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Hurricane Preparedness and Response

Hurricane season spans from June 1 to November 30 of each year.

Hurricanes and tropical storms pose unique and potentially deadly threats to areas in their paths and can quickly deplete available resources across the nation.

While human safety is paramount, we have learned valuable lessons from previous hurricanes about the importance of incorporating consideration for animals in disaster planning.

Available on the American Veterinary Medical Association webpage “Hurricane Preparedness and Response” are the following valuable resources.

*Emergency Contact Cards
*Saving the Whole Family (AVMA brochure for free download in English or Spanish)
*Video: Saving the Whole Family
*Video: National Preparedness Month
*Podcast: AVMA Tips for Disaster Preparedness
*Podcast: Pets and Disasters: Advice for Safeguarding Your Pet Preparedness for veterinarians:
*Disaster Preparedness for Veterinarians
*Pandemic Preparedness for Veterinarians
*Disaster Preparedness for Veterinary Practices (AVMA Brochure for free download or purchase)
*AVMA’s Emergency Preparedness & Response Guide

Find this and additional information at:


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