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USHJA Horse of the Year Jumper Championship Wins for Traband and Rudershausen

Elizabeth Traband and Ladonna.

Devon, Pa. – Sept. 17, 2016 – Elizabeth Traband and Melissa Rudershausen wrapped up the Devon Fall Classic on Sunday with victories during the United States Hunter Jumper Association Zone 2 Horse of the Year Jumper Championships. Traband and Rudershausen were among seven athletes to secure a spot in the winner’s circle in their respective divisions.

“This is actually my first show with Ladonna, and she just went in and marched around like a champion,” Traband said. “This is my favorite horse show. Just to be able to come here is great. It is such an incredible facility. There is so much history. It definitely makes this win more special.”

Traband rode Ladonna to victory in the $5,000 Low Junior Jumper Classic, besting the field of four riders who qualified for the speed round. Each competitor laid down a double-clear effort and only four-tenths of a second separated the top two athletes. Traband and her 11-year-old Warmblood triumphed with a time of 33.055 seconds, forcing Ashley Hartman and Clear Lady to settle for second place with a time of 33.490 seconds.

The unique rider shared her background, explaining, “I have a really crazy story. I became a fan of a guy named Tommie Turvey. At the time, I had this rotten pony that liked to buck me off and was horrible in the show ring. I rode him bridle-less everywhere, and one day, Tommie said, ‘Why don’t you come on the road with us?'”

Traband was born without an arm, but never allowed herself to be held back. At age 7, she was given the opportunity to travel all over the country with Turvey, performing in night shows and clinics.

“In 2010, we were performing at the World Equestrian Games,” the Penn State student continued. “Louise Serio was there with the international hunter derby riders. They got together and got me a grant to go to Wellington for two weeks – I was hooked.”

She added, “I hope I am an inspiration. I hope that I continue to push myself, and get outside of my comfort zone. It is amazing what you can achieve and what you can do when you put your nose to the grindstone.”

Lauren Lindner and Nazario 2 led the jump-off of the Low Junior Jumper class and set the initial time to beat, tripping the timers at 35.710 seconds. Her effort earned her the third-place finish, ahead of Chloe White and Miss Understood II, who finished in a time of 36.121 seconds for a fourth-place ribbon.

Rudershausen and Alicante Manciaise won the final class of the day in the $5,000 Low Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic. The duo was first to tackle the Paul Jewell-designed course and laid down a faultless effort to claim their spot in the short course. Three other horse-and-rider combinations followed their lead, narrowing down the chance at the tricolor ribbon to four athletes.

“Going first in the jump-off, my plan was to not go crazy,” Rudershausen explained. “I wanted to be tight and tidy in the turns, save room in the turns and really let it go to the last fence. My plan went really well. When I landed from the last fence, I thought I had a pretty good chance of winning it.”

Rudershausen and her Selle Francais mare sped through the track effortlessly in a time of 33.852 seconds, setting a time to beat that was too difficult for the other contenders to catch.

“There is no feeling in the world like walking under the sign to the Dixon Oval,” Rudershausen said. “It is a special feeling, and one we always try to achieve. I have been showing here every year since the Fall Classic started. It is really nice that it is only one ring, only jumpers. It is just run beautifully. They do a great job, and I love it.”

The duo had one of the two double-clear rounds in the afternoon. Caroline Annarella earned the second-place honors aboard Maxima 103 with an errorless round and time of 36.970 seconds.

Taylor Willever incurred four faults and clocked in a time of 35.883 seconds for third place with Adeline, while Heather Irons and Quiesel 4 settled for fourth place with an unfortunate elimination.

Earlier in the day, Kimberly Nevitt and Pardoned earned the first rosette of the championship day, finishing first in the $1,500 Low Adult Amateur Classic, while Wendy Chapot Nunn and Finella settled for the red ribbon in the class.

Alexis C. Di Pasqua and Reba Dean led the victory gallop in the second and fourth class of the day.  The dynamic duo bested five horse-and-rider combinations in the jump off of the $1,500 Low Children’s Jumper Classic and $3,000 High Children’s Jumper Classic to earn the victories. Christina Barnas and Demantur rode away with the second-place finish in the Low Children’s Jumper, while Robert Matz and Vamor secured the second place honors in the High Children’s Jumper.

