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Polish Rider Victorious in the 4* at Baborówko Autumn Show

Mateusz Kiempa (POL) & Lassban Radovix. M&R Photo.

The showjumping trial for the highest ranked class at Baborówko Autumn Show 2021, the CCI4*-S, presented by LOTTO, brought changes in the leaderboard. The course designer prepared a demanding challenge for the athletes, which resulted in only three clear rounds inside the time. Even the leaders had poles down. Amanda Staam (SWE), who was in the first position overnight, had two knockdowns, which added 8 points to her account with CORPOUBET AT and cost her the win. Mateusz Kiempa (POL) with LASSBAN RADOVIX finished with 4 penalties, but the solid foundation he built in two previous trials secured his victory. Kamil Rajnert (POL) jumped up into third riding GOUVERNEUR.

In the CCI3*-S, for the prize of Kuhn, the win went to Antonia Baumgart (GER) riding LAMANGO after their clear round inside the time. Julia Gillmaier (POL) advanced from fourth to second with RED DREAM PRINCES, and Pia Münker (GER) with JARD finished third.

The leaderboard was shuffled in the CCI2*-S, presented by the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship Local Government, as well. Josephine Schnaufer-Völkel (GER) with GINGER SPICE 3, the leader after dressage and cross-country, had two poles down, which knocked her into 10th position. A clear round secured the win for Jerome Robine (GER) riding AVATAR 42. Caro Hoffrichter (GER) with JUST JAQUES jumped up into second, and third belonged to Pia Münker (GER) riding CASCABLANCA, who was clear on the fences but had to add 0,8 for time.

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Baborówko – Before the Cross-Country

Mateusz Kiempa (POL) & Lassban Radovix. M&R Photo.

Baborówko, 1 October 2021 – Dressage trials for all classes ended at Baborówko Autumn Show 2021. Next, the riders in the highest-ranked classes will face the cross country.

Mateusz Kiempa (POL) riding LASSBAN RADOVIX took the lead in the highest-ranked class of the show – the CCI4*-S, for the prize of LOTTO. Second place belongs to Amanda Staam (SWE) with CORPOUBET AT, and Libusa Lübbeke riding CARAMIA 34 is currently third.

German riders dominated the CCI2*-S, presented by the the Wielkopolskie voivodeship Local Government. The best result belongs to Josephine Schnaufer-Völkel (GER) with GINGER SPICE 3. Jerome Robine (GER) sits in second riding AVATAR 42, and third place belongs to Pia Münker (GER) with CASCABLANCA. This rider is also the leader in the CCI1*-Intro, presented by Generali, here riding BALOU’S MASCOT M. Mateusz Pabijanek (POL) is now second with KALMA, and Stella Maria Stöhr (GER) holds third with CATWALKER.

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Strzegom Eventing: 4-Star Class for the Netherlands

Mateusz Kiempa with Libertina. Photo by Leszek Wójcik.

Good Rides from Polish Athletes in Lower Classes

Strzegom, Poland, April 7: Tim Lips with the 13-year-old Bayro was unbeatable in the CCI4*-S class during Strzegom Spring Open. Mateusz Kiempa (POL) has won the 3* class with Libertina.

The Dutch rider has taken the lead after the dressage trial, went clear on the fences during the cross country with penalty points for the time, and the showjumping test with a clear round on Sunday proved him to the best of all, and secured his leading position in the class.

“It was Bayro’s first start of the season. I know my horse is a super star. We had a great start in the dressage already. About the cross country, I think it was a very nice course for the beginning of the season, Bayro is a very experienced horse and it felt easy for me. Today in the showjumping he did a great round and gave me a fantastic feeling.”

Yoshiaki Oiwa (JPN) finished in the second place with Calle 44. Third place was at question during the three trials. French rider Aurelie Riedweg was third after dressage. After cross country her position was taken by Andreas Dibowski, who then finished the showjumping with two knockdowns, giving up his third place to Katrin Khoddam-Hazrati (AUT) with Oklahoma 2, coming up from her fifth position before the last trial.

Polish riders outside the top ten. Mariusz Kleniuk with the Polish-bred Winona was the highest ranked Polish athlete in the class, finishing at 11th.

Strzegom Spring Open began the eventing season in Poland this year. Almost 250 riders from 21 countries, including China and Japan, competed in six international and five national classes of different difficulty levels, and almost 350 horses have galloped through the hippodrome in Morawa during the 4 days of the show.

Mateusz Kiempa was the best in the CCI3*-S class with the 10-year-old Libertina. The Polish athlete took the lead after dressage, but exceeding the time allowed on the cross-country course cost him his leading position and placed him at sixth. He took back his position in the showjumping, where he went clear, winning the whole class. Yoshiaki Oiwa (JPN) was second with Bart L JRA, and third place went to the current Polish national champions, Jan Kamiński with the Polish-bred Senior.

The CCI2*-S class belonged to Dutch riders. Myrle Schoones with Dimitri won the class, second place went to Bjinse Benderbosch with Vesuve d’Averyon, and Antonia von Baath (GER) finished third with Freddie C. The best Polish athlete in the class was Wiktoria Knap, who finished 6th with Quintus 134.

The first place in the CCI1*-INTRO class went to Vanessa Bölting riding Baumann’s Filou. Mateusz Kiempa with Pitagoras took the third place.

Two international classes for ponies were also played out during Strzegom Spring Open. Luna Richter (NED) with Rolsteds Viola won the CCIP1-S class, and the win in CCIP2-S went to Siw Kaas (NED) with Hesteklewa Be My Best Smokey.

Online results: http://eventing.strzegomhorsetrials.pl/results/2019/sso/


Mateusz Kiempa and Lassban Radovix Are in the Lead after Dressage

Baborówko, 29th of September 2018 –- It was a windy day, but thankfully a sunny day too, in Baborówko, Poland for the dressage at Baborówko Horse Sale Show.

It will also be a very busy day at the cross country national classes; the international classes and the third edition of the Sport Horses Auction follow.

It was very good day for Mateusz Kiempa (POL) and Lassban Radovix who are in the lead after dressage in the CIC3* for the prize of Kuhn Maszyny Rolnicze. Very close behind him, by only 0,1 penalty point, is Anna Siemer (GER) with FRH Butt’s Avondale. Third place is occupied by Malin Hansen-Hotopp (GER) with Monsieur Schnabel.

In first place in the CIC2*, for the prize of Lotto, is Ben Leuwer (GER) with C’est La Vie 135. In second place is Josephine Schnaufer (GER) and Ronaldo. In third place is Sanna Siltakorpi (FIN) with Jagiello.

In the lead in CIC1*, for the prize of Duon, is Paweł Spisak (POL) and Paco. In second is Katrin Norling (SWE) and Hulliebullie and in third is Ben Leuwer (GER) and Avatar 28.

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