Royal Ascot Odds

With the celebrations gearing up for the centrepiece of Britain’s festivities, the Royal Ascot has been raising its head amidst the gloom and happiness throughout the world, with thousands, and more people looking forward to the royal gathering. With the Royal Ascot being termed as one of Europe’s most famous and one of the oldest celebrations dating back to 1711, the expectations are quite obvious.

Although the press and media are overwhelmed by the news of get-ups of people of different classes on this occasion, the horse race still remains to be the central part of this glorious ceremony, with all the celebrations revolving around the same.

With the delight of having a chance to look at the stunning pageantry with the Queen and carriage, and the lush lawns, the Royal Ascot week remains filled with activities around the time of the year the festivities are hosted. With about eighteen races to be conducted in groups, Royal Ascot will stand witness to a huge prize pot of almost 4 million pounds! Along with these festivities, one of the major attractions of these week-long celebrations is the betting, on the lines of the Royal Ascot odds. With the descent of four year old horses on the racetracks, with all experienced riders exhibiting their finest skills on their horsebacks, the saddles will be a sight worth looking at!

With a vast array of wealth exhibited by the jewels of the royals, the festivities will express richness in all terms of heritage, merit and sportsmanship spirit. All these things make the series of activities worth looking at, and should be attended by everyone once in a lifetime, which would be an experience for life.

However, for bookmarkers, this event is going to be quite special. The week long celebrations in mid-June has been estimated to witness bets worth 400 million pounds, hundred times more than the prize pot itself! With competitions being quite close, most of the bets will be placed online. In this glorious ceremony, one must know how to place a bet, and know something about the royal ascot odds to start off!

Some will win; some will lose, whereas everyone will get away with an experience of a lifetime, on the lush green racetracks of the course. At last, there will be one winner of the Ascot Gold Cup, and a few winners on their bets.

The odds will be decided mainly on the horses taking part, and even the racetrack plays a major role. With a downhill gradient at the beginning, the course takes gentle changes with some right turns, and the track gains an uphill gradient at Swinley Bottom, the lowest part of the track. The course makes conditions unforeseeable, and most of the odds of win-lose will depend on the conditions of the course.

It is always a no-no for a drawing in the middle course, and slightly positive odds are in favour of drawing low. The Brown Panther and some other horses still remain to be favourites, with their riders looking forward to winning the prestigious occasion and award of a lifetime.

However, Royal Ascot will still favour the riders with past experience on the triangular racetrack with right turns, and there is always a point to ponder: there have been variable results of draws on the straight course after it was laid back in the year 2006.

With these eventful days coming up, bookmarkers as well as commons will look forward to bring the best odds of the most looked-at ceremony, with the Queen Anne Stakes, Gold Cup and Diamond Jubilee Stakes being an attraction.

Are you a visitor to the Royal Ascot festivities? If not, you should try at least once, and grab the experience of a lifetime!

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