV! http://www.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/pl/galeria/strzegom-tv.html

Strzegom Horse Trials

And We Are Live from Strzegom Horse Trials!

We could not have asked for a better start as we kick off the 14th edition of The STRZEGOM HORSE TRIALS. The sun is shining from a blue sky so it’s perfect out door weather for both horses and riders. Caps, sunglasses and shots are everywhere! Fingers crossed that the sun will stay on for the weekend.

It was an early morning for the Ground Jury and Strzegom team as we had a swift start with XC course inspection before the first competitions started. Wednesday has offered Dressage for the CI short 2* and the CI short 1*, both being continued Thursday as there is close to 180 horses in these classes all together. Also the CI J1* DCU TROPHY has been started and after the dressage we have Chayenne Peters from Germany in the lead for the show jumping Thursday.

The press office has taken a few minutes out of the busy schedules of some of our riders, to catch their expectations and thoughts on the event. You will be able to find the interviews Thursday afternoon on the web and Social media channels. Take the opportunity to follow the event more closely and join us on Twitter, Face book or Instagram.


It’s been an exciting afternoon with the first Horse Inspections in CI 1* and 3* where we were given the opportunity to see stylish riders showing their horses in the trot up. The horses looked excited to be here and the riders keen to get going, some with the ambition to do a final push to be elected to the national teams for the Olympic Games, Rio this September.

The XC course has been inspected and opened Wednesday at 06.00pm for all classes, after being inspected carefully by the Ground Jury and TD. Some tiny last minute details to be taken care of but nonetheless a clear GOOD TO GO sign from the Ground Jury Members.

It’s a spectacular course that is being presented and some 150 fences that has been inspected for all the classes.

Thursday you will be able to find the maps of the XC courses, including pictures of the fences, to give you a taste for what will the XC has in store. We are looking forward to see the horses and riders on the XC starting Friday.

Yet, first of all we are looking forward to a fantastic Thursday with dressage and show jumping. Our complete time table is presented on: http://www.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/pl/program-time-table.html.

Please visit our web site for time tables, live updates and results online.

Strzegom Horse Trials

Strzegom Horse Trials – One More Day to Go

It’s a busy afternoon here at the Strzegom Horse Trials as the horse trucks keep arriving from all over Europe. Linda Algotsson, Karin Donkers, Ingrid Klimke, Stefano Breciaroli and many more have already arrived or on their way to this week’s event.

Last weekend’s winner in Luhmühlen 4* Andreas Dibowski has also arrived and Wednesday we look forward to welcoming the Rolex Grand Slam Winner Michael Jung.

It will be a busy evening for the Strzegom team to make sure all horses and riders receive a warm welcome getting settled at the stables.

With 349 horses and 215 riders from 20 different nationalities, it will be a spectacular weekend here at Strzegom with many of the international elite riders competing. For those of you who will not be able to join us, please visit Strzegom TV and follow our live web cast starting Thursday morning:


Lots of work has been put this year’s XC course as preparations for the European Championships have already started. A new water fence is in place and a few more new surprises ae well. The XC course will be available at our web starting Friday morning. Event Director and Course Designer Marcin Konarski has together with his team made sure the XC is a proper challenge to horses and riders.

StrzegomTuesday ends with the Ground Jury Course Inspection in CI short 1* and Short/Long CI 2*, which means we kick off Wednesday morning with dressage and horse inspection. For provisional program:


About Strzegom Horse Trials:

Strzegom, located in southern Poland, has its solid place in the calendar of both national and international equestrian events.

Starting in 2003, Strzegom held its first international event and has since built an event and organization capable of hosting the biggest eventing competition this part of Europe including hosting one of the FEI Nations Cup events alongside Aachen and Fointainbleu.

In 2010 efforts were made to promote Strzegom as a candidate for the Europeans 2017. June 10th 2014 the decision was made that will put Strzegom in Polish history as the first organizer of senior FEI European Championships in any of the Equestrian disciplines. The European championships will take place August 17-20 2017.

For more information, please visit: http://www.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/en.

Strzegom Horse Trials Hits the Record Once Again

The biggest equestrian event in Poland-international eventing competition, Strzegom Horse Trials, is speeding up. This year, 14th edition will gather world top eventing riders to compete in Morowa near Strzegom from 22th till 26th June. The event taking place on Morawa Hippodrome will be record-breaking by all means: as many as 7 international competitions, a number of new fences on the cross-country course, a whole five days of the event, 360 horses on the entry list and 10 riders from TOP50 FEI Ranking, including World Number One, Michael Jung.

