Honor the Spirit of America: Call for Freedom by Opposing Massive Extermination of Wild Horses in WY

The Bureau of Land Management is asking for public input on its Massive Extermination Plan for the wild horses in southern Wyoming. This is a direct assault – to permanently get rid of, or zero out, all wild horses to accommodate the Rock Springs Grazing Association’s private livestock on our public lands. HMAs affected include Salt Wells Creek, Divide Basin, and the northern portion of Adobe Town.

We are not willing to accept, on any terms, this MASSIVE ROUNDUP.

Please take the time to sign our petition today.

Please share this message with your friends, family, and on social media. We must show BLM that Americans – from all walks of life and across all political aisles – want Wyoming’s Wild Horses protected.

This Extermination Plan must be stopped. Without your help these magnificent animals are doomed.

Comments are due July 8th. Click here to take action — sign the petition and access EA documents and other information.

The Cloud Foundation