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Peterson Family Dominates $7,500 Horseflight Open Welcome Week I of Atlanta Fall Classics

Derek Peterson and Diamant’s Legacy.

The jumper action got under way Week I of the Atlanta Fall Classics with Thursday’s $7,500 Horseflight Open Welcome and saw a field of 21 take to the Olympic Stadium over a course designed by Michel Vaillancourt. Vaillancourt, originally from Montreal, Canada, was the Course Designer for the 2015 Pan American games in Canada and was the first Canadian equestrian athlete to win an Individual Olympic medal during the 1976 Olympic Games. He became the head of the Canadian Olympic team as their Chief d’Equipe, was inducted into the Jump Canada Hall of Fame in 2009 and is considered one of the top course designers in North America.

Fourteen advanced to a second round opportunity with a time set at 45 seconds. Only eight had double clear rounds and the Peterson family of Archer, Florida dominated the standings.

Redeemed, owned and ridden by Derek Peterson, was the first to go double clear in times of 72.312 and 33.014 seconds, respectively and set the time to beat. David Jennings of Franklin, Tennessee and Ally Moyer’s Beorn followed with the next double clear round, but their second round time of 35.910 seconds would have them finish in eighth place overall.

Aida Sanchez Long of Ooltewah, Tennessee and Nelson Long’s ML Hartwick also had double clear rounds and their second clear round in a time of 33.728 seconds, would find them in seventh place overall.

Jennings returned with the next double clear rounds, this time in the irons of KM Corina, owned by KM Farms. Their clean second round in a time of 32.654 seconds moved them temporarily to the lead. Peterson and his own Co Pilot rose to the challenge. They returned to the Olympic Arena and posted double clear rounds in times of 72.349 and 32.806 seconds, respectively, just missing taking the lead and seating them behind Jennings and KM Corina.

Jared Peterson followed his father in the irons of Derek Peterson’s Titus 2:11 and bested his father’s time after posting double clear rounds in times of and 74.060 and 32.016 seconds, respectively, taking the lead from Jennings and KM Corina.

Stepping up to his son’s challenge, Derek returned to the ring this time with his own Diamant’s Legacy and took the lead after posting double clear rounds in times of 70.455 and 31.116 seconds, respectively.

The finals placings saw Derek Peterson in the first place position with Diamant’s Legacy and fifth and sixth placings with Co Pilot and Redeemed. His son Jared Peterson rode home with the second place ribbon in the irons of his father’s Titus 2:11. Jordan Coyne of High Springs, Florida took third place honors with her own Lazaro and Jennings collected the fourth, eighth and tenth place ribbons with KM Farm’s KM Corfina, Ally Moyer’s Beorn and Full Circle Farm’s Blue Moon 22. For full results, click here.

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