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The 1st-Ever Equine Business Success Summit

The 1st-Ever Equine Business Success Summit, running October 10-14, is a brand new way to learn business strategies, tips and tactics – and I’m thrilled to have the honor of presenting in it! I’m talking about “How Recognition and Familiarity Instill Trust” on Monday October 10th at 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, or 8pm Eastern. This is completely FREE to listen in on – and the organizers are even posting the calls online for 48 hours afterwards!

If you’re serious about your equine-oriented business, there is NO EXCUSE for not attending!

Here are some of the personalities you’ll meet and topics addressed on the event:

§  Patricia Reszetylo, EquineTeleseminar, on Teleseminar Marketing

§  Geoff Tucker, DVM, The Equine Practice, Inc, on “How Recognition and Familiarity Instill Trust”

§  Kymber Miller, BiSaddular, on “Retail Marketing with Social Media”

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The Equine Practice Rounds – My Turn to Trim the Toes, by Geoff Tucker, DVM

There was a brief time when I worked for another practice and honestly, the boss and I didn’t get along. One of the favorite things he would do was to send employees he didn’t like out to do things that were not in our scope of being an equine practitioner.

It was a hot summer day in upstate New York and in the lazy afternoon heat of the practice vehicle I had fallen asleep. That was OK because I was 30 minutes early for the appointment I had been assigned. The snickers from my fellow employees had not distracted me from what had looked like an easy afternoon.

I was in such a deep sleep that I could have been in another world. I had parked across the street from a two story red brick colonial house in an upscale community. There was no evidence of any farming. Not even a vegetable patch let alone a fence for animals. I had been asked to trim the toes of a pot bellied pig and I had checked the address several times to be sure I was in the right place.

I was surprised by the owner just returning from work in the city. She woke me from my depths of sleep with a smart wave and brilliant smile. She was dressed in a bright red patterned skirt, a white fluffy blouse, stockinged legs, and smooth black high heels. Sparkling jewelry accented her arms and neck and her hair and make up had not weathered from her day at the office. She did not look like the usual “barn girl” I see every day.

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Who Is Your Horse’s Advocate? by Geoff Tucker, DVM

Some of my clients don’t realize that I am a veterinarian. They think that I just float teeth.

Do you remember 1973? Many of you reading this were not yet born. Thanks to the movies though, many now know that 1973 was the year Secretariat won the Triple Crown. Here is an interesting fact many of you don’t know.

In the annual issue of Time magazine in 2000 where they usually announce the “Man of the Year”, the magazine decided to announce the “Event of the Century.” (As I write this, I am getting goose bumps!). Think of ALL the events from 1900 to 1999 – World Wars, the great depression, assassinations, The Beatles, and more. You have one guess what Time Magazine listed as the NUMBER ONE EVENT OF THE CENTURY….


That same year I had quit college and landed a job in Delaware, Ohio on a Saddlebred farm. It lasted for 3 months but I learned a lot. For instance, I learned how to treat colic.

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The Ten Irrefutable Laws of Horsemanship by Geoff Tucker, DVM

A monthly discussion of The Ten Irrefutable Laws of Horsemanship

"Tree Tunnel" - Scenes from the road - BarnPics by Geoff Tucker, DVM

I want to make horsemanship simple, like water flowing in a stream. The book is only 28 pages long yet it is everything I do every day with horses. How I connect within seconds with almost every horse and proceed to insert a steel file inside the mouth is distilled in this small book.

Order yourself a copy of The Ten Irrefutable Laws of Horsemanship then join me via this message as I discuss each law to make what you read more practical.


Today I worked with 16 horses and every one of them had a different personality. Two of them are worth mentioning.

Horse 1 is a 10 year old large pony whom I had never seen. He was friendly but the first thing I picked up on was that he had been raised in a very structured environment. It reminded me of someone raised in the military. He was all business and he knew he was to cooperate or there would be consequences. In fact, I got the feeling that he had never been allowed to express himself to a human.

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