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Motivation from Moshi, by Jane Savoie

Breathe. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Fill your lungs as deeply as you can. Now let it out slowly. Take at least twice as long to let the air out as you did taking it in. Repeat. In-out-in-out. Take your time.

How do you feel now? Can you feel your blood moving throughout your body? Do you feel a bit light-headed or dizzy? That’s normal. Your body will quickly adjust as your blood absorbs the abundance of life-giving oxygen.

I’ve noticed that people generally don’t breathe deeply enough or drink enough water. Those two things can change how a person feels both physically and mentally faster than anything else I know of. And they’re both free!

So, just for today, be conscious about your breathing and drink at least eight big glasses of water. Hydrating and oxygenating your body will give you energy, prevent headaches, improve your mood, and feed every cell of your body with the two things you need most.

Now, INHALE! Deeper, deeper… that’s it! Doesn’t that feel WONDERFUL? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Love, Moshi

From Indy:

I’m a great navigator. Rhett doesn’t always hear my directions, but I do know where I’m going. I’ve done the trip from Florida to Vermont enough times now that I know the way just by the smells. Each town and each highway have their own unique aromas that waft through the truck windows. I know exactly where I am.

Navigating through life isn’t so easy. Making decisions about where to go, what job to take, where to live, whom to marry, what horse to ride, and so on may not have signposts as obvious as the map to Vermont. I’ve noticed that people are so sure that there’s a right decision and a wrong decision that they have trouble making any decisions at all! They get stunned into inaction as a way of avoiding making a mistake.

But what if there was no WRONG decision? What if every decision was perfect? Believing that may take a big leap of faith, but it’s a powerful way to live. Unfortunately we’re all conditioned to believe there is a right way and a wrong way. The problem is that belief takes people out of the moment and puts them into past or future thinking. It short-circuits the ability to use intuition and instinct. Second guessing decisions is one of the surest ways to slow down or even stop forward progress.

When Rhett missed a turn off the highway, I barked in his ear. Since we had to get off the highway to go back to our turn, Jane suggested we stop for gas at that exit. At the gas station we ran into some friends who Jane and Rhett had not seen in a long time! Had Rhett not made that “mistake,” they would not have seen their friends. So, was it a mistake or was it subtle intuition? Is it possible that Rhett went exactly the way his inner being intended?

Just for today, decide that every decision you make is the right one. Respond to what shows up with that in mind, and watch how your day flows. Know that you can’t get it wrong, and trust that everything is in perfect order. There is a profound intelligence deep inside you that is guiding you and protecting you in every decision you make and in everything you do. Trust it.

And if you get off track, I’ll bark in your ear and make sure you get back on the perfect highway to where you want to go. There’s always another exit. You can’t get lost, and you can’t get it wrong. You may have to take a detour now and then, but that’s part of the fun in life!

Love, Indy

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