The $3,000 High Adult Amateur Jumper Classic had a tough field of 22 competitors vying for the prize money and embroidered cooler. Sheila Ann Sadighi and Ulano bested the field of contenders and came out on top, while Joy Slater and Oilean Uno earned second place.

The ponies took over the Dixon Oval for the $1,500 Pony Jumper Classic, and Luke Sassi stole the show aboard Sky Miles as he sped through the course. Along the victory, Sassi earned the Pony Jumper Style of Riding Award. Catherine Wilson and EZ to Spot came up just short of the title, settling for the class’s red ribbon.

Traband’s and Rudershausen’s wins in Sunday’s Low Junior and Low Amateur-Owner classes marked the conclusion of the Devon Fall Classic. For more information on Devon Horse Shows, visit: www.devonhorseshow.net.

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Rudershausen and Charmeur Ask Win $40k Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix at HITS

(c) ESI Photography. Melissa Rudershausen and Charmeur Ask.

CULPEPER, Virginia (July 14, 2015): Melissa Rudershausen and her Charmeur Ask won first place in Sunday’s $40,000 HITS Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix at the HITS Culpeper Cavalier Classic.

Rudershausen, of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, went fourth in the 10 horse jump-off, taking first after the lead changed hands several times. “It was kind of a big jump-off. I had a plan to just go smooth and fast, but not out of control,” said Rudershausen. “That strategy seemed to work.”

The first to go clear in the jump-off was fourth-place finisher Conor O’Regan, of Upperville, Virginia, who went second on MCB Maya, owned by Robert Jornayvaz in 43.569 seconds. Third-place finisher Ian Silitch, of Ocala, Florida, on Cordovo, owned by Gaston Family Investments, went third and completed the round in a clear 40.290 seconds, taking the lead. Rudershausen, however, shaved more than a second off of Silitch’s time to claim the lead finish in 39.159 — a time that would hold for the remainder of the round. Silitch also went eighth in the jump-off on Vanita, of the same owner, and finished in 40.197, to top his earlier time and claim second place.

Rudershausen said Charmeur Ask, a 9-year-old Danish Warmblood, is still “quite green, but very, very talented. He’s showing a lot of promise.”

Anna Dryden and Classified Win $10,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic, presented by Vetera® XP Vaccines

Anna Dryden, of New York City, and her Classified won Sunday’s $10,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic, presented by Vetera® XP Vaccines — claiming the blue ribbon as the only pair to go clean in the first round.

(c) ESI Photography. Anna Dryden and Classified
(c) ESI Photography. Anna Dryden and Classified

Randy Johnson, of Clarksburg, Maryland, and Allegretta, owned by Greener Pastures Bethesda LLC, claimed second with the fastest four fault round in 83.170 seconds. Andrea Torres Guerreiro, of Waterford, Virginia, rounded out third and fourth with four faults on both Santa Catalina Farm’s Victoria in 84.241 and Fifty Shades in 86.580. Dryden also placed fifth in the class on her Petrushka III in 86.660 seconds.

The Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic is held each week at HITS Culpeper and is a qualifier for the Vetera® XP Vaccines $250,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Prix at the HITS Championship in September at HITS-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, New York. At the Culpeper Finals (Week VI, September 23-27), the prize money increases to $15,000 in the Classic.

Aaron Vale and Quidam’s Good Luck Win $15,000 Brook Ledge Open Jumper Prix

Aaron Vale and Quidam’s Good Luck, owned by Troy Glaus, took first place in Friday’s $15,000 Brook Ledge Open Jumper Prix. First to contest the jump-off course, Vale, of Williston, Florida, finished the 12-horse jump-off in the fastest time out of five riders who also made it double-clear.

Second-place finisher Jason Berry, of Verona, Virginia, on Varios, owned by Willoughby Stables, completed the shortened course in 39.941 seconds, and David Matisz, of Upperville, Virginia, placed third in 41.737 on Charles Pinckney, owned by David Matisz LLC and Margaret O’Neill.

