Party Down at Edition Boiselle!

Gabriele Celebrates 200 Years of Family Farm, Plus 25th Anniversary of Edition Boiselle

On one of the last warm days of the summer, international traveler and renowned equestrian photographer Gabriele Boiselle celebrated the 200th anniversary of Voglerhof, her family’s farm in Speyer, Germany.

Festivities began at 3 PM local time in the farm’s courtyard, but then ran well into the evening, with glittering lights and twinkling candles illuminating the celebration. Guests included Gabriele’s mother, Margaret, as well as friends from across the globe, sharing laughter along with anecdotes and stories from times past. Glasses overflowed with good wine and Champagne, and Catering Butcher Schreiner provided a menu filled with delectable goodies.

While Voglerhof is now the headquarters of Edition Boiselle, Gabriele says she remembers the days when she was growing up, when the farm was filled with animals.

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