Bay Endurance Horse Vanishes in Hansen Dam Wash, Los Angeles, CA

On Sunday, June 20, 2010, Jacqy Gamble’s life was turned upside down when her beloved horse, Mensche, bolted during an endurance training session in the Hansen Dam Wash. After an intense search spanning 48 hours, including an infrared flyover of the wash, there was no sign of the missing Mensche.

Mensche, a 12 year old bay Arabian gelding with four white stocking and a full blaze, measuring 15.2 hands, became missing during a trail ride June 20. The seasoned endurance horse was startled when a dog ran underneath him. Gamble became dislodged and Mensche broke free, taking off with the dog chasing him. Gamble searched the nearby area, but was unable to find any sign of Mensche. The dog’s owner reported he had come home, but the spooked horse was nowhere to be found.

During the next 48 hours Gamble and volunteers searched the Tujunga Wash at Hansen Dam but were unable to find any evidence of what happened to Mensche. On Tuesday evening, the LAPD conducted a flying infrared scan of the area to see if they could detect any signs of a large warm-blooded animal. They were unable to find anything, leading Gamble to believe that someone could have caught Mensche Sunday after he got loose.

As prey animals, horses can quickly travel several miles in an hour when panicked with no real sense of direction. Mensche could still be in the area, or someone might have captured him and not know how to reach his owner, especially if he crossed a jurisdictional boundary where different law enforcement agencies might be unaware of his origin.

Jacqy and Mensche need your help! Please go to, and to the California missing horse listings. Mensche’s webpage is there and anyone can print a flyer to post in area feed or tack stores, auctions barns, restaurants or convenience stores – anywhere people congregate. You don’t have to be a horse owner to help.

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Contact: Eva Hardy, (252) 202-4449

For more information, contact: Debi Metcalfe or Angela Kirby
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One thought on “Bay Endurance Horse Vanishes in Hansen Dam Wash, Los Angeles, CA”

  1. To Whom It May Concern:
    This is an update on the Hansen Dam Missing Horse
    The owners of “Mensche”, George and Jacqy Gamble
    were informed by one of their neighbors (Kristy)
    It appeared that in the midst of terrior, with the dog at his holves, Mensche had bolted off the trail. Which lead to an end at a cement embankment. It seems that he may have tripped
    and fell breaking his back and neck. Jacqy and
    George would like to say “THANK YOU” ….
    to everyone for all their help in this matter
    See The Foothills Paper for more info. regarding
    the community outreach and the efforts involved in the search were definately heart felt.

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