For more information and a complete schedule of classes and events, visit HitsShows.com. Stay connected with HITS: join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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Rudershausen and Abracadabra Win the $7,500 U-Dump/SJHOF Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic

(c) ESI Photography. Melissa Rudershausen and Abracadabra.

OCALA, Florida (March 8, 2015): Melissa Rudershausen of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, riding her own Abracadabra, took home the first-place prize in the $7,500 U-Dump/SJHOF Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper High Classic, presented by VETERA® XP Vaccines, on Sunday morning in the Ocala Horse Properties Stadium.

Six moved onto the jump-off and Rudershausen had the advantage of going last, when one other rider had been double-clear. She posted a clear round in 51.223 seconds to claim first place. Two rounds earlier, Nicole Bellissimo, riding Bellissimo LLC’s Harley David, had posted a clear – but slower – round in a time of 53.831, which earned her second place. Hayley Waters, riding Qurint, owned Chuck and Dana Waters, was fastest in 46.376 but four faults put her at third.”

“I touched the clouds a few times today,” said Rudershausen, who added that the course was challenging and the time tight. “You had to be efficient and the timers were a ways away from the last jump so you had to be careful and then gallop away.”

“In the jump-off,” she added, “I planned to do the five strides from one to two but he landed a little shallow and he jumped so high over the oxer that he almost jumped me off. He jumped the next two huge as well then settled in. The door was open with only one clean in the jump-off, so I tried to be a little faster.”

Bellissimo was happy with her ride, saying, “I just wanted to do a nice clear so I rode carefully. My horse jumped great.”

Florencio Hernandez of Mexico City, Mexico designed the course. The class is a qualifier for the VETERA® XP Vaccines $250,000 Junior/Amateur-owner Jumper Prix at the HITS Championship at HITS-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, New York in September.

Gabrielle Calvert and Cat Woman Win $7,500 Marshall & Sterling/TuffRider-Equine Couture Children’s Jumper High Classic

OCALA, Florida (March 7, 2015): On Saturday night, the bleachers and VIP tent Saturday night were full of spectators who cheered for their favorites and sighed at downed rails in two jumper classics.

The juniors rode first in the $7,500 Marshall & Sterling/TuffRider-Equine Couture Children’s Jumper High Classic. A newcomer on an experienced campaigner followed her plan with a few improvisations and came out a winner: Gabriel Calvert and Cat Woman, owned by Daniel White of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, was double-clear in 30.856 to take home first prize out of a class of 35 riders.

Second-place winner Isabella Roman, of Green Oaks, Illinois, and Moraleja, went last of the thirteen that jumped-off and galloped the entire course, going wide on the turns and clocking in at 33.051. Ashton Alexander beat her own time and was third and fourth with Zibon HC and Naturel in times of 35.125 and 35.758, respectively. The only other double-clear was Savannah Nicole Unger on Lagoa for fifth place.

Cat Woman has competed through the Level 7 Jumpers with owner Daniel White, who gave Calvert the opportunity to show the veteran mare. Relatively new to the jumpers, 17-year-old Calvert is leading the Children’s Jumper High Division for Circuit Champion and is aiming toward the $25,000 Marshall & Sterling/Team Barber Child/Adult Jumper High Classic coming up this Saturday.

An excited White praised his rider, saying, “She took all the inside turns and did the seven down the last line and followed the plan. This girl has a bright future.”

Saturday night at HITS also featured a trainer and exhibitor party sponsored by VETERA® XP Vaccines with complimentary food and drink in the Paddock Club VIP tent, which drew a terrific crowd.

Madison Akins on Chasm Z Take Top Place in $7,500 M&S/TuffRider-Equine Couture Adult Jumper High Classic

The crowd was treated to a thrilling jump-off when Madison Akins of Winder, Georgia, riding her own Chasm Z, won the $7,500 Marshall & Sterling/TuffRider-Equine Couture Adult Jumper High Classic, leaving out strides and mastering tight turns to claim the win.

