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Livestock Proven Responsible for Degraded Rangelands

A recent High Country News article reported that PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) has just released data clearly showing that over 50 MILLION acres of BLM-managed lands fail to meet the agency’s own land health standards.

What is the “primary culprit” responsible for land deterioration?


Wild equids are outnumbered by millions of commercial cattle and sheep — there’s no way they can be faulted for all rangeland degradation.

This important truth is exactly why we hosted two free webinars (linked here) on effective advocacy featuring award-winning journalists Cynthia Smoot and Vickery Eckhoff. Vickery’s groundbreaking grazing data sheet (linked here) is a valuable asset that shows how the Bureau scapegoats wild horses for rangeland damage while failing to mention livestock at all.

NOW it’s time for Congress to get the message – and we need YOU to send it. Here is your CALL TO ACTION for today —

  • CLICK HERE to send a message to Congressional Leadership with the facts — livestock, not wild horses, are overgrazing our ranges.
  • Then, SHARE this action on all your social media platforms.
  • Add the hashtag #HoldAWildHorseHearing to your posts and call on your personal representatives to hold the Bureau accountable.

The first step in preparing to fight is to get informed. Please visit the GET INFORMED page of our website to learn more about the science behind the wild horse/burro issue. We need all hands on deck, armed with the FACTS, to win for the animals.

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