NIXALL Vet Response & NIXALL Med Response OTC Receive FDA Clearance!

TWO Revolutionary new products for ANIMALS & HUMANS – available NOW!

Congratulations to Seriously Clean Ltd., producers of NIXALL Vet Response earning FDA clearance for the next generation horse, animal and pet care product.

NIXALL Med Response OTC received FDA clearance December 2012 for human use, both over the counter and prescription strength!

Enjoy the benefits of NIXALL Vet Response on your horse, dogs and ALL animals when treating a wide variety of health issues including: wound care, burns, skin irritations, and hot spots; and NIXALL Med Response OTC for treating human cuts, burns and skin ailments!

NIXALL Vet Response, released and evaluated at the Pinto World Championship Show, received rave reviews by World Champion Trainers and Owners! “Our World Champion mare had a terrible skin irritation” says Judy Ford of Ford Farms; “We used NIXALL Vet Response with fast results of less than two weeks treatment, the horrible skin condition was cured, the mare went back to the show ring and looked great!”

Post show strangles were evident this year following the Pinto World. Owners and Trainers that used NIXALL Vet Response to spray directly in horse noses, and used the product to disinfect stalls and buckets saw results of phenomenal improvement in TWO DAYS with horses on the road to recovery in just one week!

Another NIXALL believer is Al Dunning, World Champion Cutting Horse Trainer.  Al had been quarantined with horses contracting equine herpes virus.  Al believes disinfecting stalls, buckets, brushes and his trailer with NIXALL helped his horses recover remarkably fast!  More recently, with a virus going through his barn, Al and his staff used NIXALL to disinfect, then happily reported the outstanding results of all horses and staff’s quick return to good health.

Jon Barry, AQHA Judge and Trainer raved the results of NIXALL Vet Response while at the Reichert Celebration.  Jon said, “NIXALL was the only product to completely clear up scratches, skin irritations, on my show horses!”

NIXALL Vet Response is the product to reach for in treating skin irritation on pets!  Unbelievably fast results can be seen using NIXALL on ear irritations, hot spots, and the deodorizer remedy for dogs that require baths after skunk sprays.

Can humans use this astounding new product too?  YOU BET!  Unbelievable results are now found with NIXALL Med Response!  Purchased over the counter, NIXALL Med Response will treat cuts, burns, and skin irritations.  Prescription strength NIXALL Med Response is used to treat diabetic foot ulcers, 1st and 2nd Degree Burns, Post-Surgical wound sites!

NIXALL has become the affordable SOLUTION and environmentally friendly product for animal and family health!  STOCK UP today on NIXALL Vet Response and NIXALL Med Response for your animal, pet AND family’s health protection!

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