Motivation from Moshi, by Jane Savoie

Jane is right when she says Attitude is a Choice. Sometimes I choose to be cranky and not do what I know I should be doing. Other times I’m so into the joy of the work that I do my very best to please Jane and to please myself. Either way, it is my CHOICE.

Knowing that you choose your attitude, what do you choose for today? Do you want to be cranky? That’s okay. We all have days like that. But if you want to feel good, I suggest you decide to do just that. It’s not hard. Just decide and let the momentum of that decision carry you.

I hear your horse calling to you! Get going to the barn! You have some choices to make!

Love, Moshi

From Indy:

I got in trouble today. I chewed something I shouldn’t have. It hurt my feelings when Jane corrected me. But it didn’t last long. I NEVER focus on the negative. I know Jane loves me even when I’ve done something “naughty.”

So, I decided to let go of my hurt feelings and focus instead on the love Jane sends my way. It makes life much more enjoyable.

What feelings from the past could you let go of today so your life is more enjoyable? You can choose!

Love, Indy

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