Update from Congress: Amendment to End Horse Slaughter in the Senate Infrastructure Bill

We are sorry to report that amendment 2296 to the Senate Infrastructure Bill sponsored by Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was not adopted.

The amendment would have mirrored the House amendment (which passed) and would have banned the transport of equines for slaughter.

While this is disappointing, the fight is not over. Congress is on summer recess which means your Representatives are back in their districts.

While we know this time is chaotic on Capitol Hill – THIS is still the perfect time to take action.

Just a couple minutes of your day can make a critical difference.

The House had already adopted the provision to stop the transport of American horses and burros to slaughter. Now we need them to stand by that conviction.

Please call your Representative (find their phone numbers here).

Tell them (or leave a message):

1) Your name and that you’re a constituent who wants horse slaughter stopped for good.

2) Urge them to call on the Speaker of the House and push to include the Carter-Fitzpatrick amendment, which will end the transport of equines to slaughter, in the final Infrastructure Bill.

Then, take a second to send a quick email to your Congressperson and Senators.

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