Will Crowds Be Returning to Horse Racing in 2021?

Photo by Carine06 from UK – Champion Hurdle, CC BY-SA 2.0.

2020 has been a rather strange year for many of us due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19; many industries have been affected because of this, and none more than live sporting events. When it comes to horse racing, they were one of the last events to have a live crowd at Cheltenham, but since then, there have been zero fans at events at all. With the virus finally starting to slow down, we might start to see fans back in 2021 and below we investigate further.

Spectators will return at outdoor events from December 2, with up to 4,000 fans able to return to the racing.

With the UK coming out of lockdown 2.0 on the 2nd of December, the government has now released a plan in terms of the gradual return of supporters back into live events from this date. However, this is all dependent on which tier that specific region is in to see if you are able to return to the live event – these are documented below.

Tier 1, which is notified as a medium risk by the government for the spread of the coronavirus and will allow up to 4,000 socially distanced fans back to live sports from the 2nd of December.

Tier 2, which is notified as high risk by the government will be allowed to have up to 2,000 spectators back at live sporting fans as long as they are socially distanced: half the amount of a Tier 1 region.

However, if you find yourself in a Tier 3 location, unfortunately you will have to wait slightly longer to return to a live sporting event as these areas are highlighted as very high risk and therefore no fans will be allowed back yet.

Of course, this is exciting times for horse racing fans who have certainly missed the buzz of watching and punting on their favourite horses coming down the home stretch. Although the numbers are limited as of now, we expect these numbers to be increased as times go on and specifically when the vaccine have been passed by all the governing bodies.

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