“The entries keep coming. We have admitted 362 horses from 20 countries so far. We’ve several horses on the waiting list. The biggest teams are from Poland, Germany, Italy,” said Marcin Konarski, Event Director. “We are very pleased with the presence of World Number One Michael Jung, but we also have other stars of world eventing: Karin Donckers, Linda Algotson, Ingrid Klimke, Dirk Schrade, Stefano Breciarolii, Tim Lips, to name only a few. It can be said without a doubt that Strzegom Horse Trials is one of the most popular events in Europe now.”

Michael Jung is the current Olympic Champion (London 2012), World Champion (Kentucky 2010) and European Champion (Blair Castle 2015, Malmo 2013 and Luhmuhlen 2011) and the winner of prestigious Rolex Gram Slam. Michael Jung will have his two best horses – Fischerrocana and Fichertakinou – in Strzegom. He plans to start on one of them at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In Strzegom, the dressage test will be divided for three days and will take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Cross country will be on Friday and Saturday and show jumping on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The most important competition Nations Cup will be held as follows: on Friday, dressage test; on Saturday, cross country, which will be broadcasted live at 11.00 am in over 30 countries all other the world; and finally on Sunday there will be show jumping test.

During the event, there will be a lot of non-sport entertainment for publicity. A number of shows, inflatable slides and pony rides for children. The great equestrian spectacle is ahead.

Tickets available online – www.Tixer.pl.


Strzegom 2016: Plenty of Events, New Fence, Even More Attractive Cross

At the beginning of April season 2016 will start in Strzegom and it will finish in October. There will be as many as seven shows in eventing – four international and three national.

The first international event will be STRZEGOM HORSE TRIALS, the biggest eventing show in Poland. The event will take place from 22nd to 26th of June 2016 with seven competitions in the schedule: CI-short 1*, CI-short 1*J, CI-long 1*, CI-short 2*, CI-long 2*, CI-short 3*, CI-long 3*.

Another international show will be STRZEGOM SUMMER TOUR, a totally new event in Strzegom calendar. From 4th till 7th August, five international classes (CI-short 1*, CI-short 1*J, CI-short 2*, CI-short 2*YR, CI-short 3*) and four national classes will take place.

As always in September it’s time for Strzegom Autumn Show, a great festival for breeders, owners, riders, and owners-to-be. From 16th till 18th September, international classes will take place (CI-short 1*, CI-short 1* YH, CI-long 1*, CI-short 2*YH) as well as Open Polish Championships for Young Horses for 4- and 5-year-old horses.

STRZEGOM OCTOBER FESTIVAL will be the event to finish the eventing season in Strzegom. The show took place for the first time in 2015 and became a second largest eventing show in Poland straight away. From 14th till 16th October, there will be as many as six international classes (CI-short 1*, CI-long 1*, CI-short 2*, CI-long 2*, CI-short 3*, CI-long 3*) on top of four national classes.

A lot will be going on in 2016 on Hippodrome in Morawa, but a lot has already happened in the end of 2015. Overall redevelopment has been made on old water fence so it will be a completely new task for horses during first competitions in April 2016. There were also some ground works done at the end of the 2015 to make the cross country course even more attractive.

Marta Wójcik
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Strzegom 2015: a Very Busy Season

It was the most intensive year in the whole history of Strzegom events as yet. We have organized 15 regional, national and international events in four equestrian disciplines: dressage, jumping, eventing and driving. More than 1000 horses competed in Morawa. Of course the biggest and most significant were the eventing competitions. There also have been a lot of changes on the hippodrome itself.

In 2015 Strzegom was a host of five international eventing trials: The May Day Picnic (1-3.05.2015), Strzegom Horse Trials (24-28.06.2015), European Championship for Young Riders (27-30.08.2015), Strzegom Autumn Show (18-20.09.2015), and Strzegom October Festival (15-18.10.2015).

18 international competitions have taken place on CI-short 1*J, CI-short 1*, CI- long 1*, CI-short 2*, CI-long2*, CI-short 3*, CIO-short 3*, CI-long 3* levels, in which 660 horses and riders of 20 nations have competed.

A new water fence arose on a cross country course. It was jumped during all this year events. The “old” water fence has been completely reconstruct and during the last competition in this season – Strzegom October Festival – it was partly kept out of the course. A lot of new hills have been created on Strzegom cross country.

