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Hubside Jumping Winter Tour: Two Riders from the Rhône-Alpes in the Two Grands Prix


Twenty-nine riders at the start, four who manage to qualify for the jump-off, and as often when it comes to going fast, the Rhônalpin Jean-Luc Mourier responded at Haras des Grillons de Ratières, in Drôme (France). At the helm of Kielekoo Van T Et L, he won the first 3 * Grand Prix of the very young HUBSIDE JUMPING Winter Tour.

Earlier in the day, another rider from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Mégane Moissonnier, won the CSI 2 * Grand Prix, at the helm of Galileo.

Full results here.

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Hubside Jumping of Valence: Captain Keen, King of the Day

Photo: Sportfot.

For the first highlight of the CSI 4* at the HUBSIDE JUMPING in VALENCIA, the flawless waltz kept the public enthralled in a summer atmosphere. And it was the driver Jean-Luc Mourier, very fit on his faithful Captain Keen, who won in front of a great competition.

They were twenty-seven to take the start of the major event of the day, rated at 1.45m, under an azure sky. Designed by the course manager Grégory Bodo, recently returned from Tokyo where he had gone as assistant to the course manager in charge of the show jumping events, the course allowed the riders of the CSI 4* to take the temperature of the competition and start the competition smoothly.

Nice start with the Frenchman Nicolas Delmotte, saddled on the young and promising Citadin du Château, signatories of a clear course in a time of 63’37. All that remained was to do as well, but faster, to claim victory. In their wake, despite a fine clear lap, the Frenchman Julien Gonin on Caprice de Guinfard did not succeed, unlike the Frenchwoman Marie Demonte and Manchester, the third couple to take the start and imposing on the competition a new time to beat with a stopwatch of 62’93. Throughout the event, the numerous clear rounds have continued to follow one another, offering a nice game of musical chairs on the classification side. It took all the know-how of Habs Simon Delestre and Chesall Zimequest to once again change the provisional leadership of the event by crossing the finish line in 61’57. The dice seemed to have been cast. But that was without counting on the ultra-fast driver Jean-Luc Mourier, already winner of an event at the start of the afternoon in the CSI 2*. This time perched on Captain Keen, the Rhônalpin won in 60’46.

Full results here.

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Scott Brash Wins Final 4* Grand Prix of 2019 at HUBSIDE Fall Tour

Photo credit: HUBSIDE JUMPING / Marco Villanti

At the last highlight in 2019 in the ring of the HUBSIDE Fall Tour, forty-five combinations took part in the last 4* Grand Prix of 2019 in Var. Ten of them qualified for the jump-off, completing the thirteen-fence course built by French course designer Cédric Longis without any difficulties. Although the French riders were expected to do well, as they had been on top form from the start of the weekend, Great Britain’s Scott Brash was the winner, following a very fast jump-off.

Jérôme Hurel, who was the first to jump clear and therefore the first to enter the ring for the jump-off, had another perfect round in 41.35 seconds. Following him, Scott Brash, winner of the weekend’s opening class, shaved almost two seconds off his time. Completing the course in 39.49 seconds, the British rider looked almost certain to be the winner. Marie Demonte set off in hot pursuit of the two men in the lead and finished in 40.95 seconds, and went into second place in the provisional line-up. But the podium was very hard to reach despite the efforts of the following competitors. Laurent Goffinet and Lorenzo de Luca both once again completed perfect rounds, finishing in 42.30 seconds and 41.85 seconds, respectively. Alexis Deroubaix was the last French rider in this Grand Prix and had one rail down on the second element of the double. Following him, Belgium’s Dominique Hendrickx left the ring with eight faults on the scoreboard, whereas his fellow countrywoman, Ann Carton-Grootjans, finished clear, in a time of 44.92 seconds, without worrying the top 3 riders. The only American rider, Lauren Hough, had one rail down on the liverpool, and lost any hope of victory. Last to go, Brazil’s Eduardo Menezes managed to upset the plans of Jérôme Hurel and Marie Demonte somewhat as he slipped into second place thanks to a time of 39.49 seconds. So Scott Brash was able to add his name to the 2019 HUBSIDE Jumping winner’s list as he was several hundredths of a second faster than the Brazilian rider.  “I tried to have as smooth a jump-off as possible with Hello Senator, while staying on the inside of the track as much as I could. I am delighted that I stayed in the lead right to the end! I will definitely come back to the HUBSIDE Jumping next year. The arena and the warm-up ring are very spacious and really comfortable for the horses. This show is designed for the well-being of the horses and that is very important to us,” commented the champion just a few seconds after the final prize giving ceremony for 2019 in the arena of the Ecuries du Golfe de Saint Tropez.

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Earlier in the day, the CSI2* Grand Prix was won by Jean-Luc Mourier.

The French riders were really on form at the weekend and came up to the mark in the CSI2* Grand Prix. Michel Robert, Harold Boisset, and Jean-Luc Mourier were among the thirteen combinations who qualified for this 1m45 class’ jump-off, and had each already had two wins.  And they really battled it out!

Going second in the jump-off, Harold Boisset and T’Obetty du Domaine finished in 37.91 seconds going into the lead in the class. They were soon replaced in the pole position by Jean-Luc Mourier and Fionapina Colada, who finished in a time of 37.40 seconds. “When I saw Harold’s jump-off, I wasn’t sure I could go any faster than him. Fionapina Colada is not a mare with a lot of blood. Her great scope definitely stood me in good stead today. Thanks to that I was able to take out a stride before the double. My horses really love it here! And so do I! If Sadri Fegaier and Thierry Pomel are listening… I really want to come back next year! (laughter),” said the champion at the end of the class.

Michel Robert, with a new double clear, in his turn had to concede a few seconds on the track, finishing in 41.81 seconds with Van Kilmore. The French rider finished in fifth place behind the Italians Lorenzo de Luca, who was third with 40.39 seconds, and Piergiorgio Bucci, who was fourth in a time of 41.49 seconds.  Mégane Moissonnier, the best lady rider in the class, was sixth with Ussar des Bruyères (42.34 seconds).

Discover all the results HERE.

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