Strzegom 2017

Strzegom 2017 is not only all about European Championships in Eventing – there are also three others great international events, which take place here for years: Strzegom Horse Trials, Strzegom Autumn Show, and Strzegom October Festival.

Strzegom Horse Trials for the 15th time

Because of organization of European Championships, Strzegom Horse Trials, the event with the longest tradition of all Strzegom’s competitions, will take place from 17th until 20th May 2017. It will be the 15th edition of the event that has a secure place in competition calendars of riders all around the world.  This year it will be one of the last chances to be qualified for European Championships in August. It will also be the last chance, for those who already have qualification score, to take part and ‘get the feeling’ of Strzegom’s cross country course.

Strzegom Horse Trials is not only 3 stars CCI and CICO-N event, but also CIC/CCI2* and CIC/CCI1* competitions for less experienced riders and horses, who are just at the beginning of their international career, competing here in Strzegom together with top eventing stars.

European Championships already in August

Now no more than 200 days has left till the greatest eventing competition in Europe in 2017. Tickets are available online at and If you are interested in Hospitality proposal, please visit our website Do not hesitate – it’s the best time to book your tickets, organize your travel and book the hire car on the special offer of Championships’ Official Partnerm, Hertz.

Strzegom Autumn Show

Continuingly from 2011, every September in Strzegom there are special competitions organized for young 4, 5 and 6 years old horses. Usually, they are accompanying by 1* and 2 * international classes. This year the schedule of this event will be extended because CNC L and CNC P will be added. SAS will take place from 14th until 17th September 2017. Strzegom Autumn Show has been a venue for many talented young horses for last few years. Among those, we could watch some wonderful horses like Banderas or Libertina.

Strzegom October Festival

In October, it’s time to sum up and finish the eventing season in Strzegom. During Strzegom October Festival from 12th till 15th October 2017 CNC L, P, 1*, CCI1*, CIC/CCI2*, CIC/CCI3* classes will take place. This event gets a growing appreciation of riders as it has a very balanced cross country courses when it comes to the level of difficulty and that allows finishing the season with a good attitude for future. It’s also a great chance for a number of pairs to challenge themselves competing on a higher level.


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