Results of each of the events could be followed online. The two most important events – Strzegom Horse Trials and European Championships for Young Riders – were shown in TVP and online. More than 50 hours of online reports were broadcasted.

Best regards/Pozdrawiam
Marta Wójcik

Strzegom Summer Tour – 4-7.08.2016
Strzegom Autumn Show – 16-18.09.2016
Strzegom October Festival – 14-16.10.2016
FEI European Eventing Championships – Strzegom 2017

Tel/fax: 0048 748554042

Strzegom Horse Trials: Course Walk

Gillian Kyle (IRL), Technical Delegate, & Marcin Konarski (POL), Course Designer.

Course walk with course designer Marcin Konarski on the CICO 3* Nations Cup cross country course.

2015 is a year of changes on the cross country course.

Firstly, we have a new water fence – Poda Lake. Secondly, our main arena is no longer a grass one, but now is made from all -weather mixture of sands. And last but not least we built many new fences this year.

As always cross starts with a few warm up jumps which aim is to prepare the horse and rider to the coming questions. These are respectively: STRZEGOM, VORNBROCK, The Brusch, Stargona fences. Next is a combination 5AB-ROTANES – composed of two skinnies on the show jumping arena. A design of those fences looks like typical obstacles known from show jumping courses, but they were adjusted to the cross requirements.

Then we have 6AB classic combination of huge house and four strides on the left curve line equally massive corner. After that strong opening there’s a time for some canter on longer distance and two big tables 7/8 – BM HORSE I GILLMET. Next is a huge ditch, fence no. 9, which this year is sponsored by LOWER SILESIA. And then it’s time for another test. 10ABC DEVUCOUX COMPLEX – demands highly precise approach and full concentration between the elements.

And again there’s a time to have some rest and to speed up on the way to next combination – well known Strzegom’s log on the ditch – no. 10 – DOLNET and full size FEEDING RACK. After that the most influential part of cross country begins. First combination ANR -13ABC consisting of massive oxer and two corners on the right curve. These are positioned so that they provoke horse to run out to the left. Just before the first water fence there’s a full size PALACE ANR – fence no. 14 and here we are in front of combination 15 AB BETGRAN/GRANITEX, composed of two skinnies on one stride distance, but the landing after the second one is almost 2m high drop to water. Between two water complexes there is a time to take a breath so we have two tables no. 16 BOGLER and no.17 BORGA. Fence 18AB – TRACKTEC is a combination which requires riding with a great deal of precision and excellent balance of the rider. No. 19 – TORPOL – the log on the hill is just an entry for two enormous hedges on skew line 20A – JOHN DEER and 20B – MANITOU. Fence 21 – SV SPORTMARKETING is another big ditch in the cross country course. And now there’s a time for completely new combination on Strzegom course 22 and 23AB – PODA LAKE consisting of massive log and almost 2m drop and huge boat in the water. The course ends with skinny in 5-6 stride distance. From there there’s a straight way to finish. See you next year!

Marta Wójcik
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100 Days to Strzegom Horse Trials 2015

Strzegom Horse Trials is the biggest equestrian event in this part of Europe. Between 25-28 June 2015 Strzegom will become a world equestrian capital for thirteenth time. During this unique festive seven international competitions will take place CIC1*, CIC1*J, CCI1*, CIC2*, CCI2*, CCI3* and CICO3* which is a leg of the Nations Cup series. The prize fund will be 28 000 Euros.

The Nations Cup in Eventing is one of the most important events in International Equestrian Federation Calendar. It is the most spectacular events series in this sport not only because of high level of competition, but also because it is happening in beautiful natural surroundings.

The Nations Cup Series consists of eight events in 2015. It begins in France and ends in Holland. During the event in Strzegom the fourth leg will take place. Within that competition the national teams of 3-4 riders will participate.

“Strzegom Horse Trials means the best riders and fantastic horses, an exceptional event. We will have a chance to watch the best eventing athletes representing countries from all over the world and about 250 horses on the Hippodrome in Morawa. We are expecting the current Olympic Champion Michal Jung. For the first two days spectators will have an opportunity to admire a grace of riders and beauty of the horses’ movements in dressage tests, and on Friday and Saturday the spectacular and breathtaking cross country test. The winner of whole competition will be selected in jumping test on very demanding course,” said Marcin Konarski, Strzegom Horse Trials Director.

Media contact:
Marta Wójcik
E-mail: press@strzegomhorsetrials.pl
Tel.:+48 885 544 202