You Can Keep Hope Alive

An equestrian’s life can change in an instant. Accidents happen, illness strikes. Even those with insurance can risk losing everything when things go wrong. This may happen to a friend or rider in your barn. Your trainer, groom or farrier. Any of us.

Thanks to your compassion, the Equestrian Aid Foundation® has been there in times of need for over 20 years. Your support has made it possible to help horse people in over 30 states across America to keep a roof over their heads, obtain medication, and receive therapeutic treatment to improve their lives.

Together, we have provided over $2.6 million in direct financial assistance to critically injured or ill horse people in need of a helping hand.

One of these equestrians is Laurietta, a determined para-equestrian who has beaten two different forms of cancer. Yet she still suffers from progressively debilitating auto-immune diseases that significantly affect her health. Today, Laurietta can only walk short distances using braces – otherwise, she relies on a motorized wheelchair. “I live life as good as I can,” she says. “If it wasn’t for Equestrian Aid helping me pay my rent, I would probably be on the streets. People have the option of helping people – and when they help, it is really meaningful.”

You have been with Equestrian Aid grant recipients like Laurietta every step of the way.  Thank you! But with healthcare costs and living expenses on the rise, fellow equestrians who are coping with medical and financial crises need you more than ever.

Please send a tax deductible gift of healing today to those in our equestrian community who need it most. Every contribution will make a difference in a suffering horse person’s life.

You are Equestrian Aid. Please help to keep hope alive.

To see firsthand how your generous gift helps, please visit

Equestrian Aid Foundation
11924 West Forest Hill Blvd
Suite 10A-377
Wellington, FL 33414

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