One Piggy Bank, One Little Girl, One Huge Heart

Ingredients for a new life for a deserving horse

Sassy and Jenna

Sassy, a black no color paint mare, spent the majority of life as a broodmare and subsequently, through no fault of her own, this sweet mare ended up at an auction with no one bidding on her. The next place for Sassy would have been the killbuyer. At the auction in northern Florida on a Saturday in November, amongst the people was another group outside of random killbuyers, waiting for the horses that the crowd did not seem to want, Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse Rescue. Horses like Sassy were just who they came looking for to help. That day Pure Thoughts and many of their volunteers, new ones and veterans, saved 8 horses.

Jennifer Swanson commented on Sassy, “When we take in a horse like Sassy although the purchase price is low we know that we still face expenses that will grossly exceed any adoption price we can ask. Sassy needed weight, rehabilitation and then training and we knew it would be at least 6 months before she would be ready for placement, but that is why it is called rescue.”

About 7 months after Sassy’s arrival a young girl named Jenna and her mother Kelly came to Pure Thoughts; they had bought a horse property and now Jenna was looking for her horse. She had saved her money and ready to find her forever horse.  Jenna had seen Sassy online when she came out she tried many of the horses. Brad brought out Sassy and Jenna’s eyes lit up. Jenna rode Sassy and loved her immediately. Jenna’s mom Kelly said that they would go home and discuss it but Jenna said, “Nope! This is the horse for me. You told me I would know when I rode her, and I know she is the one for me. I love her already. I love her wrinkly belly.”

Sally found her forever home with Jenna and her family but it did not end there. That day love was in the air because Jenna was not alone; her mother Kelly also fell in love with a well-known ex-racehorse named BB Best who had arrived at Pure Thoughts Inc. Thoroughbred Division. When the time came that BB Best was available for adoption there were many people that wanted him, but Kelly was the first and there was not a question about the home. Although BB Best is a stunning Thoroughbred, Pure Thoughts knew this is a family who loved the horses for the “horse within.”

Derbys Call, BB Best and Sassy (Sassy Asset)

In the end, Jenna and her family adopted three wonderful horses from Pure Thoughts, Sassy, BB Best and Derby’s Call; they now have a beautiful home with a beautiful family. One of the mottos of Pure Thoughts is “saving the life of a horse may not change the world, but it will change that horse’s world”. In this case it changed three. Please consider a rescue & placement organization when you are looking for your next horse. For more information on the horses Pure Thoughts has available for adoption you may call Brad at 561-951-2108 or visit our adoption page.

Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse Rescue is an all-volunteer 501c3 organization. Pure Thoughts relies on donations, grants and contributions. If you are interested in donating please visit or call 561-254-0415; if you are interested in volunteering please call 561-951-2108. Your support, whether in the form of money, supplies, land or time, is desperately needed for the future of Pure Thoughts Inc. and the horses. Pure Thoughts has helped over 1400 horses and continues to help more every day. Please consider donating today.

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