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Urge President Biden to Adopt Three Principles for Wild Horse & Burro Program

While President Biden awaits Congressional approval of his nomination of Congresswoman Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary, we are calling upon YOU to urge the President to adopt three key guiding principles for the wild horse and burro program:

(1) protect the “Wild” in wild horses and burros*;

(2) ensure wild horses and burros get their fair share on our public lands; and

(3) fix the woefully inadequate “humane” standards for management actions.

These principles are straightforward and should be used to guide all government actions related to wild horses and burros. If implemented, our American icons will finally receive the fair and humane treatment they deserve!

Please click here to send your message to President Biden (it only takes a moment!).

*Protecting the “Wild” in our wild horses means protecting their wild, natural behaviors. This key principle takes sterilization off the table.

Update on Caliente Complex Lawsuit

Early last week, The Cloud Foundation’s legal team was in court giving oral arguments in our lawsuit to stop the Bureau of Land Management from zeroing out (eliminating) all wild horses and burros from nearly one million acres in Nevada’s Caliente Complex.

This lawsuit is especially important because over the past 50 years, the BLM has zeroed out approximately 40% of the original Congressionally designated wild horse and burro habitat. We knew we had to do everything possible to stop this from happening in the 9 HMAs of the Caliente Complex. For more about the lawsuit and oral arguments, please click here.

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