Only six of the original 38 advanced to the jump off and five managed to go double-clear. First to go clear was Anna Whitman of Marston Mills, Massachusetts on Calino-GZ, who stopped the timers in 37.889, but her lead was short lived and she finished fourth.

Next to challenge was Avery Sharp on Skye’s the Limit who added strides in the lines but turned tight enough to shave more than two seconds off the lead and finish in 35.549. Lindsey Simmons of Middleburg, Virginia and 7-year-old Don Loma took over the lead in 34.812. Simmons had to settle for second when the lead changed hands for the final time as Akins and Chasm Z put it all together and galloped through the finish timers more than two seconds faster than Simmons in 32.840 for the win.

After the class, an excited Akins, who is at HITS while on spring break from the University of Georgia, said, “Honestly, I just knew I just had to go faster than I ever have. It was all him – he is an amazing horse. I’ve only had him for a year… What a great way to start my vacation.”

Florencio Hernandez of Mexico City, Mexico, designed both courses.

For more information and a complete schedule of classes and events, visit HitsShows.com. Stay connected with HITS: join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

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Atlanta Spring Classic Closes Out Another Successful Two Weeks

Melissa Rudershausen and her own Gunner fly over the Beau Rivage vertical under the covered arena during the $25,000 EMO Grand Prix. Flashpoint Photography.

Amateur rider Melissa Rudershausen of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and her own Gunner won their first grand prix Saturday when they emerged the victors in the $25,000 EMO Grand Prix, besting a field of fourteen horse and rider teams.

Rudershausen purchased the Holsteiner-Thoroughbred cross from Aaron Vale about three years ago and has been showing him in the high amateurs until last year and just this year, started their grand prix competitions.  While they have placed in three of their last four grand prix, their win in the $25,000 EMO Grand Prix proved that the fifth grand prix was their lucky number.

The weather forecast looked ominous and the Classic Company management team made the executive decision to move the grand prix to the covered arena. “Paul Jewell did a great job,” commented Rudershausen.  “The lines were technical but straight-forward.  Sure, they came up on you a bit being under the covered arena, but it was a very inviting course overall,” she said.  “The crowd didn’t seem to mind,” said Classic Company President, Bob Bell. “The VIP was sold out and everyone was there ringside.  It was a great class for everyone!” he added.

Last week’s $25,000 CWD Grand Prix winner, Glenn Hartigan of Canton, Georgia, was the first clear round to go in the class riding Ace of Spies, owned by Phyllis Hines, and turned in a first round effort in 76.610 seconds, well within the 79 seconds to beat.  Their jump off round was also clean and the pair set the time to beat at 41.641 seconds, within the time allowed of 45 seconds.  However, with thirteen more to go, it was still anyone’s class.

Rudershausen and Gunner was the next horse and rider team to turn in a clean first round effort.  Her jump off round in 36.998 seconds set the new time to beat, making it clear for anyone in the class that she and Gunner were going to be a force to contend with.

Amanda Flint of Long Valley, New Jersey was next to go clean in the irons of the Coverboy Group’s Newlight VDL and posted a time of 77.973 seconds.  However, their subsequent clean second round in a time of 40.507 was not going to beat Rudershausen and Gunner and Flint and Newlight VDL finished in second place overall.

The last to go in the class was Thomas John Russell of Columbus, North Carolina in the irons of Lillian Hahn’s Karenina.  The pair turned in a clean first round effort in 75.769 seconds.  Despite the fact that the two sat in the enviable last to go spot, their jump off round resulted in four jump faults and a time of 38.274 seconds. The pair would finish in fourth place overall and secure the win for Rudershausen and Gunner.  Second place would rest with Flint and Newlight VDL, third place would remain with Hartigan and Ace of Spies, and fourth place was won by Thomas John Russell and Karenina.

Fifth place was awarded to Daniel Geitner of Aiken, South Carolina and Friller, owned by Catherine Stumberg, after the pair turned in a first round effort with four jump faults and 75.519 seconds.

