USEF Names Matt Fine as Chief Compliance Officer

Lexington, Ky. – The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Chief Executive Officer, Bill Moroney, announced the appointment of Matt Fine as the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO).

At the USEF’s Mid-Year Board meeting, President-Elect Murray Kessler presented a new Strategic Plan for the Federation. As part of that plan, Kessler identified the need for a Compliance Department and hiring of a CCO. The new department will have three primary responsibilities: ensuring compliance with competition standards, investigating incidents at licensed competitions, and monitoring internal compliance with USEF policies and procedures.

USEF President Chrystine Tauber stated, “The need for improved compliance is a high priority and the Board unanimously approved the position of Chief Compliance Officer. The creation of this position and department represents a significant change and a major step forward in the USEF’s governance process.”

In appointing Fine to the new position, Moroney said, “Matt’s experience and credentials make him a logical fit for this position. I have full faith that Matt will work diligently to develop an efficient Compliance Department that will institute programs which answer the needs of our members, organizers, and staff.”

For the last year, Fine has been working as the USEF Senior Director of Competition Operations with oversight of the Competitions and Licensed Officials Departments. From 2009-2011, Fine worked for the USEF in the Executive Department on special projects. On the volunteer side, he has served as a member of the USEF Hearing Committee and on the USEF Safe Sport Task Force. Inside the competition ring, Fine has been in Pony Club, was a Young Rider, and competed through the 1* level in eventing. Away from the Federation, Fine has worked as a criminal defense attorney and currently serves as an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Regarding his new position, Fine said, “I look forward to developing a new department within the Federation and the challenges that will come with it.” In the short term, he is focused on developing policies and procedures for the department, working to create a fair and transparent competition inspection program, and hiring full-time competition inspectors.

Aware of the perceptions some may have of a compliance department, Fine made clear that, “Although there will be an enforcement element to the department in the future, the focus now, and always, will be engaging collaboratively with our members, officials, competition organizers, and affiliates. We all have a collective interest in ensuring that our competitions are conducted within USEF rules and in a spirit consistent with the mission and vision of the organization.”

Regarding the new department and appointment of a CCO, Kessler noted, “The formation of this new function for the USEF directly addresses member concerns related to organizer non-adherence to competition standards in a mileage protection environment and the concern that Stewards and Technical Delegates paid by organizers lack the independence and time to enforce competition standards. Under Matt’s leadership, I expect a step forward in the fairness, safety, and enjoyment of the competition experience in the United States, while at the same time preserving the mileage rule for its original good purposes.”

From the USEF Communications Department

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