Real Reasons behind Brutal Roundups Are Unravelling

Oct 14, 2014 — Dear Friends of Wild Horses & Burros,
The public has a right to know the real reasons why America’s wild horses are being terrorized, pushed off public land and end up at risk of going to slaughter for human consumption abroad. Sadly the news in Wyoming doesn’t know what fair reporting means and is not covering the crisis as they should.

We wanted to attend the Wyoming Checkerboard Roundup but public viewing was censored by holding observers often a mile or more from the trap so we decided it was not a wise use of funds. We are grateful other witnesses were present with long lenses. Even so they didn’t catch much due to government censorship. Here is a sample of what BLM roundups look like:

It’s shameful that the energy industry, government employees and our elected officials refuse to find the win-win for wildlife and industry to coexist. Instead they are wiping out America’s wild horses to cash in on their land.

Recently in the Wyoming Checkerboard roundup, the BLM zeroed out most of the wild horses despite international public outcry. The BLM also tried to blame horse advocates for taking more than 400 additional wild horses when the truth is they were allegedly pushed by Governor Mead to take as many as they could find. Read more here:

Anne Novak
Founder & Executive Director

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