Motivation from Moshi, by Jane Savoie

I love to run. I love to feel the wind in my mane and the deep thrum of the earth when my big feet make contact at each powerful stride. My friends Flint and Bradley love to run too. Someday those two young fellows are going to be faster than I am, but not yet! I can still beat both of them to the barn at feeding time.

Running away from things has a bad rap. People usually believe they should stand and fight. Why is that? Sometimes this is true that you need to stand up to fight for something you believe in, but sometimes it is just as true that you will do better to stop giving the issue your energy and simply run away. Why waste your energy on things such as negative people, bad attitudes, and discouraging past events? Let them go. Allow yourself to fill your life with positive people, upbeat attitudes, and encouraging memories.

YOU get to choose who you entangle yourself with. Give your time and life energy to ideas and people who support you, uplift you, and inspire you. Let go of people, memories, or things that drain you of your precious life energy. Life is short! Don’t waste it!

Flint and I are going to have a race to the barn this afternoon. Maybe this is the day he will finally beat me. If he does, I’m going to focus on his success, be the encouraging friend, and congratulate him on improving his speed. I want to win, but I’m also a good sport and a good friend. I’ll just have to work harder and get faster too, and maybe next time I’ll win and he will congratulate me.

Meet us at the barn for the big race! And don’t forget to bring a carrot for the winner! Bring one for second place, too…

Love, Moshi

From Indy:

Good dog. Bad dog. Good and bad dog. What kind of dog am I?

There are good dogs and bad dogs, even to us dogs. I love Geoffrey because he is my best friend, and a good dog. But I’ve known some bad dogs too… dogs that wanted me to run away with them and create our own wild pack. It sounded very exciting but I knew in my heart that it was a bad thing to do.

I didn’t do it. I know right from wrong, and I’m not going to give in to the bad dogs. I stood my ground and told them that I was a good dog. My family came first. I would not run away from Jane and Rhett, and I would not join the bad dog’s wild pack. The other dogs got mad and called me names. They said it was people who were bad and we should leave them. They were very negative thinkers, and wanted me to be a negative thinker too.

Geoffrey stayed with me and didn’t run with the bad dogs. I realized he would probably have gone with me to be part of the wild pack if I had done so. It dawned on me that I was a good influence for Geoffrey. I was a good leader and a good friend. That made ME feel good. I knew my positive thinking was good for me, and also good for Geoffrey.

So instead of giving into temptation, Geoffrey and I decided to run home and away from the negative thinkers. We left those bad dogs in the dust! We ran so fast they didn’t even try to follow.

I like being a good dog. I like being a good friend. And I love my family. We’re a happy bunch and help each other focus on the good things. That’s why we get more good things!

Do you want more good things? If you were absolutely certain you’d get more of whatever you thought about, what would you think about?

Love, Indy

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