Sixth place was awarded to Francois Lamontagne of St. Eustache, Quebec, Canada and Ferme Lamontagne’s Usefull who turned in a first round effort with four jump faults and one time fault in a time of 79.048 seconds.  Devin Ryan of Long Valley, New Jersey and Sima Morgello’s Chantilly placed seventh after a first round effort in eight jump faults with a time of 72.956 seconds.  Geitner returned for an eighth place ribbon, this time riding the Kenwood Syndicate’s Kenwood after posting a first round time in 73.889 seconds and eight jump faults.  Anne Bingler of Winter Garden, Florida and her own Tanimara finished in ninth, Flint and the Coverboy Group’s VDL Zedaldine wrapped up tenth place, Hartigan and Phyllis Hines’ Johny Bravo captured eleventh, and Flint and the Coverboy Group’s Child Z finished in twelfth place overall.

Rudershausen started riding on the family farm in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania with her mother and was one of the cute little riders in the Devon lead line.  She started showing when she was six and rode in the local shows until about the age of nine.  “I discovered jumpers at the age of fourteen and never looked back,” she said.  “Some key trainers for me along the way have been Don Stewart, Sergio Campos, Emil Spadone, Chrissie Kear and most recently Paulo Miranda,” said Rudershausen.

“I had a great winter and showing and winning at the Atlanta Spring Classic with Gunner was great.  But I’m also really happy because my six year old horse, Undelie de Roset, won the six year old class here too,” she added.

Rudershausen splits her time between Ocala, Florida at her Barren’s Edge Farm and the Kennett Square area in Pennsylvania.  Besides a busy show and training schedule, the ambitious amateur rider is also active in finding homes for horses she has rescued and specifically, providing second careers for off the track Thoroughbreds.

“We had a very good turnout for our Atlanta Spring Classic and would like to thank all of the competitors, their trainers, family and friends for making this such a tremendous success,” said Bob Bell, President of Classic Company.

“We especially appreciate the support of our sponsors, and would like to thank them for their contribution to Classic Company show jumping events as well as the sport as a whole,” he added.

“We wish everyone a happy Spring and Easter and bid you safe travels wherever your truck and trailer may lead you,” he said. “We hope that your horse show road heads back to see us this June in Atlanta.”

Atlanta Summer Classic

June is just around the corner and the Classic Company is busy putting the finishing touches on a fantastic Atlanta Summer Classic event set to kick off on June 11 through 22 and will offer more than $325,000 in cash and prizes over the two week AA circuit.  Week II offers the Junior Hunter Frenzy which will be topped off by the Grand Puba Junior Hunter Championships.  Friday night, June 20, is the ever-popular Outback Steakhouse Dinner Benefit which will include dinner, drinks, silent auction and a front row seat for the inaugural Six Bar Class.  With class offerings ranging from walk-trot to grand prix, you won’t want to miss these two weeks of non-stop show jumping action!

Charleston Summer Classic

Did you book your beach condo?  The Show-cation destination is coming up at the Charleston Summer Classic which starts July 8 through 19.  Beach front condos a few minutes from the show grounds is where the riders stay so don’t miss out on the best show-cation of your life! Bring the family, friends, dogs and horses!  Minutes from the beach and only a short drive to historic Charleston, this is the show that offers something for everyone from fishing to kayaking, to shopping to wave jumping, from walk-trot to weekly grand prix and hunter derbies – this is your Show-cation destination!

Anyone who has shown with the Classic Company knows what sets them apart from the rest:  Classic Shows are FUN!  Friday night exhibitor parties, Saturday night grand prix, complimentary ringside Saturday pizza and luncheons all with the exhibitor in mind! And remember, Classic Company does not charge extra office fees for credit card transactions nor is there a scratch or add fee!  Classic Company wants to make your showing experience the best ever!

So whether you are a seasoned veteran or novice looking for a positive show experience, head to a Classic Company event this summer and get the red carpet treatment you deserve!

The Classic Company is a USHJA’s Members Choice Award winner, recognized for producing top quality show jumping events in the United States.  Together, they offer the best exhibitor-friendly, top quality hunter jumper events each winter.  Please visit them on the web at www.ClassicCompany.com or call them at 843.768.5503.

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