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KY Horse Council Leads Strategic Planning Session for Equine Industry

Lexington, KY, July 21, 2011 – Kentucky’s horses are often referred to as a “signature industry”, providing the Commonwealth with an identity that goes beyond state and national borders.  Horses provide Kentuckians thousands of jobs, millions in tax revenue to the Commonwealth, and hours of pleasure for Kentucky horsemen and women.

Despite the size and impact of the industry, Kentucky does not engage routinely in long-term strategic planning of initiatives to benefit all breeds and equestrian disciplines.

The Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) hosts a Kentucky Equine Strategic Planning Session on September 24, 2011.  KHC seeks the involvement of all equine associations throughout the Commonwealth for this important process.

“This planning effort to develop initiatives for the benefit of all owners, riders, and breeders is something that is a natural fit for the Kentucky Horse Council”, says Anna Zinkhon, President of the KHC Board.

“The event will not only support the industry and the Commonwealth, but will also help to unify the community, which has been known to be fragmented into different interest groups.  When we all work together and speak as one voice, we are much more effective,” Zinkhon continued.

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Increased Relief for Kentucky Horse Owners on the Way

According to a recent report, one out of every ten work-eligible Kentuckians is unemployed.  In response to the significant increase in jobless horse owners, the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) has modified eligibility requirements for their Equine Safety Net program.

Started in April 2007, Equine Safety Net provides feed for horses owned by individuals who have recently lost a job or suffered an injury which prevents them from working.

Through the Equine Safety Net program, KHC provides hay and grain for up to two horses for thirty days for approved applicants.  Historically Equine Safety Net supported the care of horses whose owners suffered a job loss or injury within 90 days of application.

Because of recent eligibility changes, now the program is available to those with a verifiable change in work status within six months and recipients may, for the first time, apply for a 30 day extension of Safety Net support.

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Kentucky Horse Council Works to Demystify Green Horse Farming

January 05 2010 – If spreading manure and draining waste water onto plants is your idea of going green you may be in for a big surprise. As large scale agriculture production facilities alter their management strategies to become more environmentally conscientious the spotlight transitions to the small farmer.

In an effort to provide up-to-date information on green equine initiatives, the Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) recently added a Going Green page to the Farm & Business segment of their website. The page includes links to information and articles featuring green horse farming techniques and tactics.

“Generations of horsemen having employed an array of land and stable management practices may find themselves struggling with how best to identify and utilize greener strategies. Through the Kentucky Horse Council website, those individuals can network to learn about green horse farming in the Commonwealth and around the world,” observed KHC Board President Madelyn Millard. Read more> http://www.horsesinthesouth.com/article/article_detail.aspx?id=9670

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