Steve Williams Hosts Mason Phelps Radio Thursday, January 26

Steve Williams will host the third segment of Mason Phelps Radio Thursday, January 26, 2012. Photo Courtesy of Maria Finkernagel

Wellington, FL – January 25, 2012 – Mason Phelps Radio is pleased to announce that its third segment will be held this Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. EST on Although Phelps will be absent this week due to the prestigious World Dressage Masters Palm Beach, Media Personality Steve Williams will take control and be sure to provide an entertaining session. This week will feature Jennifer Oz LeRoy, Brianne Goutal and Jodi Crowley as guests. Williams and his guests look forward to discussing feed – for both horses and people. With the expertise of the panel, the show is sure to provide thrilling information and facts including where to find great food at horse shows around the globe.

One of this week’s guests will be restaurateur, designer, writer and horse farm owner, Jennifer Oz LeRoy. She has been a lifelong equestrian and successful businesswoman, proving successful in both the corporate arena and the show ring. “I’m excited to share the studio with my good friend Jennifer Oz LeRoy this week, while Mason is busy with World Dressage Masters. Listeners are sure to enjoy our conversation regarding the best feed for horse and human with experts in the respective fields,” Williams explained.

“I’m very excited, and I even have my outfit picked out for the radio,” LeRoy laughed. “I will jump at the opportunity at any chance I get to discuss food and the horse world. They are both two fabulous industries and I am thrilled to be a part of each of them. I am excited to be able to talk about it, especially since everyone needs to eat and so many people in Wellington ride.”

Alltech’s Feed and Supplements Company has been on the forefront of support when it comes to the equestrian community, and they have also remained committed to providing the greatest feed, nutrition and supplements for horses. Williams admitted that his choice to include Alltech’s LIFEFORCE Sales Manager, Jodi Crowley, is because the company’s knowledge in the area of equine nutrition, and how enlightening the information is for the equine community at large.

“I’m looking forward to talking about how we can enhance performance through nutrition, and how a strong nutrition program for our equestrian athlete can help with maintaining and enhancing a healthy body,” Crowley stated. “I think that it is very beneficial for everyone to know how they can get the best health for their horse. It is important to know how supplements can help promote overall digestive health, maximum extraction of nutrients from the diet, provide a strong immune system and enhance performance through nutrition.”

The third guest on the show will be the revered equestrian Brianne Goutal. She was the first rider to ever win all four major equitation finals: the 2004 USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals-East, the 2004 Washington International Equitation Classic Finals, the 2005 USEF/Pessoa Hunter Seat Medal Finals and the 2005 ASPCA Maclay National Championships. Her dedication to the sport has assisted the United States in several prestigious events including the Nation’s Cup, as well as dominating the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL. Her world travels have allowed her passion for cooking to grow, and she has experienced some of the best foods in the horse show cities to which she has traveled.

“Brianne is a horsewoman of a caliber we should all aspire to and she is pretty mean in the kitchen as well,” Williams concluded. “This opportunity to listen to her share her take on both worlds will be insightful and fun.”

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