THE Double HH Ranch Celebrates Ten Years of Barrel Racing with Great Incentives

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“Thank you so much to all of the dedicated barrel racers who have continued to support our jackpot year after year,” says owner and producer John Hagaman. The Double HH Ranch in Kings Mountain, NC begins the 2011 Season in celebration of 10 years of weekly barrel racing April through October.

Hagaman has dedicated much of his life to offering quality barrel racing events to the west Charlotte, NC community. “It has always been important to run a fair show, with consistent ground, professional staff and great food,” says Hagaman, “We do everything we can to ensure a night of quality family entertainment and competition.”

THE Double HH Ranch Series (DHHR Series) celebrates their 10th Year of Barrel Racing by adding some new incentives to keep the shows running quickly and to help the barrel racers to continue to show in this tough economy. Number one in Hagaman’s mind each week is running the show quickly and getting the youth riders home at a decent hour. This year he is offering a Weekly $25 Fuel Card Drawing to the first 25 exhibition entries each week.

Entering early will ensure that the office staff can run the show quickly and smoothly. Hagaman hopes this will encourage the contestants to get to the office as soon as possible each evening. And just to keep it fair for the contestants who don’t need an exhibition or who can’t get to the office early, he is allowing anyone willing to write a compliment for the show staff on a card and turn it in to the office to also be placed in the drawing.

As another incentive for the contestants who get to the show early and need to get home early, THE Double HH Ranch office staff will be offering the Early Draw. They will be drawing the 1st 25 entries in each class as soon as the 25th entry comes into the office. Any entries after this will be drawn to run after the 1st 25 and will posted as soon as possible. Entries will close on each competition class once the 1st horse runs.

THE Double HH Ranch will also be giving away Eight FREE Exhibition Cards a month at the Added Money Show which is held the last Tuesday of each month. These cards will be awarded to the winner of each division in the Open and the Youth Class and can be redeemed at any NON-Added money Tuesday Night Jackpot in the 2011 Series.

For more info – John Hagaman at 704-477-6655 or

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